Awards and Recognition:
Manulife-Sinochem Life Insurance (Manulife-Sinochem, the Company) is the first Chinese-foreign joint-venture life insurance company in China, which was established in November 1996 by Canadian Manulife Financial Corporation and Sinochem Holdings. After 26 years of industrious and diligent efforts in Chinese market, Manulife-Sinochem is now operating steadily in 52 cities in China and has provided professional financial and insurance services for 2.8 million customers.

Manulife-Sinochem strives to become a truly people-focused organization. We aim at making every day’s work enjoyable and rewarding for our employees. "Your Voice Matters", with this concept in mind, Manulife-Sinochem has launched a number of company-wide initiatives in three areas of focus namely recognition, employee care and development. In addition to traditional health and retirement plans, we also offer creative and leading employee wellbeing programs. Through a variety of approaches such as MSL Stars of Excellence and Podium Platform, we honor teams and individuals who fully practice company values and create an open and timely recognition culture. Through the promotion of "Caring Day" and "Fuel Up Friday", employees are encouraged to maintain a work life balance and to be able to pursue personal growth and development. Through "Move Green", we improve the workplace environment, replace and upgrade office facilities, actively advocate flexible working arrangements, support employees to choose flexible working time, hybrid working or work from home, and enhance employees' workplace happiness. The Company launched the WLC - Work Life Coaching Program, which provides one-on-one hotline counseling services for employees and family members and holds various mental health seminars to fortify the well-being of our employees. We actively strengthen the construction and implementation of digital platforms. As a result, we have achieved digital and paperless for all HR processes and employee services providing 24 by 7 employee consultation services. Besides, we also optimize the onboarding process, and continuously improve the employee experience. HR proposes to set up an employee care group, which, in collaboration with senior executives and key employees from the Marketing Department, labor union, CEO office and other departments, provides material and spiritual food to employees, and strengthens team cohesion by organizing mental health lectures, online doctors, various online interest classes, fitness dance yoga classes, and cloud exchange meetings for executives. Fully practice the concept of "Your Voice Matters" and demonstrate the Company vision of " Decisions made easier, Lives made better. ".

In addition to caring for the physical and mental health of our employees and the workplace experience, HR are devoted to promoting a high performing and winning culture, and implementing talent development programs that align with the Company's strategy.

When new employees joining the Company, HR arrange 100 days of induction training, together with the people leaders, helping new joiners settling in as soon as possible and enhancing their sense of identity and belongingness. The Company has a complete training curriculum for employees, which will provide a variety of professional courses with rich and diverse contents, flexible and convenient forms and management providing general courses for employees in different positions, as well as at different stages of employees' careers. At the same time, the Company encourages employees to participate in professional examinations including CICE, FLMT, LOMA, Actuarial, Accounting and others by reimbursing the examination fees and offering financial incentives; provides cross-departmental training, intra-departmental rotation, etc. to enhance employees’ understanding of the internal operation and processes of other departments to help them execute their work more smoothly and effectively.

In 2023 the company further improves talent development and training. First, we focus on the training of key positions and take a systematic approach. We launched a strategic talent development program focused on training business leaders to prepare future branch general managers. At the same time, we have designed and implemented the learning paths for key positions, providing customized training and development opportunities for middle and senior executives. In addition, we have introduced 360-degree assessment, through evaluation and feedback, to develop targeted training programs for them.

Second, we are committed to digital learning and the building of learning communities. We have introduced the "CEIBS Online Learning Platform" to provide employees with a wealth of online learning resources and training courses. This platform not only provides a flexible and personalized learning experience, but also encourages employees to communicate and share knowledge with each other in a learning community. This implementation of digital learning provides greater convenience and support for employees' learning and development.

As of the first half of 2023, the turnover rate of high potential talents is 5%, which is lower than Manulife's global KPI. In terms of key talent development, 80% of the company's high-potential talent received promotion and development opportunities in the first half of 2023, well above Manulife's full-year promotion target of 30%. At the same time, 75% of candidates for director above positions are promoted from within the company. The above data once again verify excellent achievements in internal talent training, especially in the training of high-potential talents and successor training.

The Company is committed to creating a high-performance corporate culture. Employee's personal performance goals are set based on the Company's business objectives, strategic planning, and department priorities. In terms of compensation, while ensuring the market competitiveness of the salary, it is also performance-oriented, reflecting the difference in the individual performance of employees. The Company also award key positions and key employees with mid- and long-term incentive programs to achieve the motivation and retention of talents. Competitive compensation and benefits not only attract talented employees but helps our company to reserve them. The company commit to continuously promote our “Pay for Performance” and employee wellbeing culture to achieve optimal health, resilience and performance for the individual employees and the entire company.

