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To build upon the success of
VISION2020 which encapsulates
our ambition for the next 5 years
and move towards PASSION 2025
with transformation plans under
the 3 domains of BUILD (Build
new capabilities), STRENGTHEN
(Strengthen number one positions),
UNLOCK (Unlock potentials of the Group)

To build upon the success of VISION2020 which encapsulates our ambition for the next
5 years and move towards PASSION 2025 with transformation plans under the 3 domains
of BUILD (Build new capabilities), STRENGTHEN (Strengthen number one positions),
UNLOCK (Unlock potentials of the Group)

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Since accomplishing the company’s vision of becoming a stable and sustainable ASEAN leader in the food and beverage industry, we have continued the journey to expand our business across industries and the region, and we have also been committed to the mission of "Creating and Sharing the Value of Growth.” Our hard-working Human Capital teams have been making sure that growth is part of our DNA, in which we have been striving to create a work environment where our people can grow to fulfil their potential and succeed in our company, as well as caring for them along the journey. Not only this, our teams have also been putting tireless efforts in making our workplace “the best company to work for,” not only domestically but also across the world.

To ensure that our business continues to grow sustainably and that everyone is ready for the exciting future ahead, we have continued to place the greatest importance on the area of People Focus , which is the wellbeing and development of our people. Next, as equally important in conducting business in today’s world, we have been making sure that we create and share the value of growth through our Sustainability Practices . And lastly, we have adopted a Transformation Culture into our business, governance, and our people, to prepare and ensure readiness for future challenges.

People Focus

Safety and Wellbeing of employees are of the greatest importance for our human capital teams. We strive to take good care of our people, their families and loved ones, and constantly promote the safety of all stakeholders in its operations. We believe that employees work more effectively and efficiently when they are in a happy workplace with eased minds. The following are some employee caring initiatives:
  • 100% of the employees have been surveyed with the intention to be vaccinated, and have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.
  • 98% of ThaiBev people or more than 43,000 employees used the Beverest Life app for daily check-in and perform a COVID-19 self-assessment.
  • COVID-19 protocols for employees and customers were strictly implemented at more than 600 restaurants nationwide.
  • Donation of more than 1.4 million liters of 72% alcohol, 9.3 million surgical masks, and 240,000 N95 masks to healthcare workers nationwide.
  • 230,000 doses of vaccine givens at the 2 out-of-hospital COVID-19 vaccination centers supported by ThaiBev.
  • ThaiBev’s actions have reached more than 5,600 business partners.
  • 324,000 medical professionals, business partners, and ThaiBev employees received Covid-19 insurance
  • 100% of employees and business partners in Covid-19 High-risk areas were tested for Covid-19 by RT-PCR or ATK
Interestingly, caring for our employees has accelerated digital adoption to 98%. This is an extraordinary achievement given a large portion of our employees are blue-collar staff and Baby Boomers. Engaging content and communications via online platforms were the key success factors of our digitalization journey.

Apart from the wellbeing of our people, we have also been committed to providing employees with opportunities to grow in their career as well as promoting a learning culture for employees to develop their capabilities. Career Development Ecosystem has been established with leveraging technology, multiple platforms have been developed to integrate end to end career development process to help employees access to career opportunities with better employee experiences and make limitless career opportunities truly happen to our employees. One of the benefits is to create an Ecosystem where employees can be a part of joint career development which resulted in an employee engagement.

The Employee Engagement survey results have been instrumental in identifying the true needs of our staff and have led to important initiatives in areas such as safety & wellness, as well as career opportunities. Our most recent survey shows that our FY2022 Employee Engagement Score was 82%, which benchmarked among the best employers.

Moreover, our Human Capital teams have also constantly promoted unity across ThaiBev Group, which is key to caring for our people across all work environments. As such, we promote ONENESS through our Global Values (creating values, collaborations, caring for stakeholders) to ensure employees strive to work together and drive our organization towards success as one.

Being recognized among the winners of the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award again for the fourth consecutive year is extremely meaningful to us. The dedication, hard work and effort we have put into making our company a great workplace for our people have paid off. We are now more committed than ever to the mission of creating and sharing the value of growth with all stakeholders and the larger society.

Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla, Chief People Officer

Sustainability Practices

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses across the world and weakened consumer demand, we have still managed to expand our business across the region, as well as deepened our sustainability practices, including in areas related to environmental, social, and economic impacts. We have promoted and encouraged our people to adapt and evolve how they operate in their work, to help the company retain a unique leadership position in the region.

