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UOB Plaza Bangkok, 690 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110 Thailand




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About United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited

United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) is a leading bank in Asia with a global network of more than 500 branches and offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

As part of UOB, United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited (“UOB Thailand ”) is a regional bank rooted in Thailand that brings financial expertise and connectivity to its customers. We are the seven-largest commercial bank in Thailand and the second-largest subsidiary of UOB.

We are among the top-ranking banks in Thailand by Moody’s Investors Service (Baa1 for Long-Term rating), Fitch Ratings (AAA(tha) for National Long-Term rating). UOB Thailand provides a nationwide network of more than 150 branches and 375 automated teller machines.

We play an active role in the community, focusing on children, education and the arts through the UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk and UOB Painting of the Year Competition.

When the Situation Changes our Way of Working

Disruptions to the financial industry has forced banks to evolve their services to a more digital and mobile-friendly environment. Additionally, unpredictable factors like natural disasters and pandemics have also forced changes that affect individuals, organisations, countries, and the world.

UOB employees have been working under new conditions since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Job security, health and peaceful mind of each individual employee are the critical factors to ensure productivity and business continuity. Moreover, the other 2 critical factors ensure business direction and technology & process are aligned and work effectively. Even with most colleagues working from home or in different locations, we have put the highest effort in keeping up levels of employee engagement through creating a better (virtual) place to work.

The UOB (Thai) engagement results of 2021 shows an overall 82% engagement score, which proves our success in maintaining employee engagement in the top quartile (77% - 100%). Moreover, our engagement results were higher than that of several leading industry benchmarks, including:
  • Global Engagement Score Q2 2021: 65%*
  • Asia Pacific Bank Engagement Score 2021: 68%*
  • UOB Group Engagement Score 2021: 73%*
* sources: Kincentric Whitepapers, (1) 2020 Trends in Employee Engagement (2) How Engagement Shifted in 2020 and What It Means for 2021.

When our people are highly engaged, it also directly results in better business performance achievements. We have improved immensely compared to last year (As of now, we cannot share the specific digit as it has not publicly announced yet). Moreover, in 2021, the great resignation happened around the world. The ‘intent to stay’ rate declined from 80% in July 2020 to 75% in July 2021, according to a report from Quantum Workplace. However, our ‘intent to stay’ rate was 80%, which showed 5% better than benchmark.

Right actions begin with listening to employees

In order to design the right actions, we have adopted a human-centred design approach and engaged senior management, function engagement champions, and selected talents. These selected groups have worked together to analyse feedback and design applicable solutions that blend culture within the focused engagement dimensions.

For employees, the COVID-19 situation has impacted both their work and personal lives. Referring to Kincentric’s whitepapers, global trends shows employees are concerned about their job security and pay cut. Working from home might also cause ineffective manageable working times and longer work hours. Many employees have stated an escalation of back-to-back meetings and late night / weekend meetings. Also, employees have had to adapt their working style by learning to use remote technologies such as virtual conference tools, learning platforms and specific work systems. Learning how to use their technologies might cause some difficulty for Gen X and Baby Boom employees.

Moreover, many employees working from home are sharing their space with children and family members. Many children learning from home require parent support with learning facilities and tools as well as additional support for providing meals and other activities.

These changes in the work and personal lives of employees have had an impact on their mental and physical health.

The above global trends also align with employee feedback in our 2021 employee engagement survey. There were three main topics that employees would like to see improvement as a priority: Work/Life Harmony, Performance Management, and Technology & Work Process.


Actions were executed under three #better workstreams:

#better Work/Life Harmony: Job security, Health and Peaceful mind
  • No lay-off policy and provided real-time support from the organisation.
  • Our management team was working with government and private organisations to secure vaccinations for employees
  • Encouraged employees to utilise flexibility programmes, such as staggered working hours, Flexi2 (leave work 2 hours early), and personal leave(birthday leave, maternity leave, family member funeral day, government business leave)
  • Announced a new programme: no meetings after 4:30p.m. on Fridays
  • Arranged appreciation activities throughout the year to support employee motivation and passion such as Happy Meals, Art & Mind, UOB Heartbeat, and MyUOB eCard
#better Technology and Work Process:
  • Improved 21 core work processes under three main areas: Retail business, Wholesale business and back office
  • Enabled effective WFH tools and manual, and shortened IT service time
  • Adopted Microsoft 365 with many useful features including increased mailbox space and activated Cloud-based storage so employees can now access all work-related applications anytime and anywhere from their mobile device with ease
#better Performance Alignment:
  • Ensured goal alignment between frontline and support functions. We have set 2 cross-functional teams to work on shared KPIs and special recognitions for cross-functional collaboration initiatives.
  • Encouraged SMARTER goal setting and formal constructive feedback sessions throughout the year
  • Set virtual roadshows by function to communicate, provide tools, and answer questions about performance management cycle

Communication is crucial

While we worked separately during the pandemic, effective communication and real-time support are the most challenging part. The Bank has utilised three key communication channels: email, MyUOB and LINE. MyUOB is accessible via our Bank intranet and provides employee communications through two channel subsets: HR Employee Communications for employee-related information and Country Communications for business updates and corporate branding programmes.

Our communications plan has been effectively organised to ensure employees are not overwhelmed by too much information. Regular communications sent out to employees include Weekly- COVID-19 Situation Updates, Monthly – Knowledge Sharing Forum and Quarterly - Better Matters; An update on the progress of engagement actions both bankwide and at the function level to allow employees to see that the Bank seriously considers their feedback for improvement.

Moving onto 2022, we continue to improve core work processes & technology as well as to enhance performance management and career development to maximise productivity and to ensure UOB is a #better place to work.