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Siam Piwat Tower, 989 Rama 1 Road,
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Siam Piwat Tower, 989 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand


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Siam Piwat is a world-class retail and real estate developer with more than 6 decades’ experience and an owner and operator of Bangkok’s most visited retail and lifestyle destinations such as Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, ICONSIAM – a globally recognized destination in Bangkok and Siam Premium Outlets – the first luxury premium outlet in Thailand. The company is also recognized as a thought-leader in its sector that creates extraordinary prototype properties as well as management excellence in retail development, aiming to consistently deliver an unparalleled experience that delight and inspires customers.

Siam Piwat is firmly committed to driving its business towards sustainable growth by creating shared value for all stakeholders who take part in its co-creation, from business partners to suppliers, communities, and society at large, and is resolute in its mission to contribute to the creative economy, elevate the quality of life for all Thais, and serve as a source of reputation and pride for Thailand.

Local & Regional History

  • 1959 - Bangkok Inter-Continental Hotels Co., Ltd. was established by General Chalermchai Charuvastr
  • 1966 - Siam Inter-Continental Hotel was opened as the first 5-star international hotel in Thailand
  • 1973 - Siam Center opened as the first international standard shopping mall in Thailand
  • 1997 - Siam Discovery opened as the first lifestyle shopping mall
  • 2005 - Siam Paragon was launched as the first world-class luxury shopping center in Thailand
  • 2013 - Siam Center underwent a total renovation and reopened as Siam Center – the Ideaopolis.
  • 2016 - Siam Discovery re-launched as Siam Discovery – the Exploratorium, the first and biggest lifestyle specialty store.
  • 2018 - ICONSIAM, the icon of Thailand’s prosperity by the Chao Phraya River was opened to enchant the world
  • 2020 - Siam Piwat opened Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok to bring the first true premium outlet experience
  • 2021 – ONESIAM SuperApp, a smart platform that bridges online and offline worlds


Siam Piwat Group is committed to conducting our business practices that bring benefits to society at large and playing an important role in elevating the quality of life for all Thais. We have led the charge in “co-creating shared value for sustainability”, a strategy which has always infused into our business practices to bring about sustainability in three major aspects which are people, communities and society, and the environment.


Siam Piwat prioritizes empowering people by leveraging traditional Thai wisdom and creativity to pass on benefits to a large number of people all over the country and Thai society at large. Siam Piwat emphasizes the opportunity and the equality for the people in 3 groups; 1) the general public 2) talents in various fields 3) those with disabilities, special needs children and underprivileged people through the use of spaces in all of our developments.

Communities and Society

It is our philosophy that we must bring prosperity and better quality of life to the neighborhoods where we operate our business. Therefore, we strive to share value with every community we become a part of, contribute to businesses in the area, as well as improve the environment and the well-being of local residents, and use universal design to create spaces and facilities that are accessible to all.


Siam Piwat has implemented policies and guidelines to protect and conserve the environment in all areas where the company operates its business in order to ensure that their natural resources and environment remain in balance. All of Siam Piwat’s projects raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and galvanize the public into action against global warming, so that we have a beautiful world to pass on to later generations. We pave the way as the first retail real estate business to promote the circular economy towards the goal of becoming a “Zero Waste Company capable of 360-degree waste management to create environmental equilibrium and provide a sustainable solution for the plastic waste problem in Thailand.

With more than 63 years of knowledge and experience as a leading property and real estate developer of global destinations, Siam Piwat is firmly committed to our vision as the Visionary Icon who strives to drive our businesses towards sustainable growth by creating shared value for all stakeholders from employees to customers. At Siam Piwat, we Empower Limited Possibilities to create meaningful employee experiences that parallel with extraordinary customer experience. With this purpose, we have 5 core values (Understanding-Trustworthy-Visionary-Daring-Committed to Excellence) to thrive our employees’ capabilities and holistic wellbeing.

