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21/11, 21/13 Thai Wah Tower 1,
6th Floor South Sathorn Road,
Tungmahamek, Sathorn,
Bangkok 10120, Thailand

21/11, 21/13 Thai Wah Tower 1, 6th Floor South Sathorn Road,
Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand


Agro & Food Industry


Serve our global customers and consumers
better everyday by creating sustainability
and innovation from Farm to Shelf

Serve our global customers and consumers better everyday by
creating sustainability and innovation from Farm to Shelf

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Leading by passion and compassion for over 75 years, Thai Wah is the SEA agri-food ingredients solutions company with three core businesses: B2B ingredients solutions, Noodles solutions, and Bioplastics. We are committed to continuously improving our product portfolio and operations to better serve our global customers and consumer’s needs.

Since our founding back in 1947, Thai Wah has always committed itself to being an enduring pioneer and steward of excellence in all the businesses that we operate in. This year, we celebrated our 75th anniversary and amidst the backdrop of Covid, emerged as one of the top performers amongst globally listed agri-food companies over the last 18 months. Much of this success is testament to the commitment, resilience, and values of stewardship by our team to continually demonstrate results and a commitment to long term success.

The foundations of Thai Wah have always been in agri-food business over the last few decades. Over the last 30 years, we have served as enduring pioneers– first as one of the leading exporters of tapioca starch/chips in the 1960s, the largest manufacturer of starch-based noodles and vermicelli in the 1970s, launching in Vietnam in the 1990s and over the last decade, expanding the company globally into China, USA, Cambodia, Indonesia, and new global markets over the last few years. Currently, the company operates in 5 countries (Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Cambodia) and 15 locations, across 3 major platforms in consumer food, tapioca-based starch ingredients, and a new bioplastics and sustainable packaging platform.

We export to over 35 countries across the world together with our trusted partners, serving millions of consumers today with high-quality and consistent food products.

Our purpose

Creating innovation and sustainability from farm to shelf by focusing on 4 core pillars. 1. Farm
Developing a sustainable farming and supply chain model for the survival of our planet. Farmers are at the heart of driving sustainability in agriculture.

Thai Wah believes and will continue to enable better livelihood for SEA farmers by driving and scaling innovative crop and soil science solutions, precision farming, and practical farm development models.

2. Factory
Ensuring the safety and occupational health of our associates across the 10 production sites in SEA is our responsibility and key to driving sustainable development for our communities, society, and environment.

3. Family
Associates are part of the family and are the heart of the company in driving success and sustainability.

Taking care of our people by developing career growth, providing fair benefits to better livelihood, and supporting associates through crises and challenges is part of our belief.

4. Food and Finished Goods
As the SEA Agri-Food ingredients company, it is our responsibility to ensure quality and safety throughout the entire supply chain for our consumers.

We strive to deeply understand our consumers and innovate new products and services that are better for our consumers and our planet.


As we celebrate our 75th anniversary and prepare for a new post-Covid work environment - taking care, developing, and growing our people for the next decade is one of our top organizational priorities.

We are honored to win this award for the first time – a testament to the hard work, commitment, and talent of our globally diverse teams over the last 3 years. As we forge the future and expand Thai Wah globally: talent, leadership, and culture will be at the center of our company agenda

HO REN HUA, Chief Executive Officer

Our Core values

Thai Wah operates business according to our core values which is to create common language and culture.

We take PRIDE in everything we do as individuals and as a team to deliver excellence to our associates, customers, and stakeholders.

We lead with INTEGRITY and ensure a safe working environment, honesty, and transparency.

We act with CONSISTENCY to always improve and believe in new ideas and the power of innovation.

Our People

Our People are the key driver of Thai Wah growth. Currently, we employ over 3,500 associates across our business units and countries. At Thai Wah we live by diversity and equality, and we are proud to say that half of our top management are female leaders and more than 50% of our associates in Thailand, China, Indonesia is female.

Our health benefits program is at the top quartier of the market. To support and encourage the health and well-being of our associates; our self-funding medical insurance covers any symptoms or clinical courses to enhance wellness of our associates. We encourage and support sport clubs across our sites and provide healthy menus in our factories.

To recognize associates on their contributions to the success of their team and Thai Wah lining with our Core values, Associate Recognition Award (ARA) was initiated since 2018. ARA is an award to appreciate associate who live our Core values, who give the best of their own personal contribution and personal energy in everything they do.

People development is important not only for professional but also the personal growth of our associates. It is our mission to enable our associates’ growth. Thai Wah Leadership Academy (TLA) was initialed based on our Core and Leadership competencies. TLA offers transformational and associate-centered leadership programs, in both face-to-face and virtual program formats, tailored to the challenges faced and skills needed at all levels. Cross functional mentoring program is also provided to ensure success and guide associates to progress in their careers.

We believe that TLA will provide our associates a perspective on who they are and how to thrive, both personally and professionally by equipping the associates to forge a clear path forward in their career. Together, we forge the future as one Thai Wah family.