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6/F, Office Tower 2, Plaza 66,
1266 West Nanjing Rd,
Jingan District, Shanghai,

6/F, Office Tower 2, Plaza 66, 1266 West Nanjing Rd, Jingan District, Shanghai, 200040


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To create compelling
spaces that enrich lives

To create compelling spaces that enrich lives

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Hang Lung Properties Limited (SEHK Stock Code: 00101) creates compelling spaces that enrich lives. Headquartered in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Hang Lung Properties develops and manages a diversified portfolio of world-class properties in Hong Kong and the nine Mainland cities of Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming, Wuhan and Hangzhou. With its luxury positioning under the “66” brand, the Company’s Mainland portfolio has established its leading position as the “Pulse of the City”. Hang Lung Properties is recognized for leading the way in enhanced sustainability initiatives in real estate as it pursues sustainable growth by connecting customers and communities.

At Hang Lung Properties – We Do It Well.
For more information, please visit www.hanglung.com.


We Do It Well is a principle that extends beyond Hang Lung’s core business and embraces the initiatives the Company undertakes on behalf of its staff, the communities in which it creates compelling spaces that enrich lives. Hang Lung believes this ethos is fundamental to its success and enables the Company to purse sustainable growth by connecting its customers and communities.


Employee wellbeing is always its top priority. On top of providing competitive remuneration with benefits regularly benchmarked against the market, Hang Lung has also been actively listening and responding to employees’ needs by initiating programs that bring colleagues together for fun to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. In 2022, the Company conducted its second comprehensive, third-party employee engagement survey. Compared to last year, the overall participation rate has increased, and Hang Lung is among the top 25% companies with the fastest growth.


Hang Lung places great emphasis on nurturing multifaceted abilities as the Company sees talents are key to its success. By providing its staff with the opportunities to gain cross-departmental exposure and to collaborate with employees from different disciplines, their potentials can be realized with engagement enhanced.

In 2022, building on a structured framework for learning and development, the Hang Lung Academy (Academy 66) deployed a wide range of courses under four pillars: Leadership / Management; Personal Effectiveness; Functional; and Company and Market Knowledge, equipping employees with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to keep up with industry changes, sustain a high level of competency, and excel in their personal and professional development.


In compliance to Hang Lung’s Equal Employment Opportunities Policy and its commitment to diversity and inclusion as articulated in the Sustainability Policy, the Company is pursuing a range of initiatives to ensure that candidates and employees are treated fairly, and that Hang Lung attracts, develops and retains talent from all backgrounds. The Company partnered with Social Ventures Hong Kong and CareER to strengthen the principles and guidelines for the recruitment process to create opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds in both Hong Kong and mainland China.


Hang Lung is committed to promoting sustainable practices in all types of business transactions. Hang Lung’s own efforts in Climate Resilience, Resource Management, Sustainable Transactions and Wellbeing can have an amplified impact if the Company works together with like-minded stakeholders to advance these priorities.

Employee’s Testimonial

Ms Tamara Wu
Assistant Head, Central Procurement
The company has provided a brand-new office with all the necessary working tools not only for each employee but also in all public areas, which makes daily work easier and more efficient. The company has also invested a lot to take care of our wellbeing: bicycle, yoga mat, massage chairs, nice morning snacks, fruits, and monthly gathering activities. Meanwhile, as the center-of-the-world office, it is such so sweet to have an employee canteen where all of us can enjoy a free lunch every day. I’ve seen recently a new shower room was put in use, and it really makes our workplace special and differentiated.

The company values and mission have influenced my colleagues who collaborate well in daily work towards the same target, which motivates me to work harder and pay back to the team. Meanwhile, the company’s leadership has shown us a promising prospect ahead, which is the biggest incentive for me to continue my job and grow with the company.

Ms Helen Cheng
Senior Manager, Finance
The company provides a dynamic and healthy workplace for the employees. The working environment is open and green, with facilities for employees to work efficiently and recharge; beyond work, the company organizes events for colleagues to celebrate festivals, learn new skills, and balance work and life.

There are more opportunities to unleash your potentials in this company. The company encourages an inclusive culture to work with different people to find out what we are capable of and good at and provides opportunities for employees to try new roles and responsibilities to expand our competence circle.