These meaningful employee experience can be obviously seen in these 3 highlight dimensions:


Agile workplace for Siam Piwat is all about Abilities and Atmosphere. 1. Abilities are about People Capabilities and Empowerment to nurture employees to work with agility.
  • People Capabilities:
    For over the past 3 years until now, the organizational structure has been regularly reshaped to fit the dynamic change of business directions. Siam Piwat has prepared to transform organization from adopting Agile mindset with consistent development programs of agile leadership, scrum master certification, scrumban, and Digital Literacy for Digital Warriors for all levels. We have over 50 certified scrum masters across all functions to collaborate in all strategic business projects.

    Moreover, Core People Capabilities are groomed across levels with 4C Future skills (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration).
  • Empowerment (for Self-directed and FAST decision making)
    Working teams that are empowered to drive the business in this dynamic change are for example:
    1) Business Unit warriors dedicated from many functions to empower them to drive business goals of each shopping mall.
    2) Digital Capability Committee and Working Team was empowered to co-create extraordinary experience for customers on strategic business projects and it took only 13 months for ONESIAM Super App to be developed and launched successfully in December 2021.
2. Atmosphere is about ways of working and workplace that allow the flexibility and creativity. Work as One is one of our core competencies and Collaborate to Win is our business direction on working too; thus, our employees are familiar with this for over decades so atmosphere of meeting across functions and across employee levels and this is more outstanding in this digital era with technology tools like MS Teams, Planner, Jira, O365 for example to enable them only agile transparency and work collaboratively yet effectively.

To ensure every employee understand and are ready to transform themselves to this business change, employee representatives are one of the key transformational drivers. Change Warriors are thus appointed to facilitate, drive change activities across the organization.

Workplace on the 10th Floor of Siam Piwat Tower, Agile Office has been renovated for Digital and Customer Experience Team as a first future workplace in Siam Piwat and many more in the renovation plan this year.

However, as a great destination for exhibition and convention events in our Royal Paragon Hall, TRUE ICON hall as well as designed shopping malls of ONESIAM, our employees can choose any space within our malls to organize the morning huddles, meeting, workshops in innovative and creative atmosphere.

We have FLEXITIME for office functions to apply in order to have more productive time and enhance work life balance.

Dimension 2: WE CARE WE DARE - to pursue holistic wellbeing of our employees.

Fundamental to Siam Piwat’s success is enlivening one of the Core Values, Understanding, of everything we do and of every stakeholder that contributes to the company’s ability to win, and that means of our employee’s needs as well. Every year we will have employee engagement survey to listen to the voice of all employees as well as focus group sessions to hear how new joiners and new gens feel about work life with us.

Then, the management will deeply look into the key points from the survey and working team is dedicated and commit to each concern to demonstrate our core value (DARING) in form of WE CARE WE DARE series; for example, flexi hours and no internal meeting or any workshop after 2pm on every Fridays so employees would have their hours of creativity and reflect their work progress and growth.

We are very honoured to be recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia. At Siam Piwat, we adhere to ‘Work AS One’ principle and continuously provide opportunities and possibilities for our employees to show their talents and development. This award is a testament to our efforts to enhance human resource management and organizational capability. The recognition will not only motivate our team to go above and beyond but also encourage us to embrace the future and move forward in the new world.

Ms. Amporn Chotruchsakul, President, Business Support

Dimension 3: Empower to Grow

Siam Piwat is always one step ahead as Visionary Icon; therefore, career growth for employees is always one of the key agenda of our management committee. Any employees who have proven themselves as capable professionals with sound business judgement will be selected and offered extraordinary learning and development approach to strengthen their best and fulfill future knowledge and skills required for the challenges and career opportunity ahead.

Next Gen Leaders Program: Grooming Leaders for tomorrow

One of our signature people development program is Next Gen Leaders Program for middle management levels.

We have launched this program for 2 batches with managers to participate for 70 persons from many functions. Their development journey is reinforced with 4C future skills and strengthen their business updates on Digital Technology, New Economy Business, Leadership in this Digital transformation and so on from experts sharing in Inspiring Talks organized bi-monthly.

Moreover, Innovation is another aspiration to drive our business in this era. Siam Piwat therefore opens doors to young generations from Innovative educational partners to join professional teams for future business development. In 2022, Siam Piwat collaborates with School of Integrated Innovation (SCII), Chulalongkorn University and welcome interns from SCII to work closely with strategic project teams and we engage them to be long term potential talents to the organization.