We have strived to create and share the value of growth through sustainability practices, which we have adopted from the inspirational His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP). We have embraced his philosophy as a guiding principle, in tandem with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Sustainable development guidelines have been implemented to protect and conserve the environment, as well as to optimize resource utilization. We have embarked on collaborations to help communities gain access to clean water sources to improve their quality of life. We also strive to reduce our ecological impact through programs such as surface water and groundwater sustainability assessment, efficient water management, watershed forest conservation, and community-level water stewardship.

We have also successfully leveraged innovation to transform post-consumer plastic bottles into recycled plastic pellets (rPET). These rPET were used to produce eco-friendly blankets, which were donated to communities as part of the “ThaiBev Unites to Fight the Cold” project. We have also spearheaded several platforms for sustainable development collaborations, including the Power of Thai Foundation, Foundation for the Institute of Social Enterprise Development Thailand (FINSEDT). One of the proudest sustainability practices is the organizing of annual Thailand Sustainability Expo (TSX) themed “Sufficiency for Sustainability,” which brings together representatives from the public, private sectors, and civil society to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable development and provide cooperation opportunities on environment conservation.

The aforementioned practices are just some examples that helped propel us to numerous awards and honors over the past years. We received a world-best overall score of 90 (out of 100) for the beverage industry in the 2021 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment for the DJSI. This is the fourth consecutive year that we have received the best worldwide industry score and the first ASEAN company to be selected too. The 2021 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment analyzes companies worldwide in terms of their performance in 30 categories across three dimensions: governance and economic, environmental, and social. On top of that, we have also remained a constituent of the DJSI World Index and the DJSI Emerging Markets Index for the fifth and sixth consecutive year, respectively. These recognitions reflect our unwavering determination to be a corporate leader in sustainability.

Transformation Culture

On the journey towards PASSION 2025 and beyond, “Transformation” culture has been fostered to reinforce ThaiBev’s journey to become the most influential beverage and food player in Asia. The objectives set for the transformation will build on key success building blocks from human capital strategy together with our technology platform. Transformation culture also helps to prepare our people by building, unlocking, and strengthening their capabilities.

The past few years have seen our transformation gain momentum across the group with collaboration across geographies and entities. We are committed to cultivating Limitless Opportunities for our people. As Human Capital, our job is to ensure that they are developed and ready for potential future disruptions. We have continued to strengthen and uplift our Human Capital strategy to build a strong foundation for our employees to fulfil their potential in a future workforce that can enable the organization to achieve our PASSION 2025 goals.

We have also been committed to being the best possible employer and have strongly believed that to foster organizational strength from within, we need to promote the concept of “oneness,” and have identified seven strategies for human capital management.
  • Clear Structure and Roles – to expand and develop competencies and options for career paths corresponding to ThaiBev’s newly arranged organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities
  • Market-oriented Compensation and Benefits – to continuously monitor job market dynamic and ThaiBev’s demand for personnel to set appropriate compensation and benefits standard for ThaiBev Group companies
  • Recognition-Based Performance Management – to develop a comprehensive employee performance management system and ensure fair performance evaluation; set talent development plans to unlock employee potential, enabling them to work towards their goals; and strive to achieve excellence
  • Holistic People Development – to promote a learning culture for employees to develop their capabilities. ThaiBev develops employees’ potential according to the 70:20:10 model for learning and development. It also promotes digital literacy and the implementation of individual development plans (IDP), as well as employee progress-tracking
  • Proactive Succession and Workforce Planning – to proactively prepare the readiness of employees and executives identified as potential successors to ensure seamless transitions and business continuity; enhancing the sustainability of the organization
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition and Onboarding – to recruit and select personnel who have appropriate knowledge, abilities and skills to perform their jobs as required by the organization and aim to reach and attract potential candidates to join the organization, especially those from the new generation, which is agile and highly capable of adapting in the digital age
  • Engaging Corporate Culture – to build knowledge, understanding, and engagement by fostering a sense of oneness through the global values of the ThaiBev Group, promoting employees’ continuous engagement to encourage appropriate behaviour in line with corporate values
We look ahead to the challenging years with confidence in mind of the readiness of our people and the corporate governance. As the climate challenge and the COVID-19 pandemic have illustrated, business, society, and the environment are more interconnected than ever. Despite all the disruptions, we have been more committed than ever to the mission of creating and sharing the value of growth with all stakeholders, and to contributing in all aspects to society.