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7/F, Spring City 66 Office Tower,
23 Dongfeng East Road,
Panglong District,
Kunming 650051, China

7/F, Spring City 66 Office Tower, 23 Dongfeng East Road, Panglong District, Kunming 650051, China


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To create compelling
spaces that enrich lives

To create compelling spaces that enrich lives

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Hang Lung Properties Limited (SEHK stock code: 00101) creates compelling spaces that enrich lives. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Hang Lung Properties develops and manages a diversified portfolio of world-class properties in Hong Kong and the nine Mainland cities of Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming, Wuhan and Hangzhou. With its luxury positioning under the “66” brand, the company’s Mainland portfolio has established its leading position as the “Pulse of the City”. Hang Lung Properties is recognized for leading the way in enhanced sustainability initiatives in real estate as it pursues sustainable growth by connecting customers and communities.

At Hang Lung Properties – We Do It Well.

For more information, please visit www.hanglung.com.


As Hang Lung’s first development project in Southwest China, Spring City 66 is located at the intersection of Dongfeng Dong Lu and Beijing Lu in Panlong District, Kunming's central business and commercial hub. The project is seamlessly connected to Metro line No.2 and No.3, offering premier location and seamless connectivity. It’s the largest commercial complex in Kunming.

The mixed development comprises a world-class shopping mall, Grade-A office tower, hotel and serviced apartments. The shopping mall and office tower were completed and opened in August 2019. From its design and use of materials to its operations, Spring City 66 exudes Kunming's unique DNA and culture, and has fully integrated important sustainability features to position the project to become one of Kunming's most striking landmarks. It will also take up an important role to “Bring the Best to Kunming; Showcase the Best of Kunming to the World”. Spring City 66 has established itself as one of the city’s best-run commercial properties through the high-end market positioning, cozy retail experience and superior services.

Spring City 66 has also attained the LEED Gold Level certification issued by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2020. It is now 100% powered by renewable energy, making it the first development of the Company and the first commercial complex in Yunnan Province to achieve net zero carbon emissions in terms of annual electricity consumption for both landlord and tenant operations.

We create compelling spaces that enrich lives

We pursue sustainable growth by connecting our customers and communities

Integrity Sustainability Excellence Openness

We Do It Well

Engagement & Communication

Our employees stay informed about corporate advancements through various online and offline channels, such as our quarterly newsletter Connections, the intranet, corporate announcements and our WeShare portal. Additionally, the Employee Engagement Survey provides a platform for staff members to express their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. We develop and implement improvement plans to raise staff satisfaction levels.

Our people are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions with the management team at our regular meetings includingbreakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and townhall gatherings. We carefully consider and implement the suggestions brought up by our employees, addressing the issues raised during these discussions.

Caring for employee

We value our employees and offer comprehensive compensation and benefits. These include commercial health insurance, maternity allowances, physical examinations, annual incentive travel, birthday and festive bonuses, as well as maternity and paternity leave and many other benefits. We have set up a nursery room for nursing mothers for their comfort and privacy.

The wellbeing of our staff is important to us and we are committed to supporting their work-life balance. We organize various staff events and activities, such as family day, birthday parties, team building, sports activities, photo exhibition, health-care approaches and staff appreciation day, etc.

Employee Training and Development

Our people are the driving force behind our business. We focus on their development and we are committed to supporting their growth and providing an engaging work environment with a culture of empowerment.

Our philosophy regarding learning and development focuses on how individuals acquire the knowledge and apply what they learnt. For instance, we offer programs, including the Emerald Service Training Program, the Supervisory Development Program, etc. We help our people elevate their skills through organized classroom programs, online learning and on-the-job experiences that align with their aspirations and business objectives.

We are an equal opportunity employer with openness as one of our core values. To promote diversity & inclusion, we strength our practices in the areas of recruitment, training, performance management to realize equal opportunity. We will continue to build a comprehensive human resources development platform enabling our employee to grow together with the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Not only we are committed to create compelling spaces that enrich lives, we also strive to create an inclusive community. With an aim to give back to the community which has been supporting us tremendously , we encourage our staff to engage in community service programs through joining Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team. Since 2015, our team has organized close to 40 events and contributed around 8,300 hours of voluntary service.

In June 2023, we collaborated with Kunming Boai Deaf Rehabilitation Center which focuses on children with hearing impairment. We organized interactive activities filled with our compassion, to make the children feel the warmth and care from the society. The act promotes the diversity and inclusion of the society and reinforces our commitment of sustainable development.

In September 2023, over 130 Hang Lung As One volunteers took part in a series of engaging activities with the theme of “Caring for Women’s Physical and Mental Health”, helping some 200 grassroots women and their children to unwind and alleviate the daily pressures they face from their work and family. By doing so, we are working to contribute to the wellbeing and promote sustainability of our community.

We Do It Well is a principle that extends beyond our core business and embraces the initiatives we undertake on behalf of our staff, the community and the environment. We believe this is fundamental to our success and helps us gain the trust from the public.



恒隆地产 —“只选好的 只做对的”。





昆明恒隆广场还于2020年获得了美国绿色建筑协会颁发的LEED金奖认证。目前,已全面使用可再生能源,成为公司首个发展项目及云南省首个综合商业项目在业主和租户营运的年度耗电量方面均实现净零碳排放。 愿景
缔造优享生活空间 使命
联系顾客、社群、伙伴,实现可持续增长 核心价值
诚信、永续、卓越、开明 理念
“只选好的 只做对的”









我们的学习和发展理念建立在个人如何掌握和应用他们所学到的知识,以及他们如何获得知识的基础上,例如绿宝石服务标准系列培训、督导发展系列培训等。 我们通过结构化的课堂课程、在线学习和符合员工期望及业务目标的在职经历,帮助员工提升技能。






我们的业务贯彻一个理念﹕"只选好的 只做对的"。这不仅是我们的核心业务所系,也是我们对员工、社会和环境的关顾准备。我们相信,这是我们的成功基石,有助我们赢得各界的信心。