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90 CW Tower A, 33rd Floor,
Ratchadaphisek Road, Huaykwang,
Bangkok, Thailand 10310

90 CW Tower A, 33rd Floor, Ratchadaphisek Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok, Thailand 10310


1.Oil Business and Retail Business
2.LPG Business
3. Renewable Energy Business
4. Logistics and Warehouse Business
5. System and Equipment Management Business
6. Food and Beverage Business
7. Auto Care Services Business
8. Electronic Money Business


To Enrich the Quality of Life,
Well-being and Contentedness
of the People We Serve

To Enrich the Quality of Life, Well-being and Contentedness of the People We Serve

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On march 21st, 1988, Paktai Chueplerng Company Limited was founded with a mission to operate tank farms and gas supply business for the community, the fishing industry and industrial plants. The Company first started its business in the south of Thailand as Paktai Chueplerng Public Company Limited. Later the Company was registered and changed its name to PTG Energy Public Company Limited under a new mission to provide high-quality finished oil products. At present, the Company employs the ISO 9001 standard for the effective management system of the storage and distribution of oil products (Benzene and Diesel) at Mae Klong tank farm.

Under PTG vision in enriching the quality of life and well-being of people in all aspects, PTG strives for continuous development in its eight core businesses: 1) Oil and Gas, 2) Food and Beverage, 3) Offline to online Retail, 4) Automobiles, Logistics and Supply Chain, 5) Maintenance Services, 6) Health Care, 7) Digital Platforms for Financial and Lifestyle business lines, and 8) Renewable and Clean energy. These eight businesses are developed from existing PTG businesses and will become businesses that help strengthen the Company and its existing PT business lines.

Workplace Policies & Practices

PTG provides flexible benefits and welfare under the PTG Flexi-benefit policy. The Company understands its employees and offers them a more flexible work policy to ensure that its employees are able to work from anywhere to avoid commuting during peak hours, reduce travel fatigue and gain more freedom to choose where to work to increase productivity.

PTG employees get their freedom to dress as seen appropriate so that they feel more confident at work. The Company has started this dress code adjustment since the time before the COVID-19 situation and still continues this policy to this day.

We are deeply honored to receive this prestigious award because, for PTG Energy, we are strongly committed to developing our human resources and empowering them to make their best work and realizing their potential so that they are well prepared for this fast-changing world. We always hold to the corporate value to ‘Build the Best Workplace and the Best Team.’ We always strive to create a workplace for our diverse workforce with no judgement, but with equality, happiness and quality of work life.

Employee Benefits & Activities

PTG promotes happiness and well-being of its employees in all aspects with better quality of life, living conditions and contentedness. They are taken care of, starting from the first day of their career at PTG Energy with the following benefits and welfare.
  • support of uniforms, allowance and expenses of travelling, accommodation and food and drink when operating an offsite work under the Company’s terms and conditions
  • medical expenses and annual health check-up
  • an employee discount on products of the Company
  • facilities such as co-working spaces, fitness centers, lactation rooms, and nursing rooms
  • provident funds served as long-term savings to support employees’ retirement, starting at a rate of 3%-15%
  • internal and external trainings for ongoing competency development
  • health improvement and CSR activities

Career Paths : Current & Future Plans

PTG believes in running its businesses under the principle of ‘DEVELOP Opportunities.’ In other words, it is the Company’s goal in establishing development and career opportunities for its employees in all aspects, e.g., their lifestyles, family care and financial management to ensure employee sustainable growth. And this starts at their first day at work with PTG. PTG promotes an open-door policy in which employees are encouraged to share their creativity, ideas, projects, or innovations driven by new technology. In this way, employees feel more comfortable and relaxed at work and can continue their development amid continuous change and transformation. PTG is a place of opportunity for growth where employees are free to think, create and explore new things. PTG fully supports its employees for their potential ideas and projects and also their opportunity to become a new business founder in the future.

All in all, PTG is ready to ‘DEVELOP Opportunities’ to create all potential opportunities for its employees, to ensure their continuing growth and development while moving forward with PTG and having a ‘Living Well and Being Well’ life.