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26F, Shui On Plaza,
333 Huai Hai Zhong Road,
Shanghai, China

26F, Shui On Plaza, 333 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Shanghai, China


Real Estate


To be a pioneer of sustainable
premium urban communities

To be a pioneer of sustainable premium urban communities

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Established in 2004 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2006, Shui On Land (Stock code: 272) is Shui On Group's flagship property company in the Chinese Mainland. Headquartered in Shanghai, Shui On Land is a leading urban solutions provider dedicated to creating sustainable premium urban communities in China.

Over the years, it has a proven track record in developing large scale, mixed-use, sustainable communities. With a clear vision, an innovative mindset and ample international experience, Shui On Land's renowned master plan development approach has enabled the Company to unearth and capture fully in its projects local historic and cultural characteristics, in keeping with the goals of local governments in China. Its unique design concepts, as well as exceptional development and operational experience also equip the Company with the uncanny ability to blend seemingly disparate elements harmoniously and seamlessly into “live-work-learn-play” communities. These integrated and holistic communities inject vitality into urban settlements and, in the process, provide sustainable urban regeneration solutions.

Since Shui On Land established in 2004, we have embraced the "Shui On Spirit - Integrity • Dedication • Innovation • Excellence" with a commitment to innovation, quality and excellence. We are dedicated to delivering excellent products and services. We sustain our vision by integrating quality into all our operations and aspiring to world-class standards of excellence in management, planning, execution and corporate governance.

Shui On Land’s vision to be a pioneer of sustainable premium urban communities starts with a great team.

We make this possible by offering our team a great place to work. Regardless of background, ethnicity or gender, we treat every employee fairly by providing them with an equal opportunity to work, and equal access to holistic career training and development. Everyone can be motivated to develop their skillsets and deliver the best results. We believe it is imperative to consistently attract, develop, and retain employees effectively – not only to drive performance and innovation–but more importantly, to nurture a caring, talented, healthy, and engaged team.

Create a diverse and inclusive workplace

Shui On Land is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive working environment for all employees. We have created a working environment where diversity is considered a strength and we will never tolerate any discrimination or harassment related to race, religion, gender, or disability. To ensure steady progress in this area, we promote equal opportunities in all aspects of employment.

Shui On Land has become one of only three companies in China being included in 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, as an industry leader in promoting gender equality. Our inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index 2023, achieving a higher score than last year, reflects how we have invested in a broad spectrum of talent to enhance our corporate governance.

Provide equal opportunities in training and development

To encourage our employees to grow alongside us, the Talent Development Committee works with our HR team to curate talent development goals at the organisational level. We facilitate this - and increase the motivation, engagement, and continuous development of our employees - via our training and development initiatives. Our HR team continued to develop the SOL Talent Development programme, develop a holistic training programme for every level of employee across all business units and enhance our employer branding for talent attraction and retention.

To enhance self-awareness of individual’s holistic development, we have organised an annual signature event "Career Week" for all employees since year 2020. We encourage and empower our employees to share ideas, broaden horizons, inspire inspiration, and drive changes on this platform.

Improve employee wellbeing

At SOL, employee wellbeing is all about leading a balanced life and being physically, mentally, and socially healthy. We offer a range of workplace benefits to help our team maintain a high level of work-life harmony.

In order to provide a better working experience for our employees, we launched the iFamily Programme in 2022 to enable them to allocate their time and resources more flexible so that the balance between work and family can be better achieved. We provided additional health protection to all our employees and their families, and we launched EAP programme in year 2023. To promote the wellness of our employees outside of the workplace, we organised several attractive employee recreational activities.

Social responsibility and volunteering

Shui On Land support local community groups through charitable donations and employee volunteering with a focus on supporting underprivileged local community groups and migrant children across China. During 2022 to 2023, our employees dedicated the volunteer hours across numerous events on a range of topics including:
  • Encouraged employees to participate in volunteering activities by setting up the Shui On Volunteer Service Team.
  • Launched “Play Social”volunteering ecosystem and community engagement programme which encourages enterprises and individuals to donate their time and offer “Experience Education” to children of different backgrounds.
  • Launched a signature activity of the Pay it Forward hiking challenge by our Seagull Club and in collaboration with the Shanghai Lianquan Public Welfare Foundation.
瑞安房地产是瑞安集团在中国内地的房地产旗舰公司,于2004年成立, 2006年10月在香港联交所上市(股份代号:272)。瑞安房地产总部设于上海,是中国领先的城市发展解决方案提供者,致力于打造卓越可持续城市社区。



瑞安房地产成为卓越可持续城市小区先锋的愿景始于一支优秀的团队。我们提供理想的工作场所,不论员工的性别、种族或性别,公平对待每位员工,为他们整体职业发展提供平等的机会,让每个人都能有动力发展自己的才能并取得最佳成果。我们相信,我们必须持续有效地吸引、培养和留住员工 — 不仅要提高绩效和推动创新,更重要的是要培养一支充满爱心、有才华、健康和敬业的团队。


瑞安房地产致力为所有员工创建多元共融的工作环境,我们视工作环境的多元化为优势,绝不容忍任 何与种族、宗教、性别或残疾有关的歧视或骚扰。为了确保这一领域的稳步发展,我们促进就业各个方面的平等机会。

瑞安房地产被纳入2022彭博性别平等指数Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI),成为三家入选该指数的中国企业之一,成为促进性别平等的行业领导者。2023年,瑞安房地产连续第二年被纳入彭博性别平等指数,且得分高于前一年,为此我们深感荣幸。



自2020年起,我们针对全员的发展,打造年度主题活动“Career Week职业发展周”,以更可视化的方式让员工感受到瑞安关爱的理念,并在作为个人的“全人发展”(Holistic Development)维度给予全方位的赋能与支持,在集团的平台上分享交流,开拓视野,启迪灵感,驱动改变。





  • 成立瑞安志愿服务总队鼓励员工参与志愿服务活动
  • 推出Play Social志愿服务生态系统和小区参与项目,鼓励企业和个人参与志愿活动,为不同背景的儿童提供“体验教育”。
  • 与上海联劝公益基金会合作发起的“将爱传递 · 可持续公益徒步挑战赛”。