The Company always keeps a close focus on the employee engagement score (EES). The company regularly follow up on the implementation of the EES action plan, continuously understand the ideas, needs and challenges of employees, and always try our best to fulfill the promise of " You Voice Matters" to continuously elevate employee experience. In April 2023 Gallup Employee Engagement Action Progress Survey, Manulife-Sinochem achieved a good score of 4.64, which is the best illustration of the Company's efforts to continuously improve employee experience and enhance employee engagement.


“Your Voice Matters”, 秉持这一理念,中宏保险从公司层面,针对认可、员工关怀和发展这三个焦点领域推出了多项举措。通过中宏之星、宏星荟萃平台等多样性方式,表彰充分践行公司价值观的团队和个人,打造公开、及时的认可文化;通过设立“中宏保险关爱日”、“周五加油日”,鼓励员工平衡工作和生活,助力个人成长和发展;我们通过“Move green”改善职场环境,更换办公设备,积极倡导灵活办公方式,支持员工选择弹性上下班时间和居家办公,提升员工的职场幸福感;公司推出了WLC-工作生活教练计划,为员工及家庭成员提供一对一的热线咨询服务,并举办各类心理讲座,维护员工的心理健康。我们积极加强数字化平台建设,实现了HR全部流程和员工服务的线上化和无纸化,提供7*24小时的员工咨询服务,优化入职流程,不断改善员工体验。HR倡议成立了员工关爱小组,由HR 协同市场部、工会、CEO办公室等部门的高管和骨干员工,为员工送上物质和精神的食粮,通过组织心理健康讲座、在线医生、各类在线兴趣班、健身舞蹈瑜伽课程、以及组织高管云交流会等形式,加强团队凝聚力,充分践行“You said, we did”的理念,实现“轻松选择,精彩生活”的公司愿景。





截止2023年上半年,中宏保险高潜人才流失率为5%,低于宏利全球KPI 10%;在关键人才发展方面,公司80%的高潜人才在2023年上半年得到了晋升及发展的机会,远高于宏利全年30%的晋升发展目标;同时公司内部总监级以上职位75%的候选人来自内部晋升。以上数据再次验证中宏保险在内部人才培养,特别是高潜人才培养以及继任者培养方面取得的优秀成绩。


公司始终关注员工的敬业度,定期跟进敬业度行动方案的执行情况,持续了解员工的想法和需求,始终践行“Your Voice Matters” 的承诺, 不断改善员工体验。在2023年4月的Gallup员工敬业度行动进展调研中,中宏保险取得了4.64的好成绩,这是公司持续改善员工体验,提升员工敬业度方面的努力的最佳印证。

Employee’s Testimonial

Name: Charlie Chen
Designation: AGM & SOGM-Changning SO, Shanghai Branch

MSL launched multiple talent development programs, such as Branch Organization Leadership Development (BOLD) program, that aim to empower talents with entrepreneurship, agile leadership, and strategic thinking.

The constructive corporate culture and working atmosphere of continuous learning and development that provide me with development prospects.

Name: Gabriel Ling
Designation: AVP, Head of Audit Sub Team-Audit

MSL is committed to the development of employees and has introduced a series of online or offline training in soft and hard skills, such as various live training in the monthly fuel-up day.

I can enjoy it as I can work, learn and make progress with the excellent colleagues in a harmonious enterprises culture atmosphere.

Name: Darren Wang
Designation: Deputy Manager, Business Analyst-IT

MSL continuously invests in training programs that help employees develop new skills and advance in our careers, such as monthly training calendar, CEIBS online learning platforms and themed learning carnival etc. These really help us increase the confidence, improve job performance, and be ready to grow with the company.

I enjoy and treasure the resources and opportunities that MSL provides for me to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Name: Kimi Ni
Designation: Engineer V, Full-Stack Software Development-IT

This year, Hongkou workplace has been improved,with more work stations and larger spaces. There is a complete dining area where we can share our lunch time with colleagues every noon.

MSL is very care about our needs, working here, I feel a strong sense of belonging.

Name: Acekraus Yz Huang
Designation: Assistant Manager, Training-ADO

Compared to my previous company, MSL provided a lot of Well-being themed employee activities such as health lectures, employee physical examination and mental health month which I was really enjoy attending. Those activities really help me to free my mind and escape the stress of work.

I think MSL not only gives us more opportunities for growth but also gives us a lot of care.