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101/19-24 Moo 20
Navanakorn Industrial Estate
Tambon Khlongnueng Amphur
Khlongluang Pathumthani

101/19-24 Moo 20 Navanakorn Industrial Estate
Tambon Khlongnueng Amphur Khlongluang Pathumthani


Automotive and Agricultural Industrial


To be an ASEAN LEADER in Farm &
Industrial Machinery with Innovative
Solutions to fulfill better and sustainable
life of people

To be an ASEAN LEADER in Farm & Industrial Machinery with
Innovative Solutions to fulfill better and sustainable life of people

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SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. was established on August 2, 2010, It is a joint venture between KUBOTA Corporation (Japan) and SCG (Siam Cement Group) with the vision to be an ASEAN LEADER in farm & industrial machinery with innovative solutions to fulfill better and sustainable life of people with the 4 core pillars of business;
  • Product : SIAM KUBOTA has developed a diverse range of agricultural products to accommodate all application needs of Thai farmers.
  • After-Sales Services : SIAM KUBOTA Sales & Service Academy for helping technicians develop greater knowledge and skill and SIAM KUBOTA Technical Service Center for render high quality after-sales service to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.
  • Authorized Dealers : SIAM KUBOTA intends to develop its dealer network to respond to market needs and promptly provide its services throughout the nation.
  • SIAM KUBOTA Leasing (SKL) to provide financing facilities in order to facilitate the farmers to be able to own the agricultural machinery.
As the People Strategies to create a workplace of choice having quality and engaged employees while embedding culture so as to speed up execution and drive sustainable business growth, SIAM KUBOTA will embed “ SKC LIFE ” as the company culture consists of (L) Love to Collaborate, (I) Innovate for the Better, (F) Focus on Customer and (E) Empower Ecosystem with HR practices

(L) Love to Collaborate

To drive our culture with diversity, inclusion and collaboration, SIAM KUBOTA support work flexibility by “Hybrid Workplace” where employee can choose to do their work anywhere – work onsite at co-working space with productive infrastructure or work remotely from their home or anywhere through our collaboration tools, HR Konnect, google drive and @work for enhancing work-life integration and employee engagement.

SIAM KUBOTA has many activities to enhance employee collaboration such as CSR activities, sports competition every year and sport class in 2 days per week. Even though in COVID-19 pandemic, SIAM KUBOTA launch SKC Healthy at Home to promote employee for exercise at home via online class in the Facebook page

(I) Innovate for the Better

In order to support SIAM KUBOTA to be the ASIAN LEADER in Farm & Industrial Machinery with Innovative Solutions. SIAM KUBOTA encourages employees’ digital and Data Analytic skills with a digital mindset by encouraging employees to apply digital skills and Data Analytic to improve the work process to create an innovative solution with a specialist mentor by Digital Innovation Challenge and Data Analytic Fellowship

In addition, to support the company to build up a new business, strengthen Employee Capability and increase employee Gen Y & Z satisfaction by challenging work tasks and increasing their empowerment by K-Biz Program to get employees fresh ideas explore new s-curve in business by Hackathon Workshop innovation splint with groundwork until launch as the company’s new product/service

This award shows that SIAM KUBOTA has provided well support to the employee to improve their quality of work life. We will continue taking care of people, attracting and retaining more talents to engage with the company, and driving SIAM KUBOTA for business growth to fulfill better and more sustainable life for people.

F) Focus on Customer

To encourage the employee to focus on the customer, SIAM KUBOTA applies for the “Future Leader Development Program” to grow employees to grow business. Start with an onboarding program to learn about the organization and our product and service by Farming, Farm Product, and Farmstay, and join BBA and MBA programs to lead themselves. After they will be the leader as the Manager, they will learn how to lead a team by joining one on one Executive and ExBA by DUKE to learn how to run the business, lead the team, and set goals to drive business growth

Moreover, to build up employees’ well-being to let them drive business by preventive medicine to reduce obesity on three main aspects. Physical Health via Beyond Happiness and Strong Challenge Program to reward employees for exercise, Mental Health Counseling Service by Doctor Anywhere with psychiatry in any time, anywhere, and Financial Health via e-learning and Debt Clinic

(E) Empower Ecosystem

To support “K-ESG Management” the policy from KUBOTA Corporation Japan for solving environmental and social problems through doing business, The company deems to support and encourage employees to participate in activities such as in 2014 – 2016 ‘The Planting of One Hundred Thousand. Seedlings for Mangrove Reforestation’. In the year 2015 – 2019 has Agriculture Project for Lunch Program. In the year 2017 SKC has run for the forest with a mini-marathon. In the year 2019, has KUBOTA Love Soil and KUBOTA Love Earth and in the year 2019 – 2022 has Flood Restoration

Even though in COVID-19 Pandemic, SIAM KUBOTA committed to supporting communities to ensure sustainable growth of Thai society with many activities including
  • Give KUBOTA “Heal Box” 10,000 Boxes for Covid Patients in Home Isolation
  • Support 2,000 Paper Field Bed for field hospitals all over the country
  • KUBOTA On Your Side to donate medical equipment and anti-Covid equipment and necessary consumer equipment to hospitals and field hospitals
  • Send VDO Clip #KUBOTA On Your Side united to COVID Crisis to encourage medical personnel