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Phyathai2 Hospital
943 Phaholyothin Rd.,
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Phyathai2 Hospital 943 Phaholyothin Rd., Phyathai Bangkok 10400




Superior human-touch customer
experience from a digital health provider

Superior human-touch customer experience from a digital health provider

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Phyathai - Paolo Hospital Group is a renowned and trustworthy group of private hospitals which integrates the total of 11 hospitals under the administration of the company, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS) ranging across Bangkok and nearby provinces for more than 52 years, with an established vision of “Leadership in Creating Good Health for the Potential of Living”. Therefore, it strives for sustaining outstanding health care treatment services alongside extensive medical care for everyone. It efficaciously bring forth services comprising modernized and specialized treatment centers, providing 24-hour clinical service with medical staffs and team of specialists in all fields of medical expertise. We are gratified of our manpower as we have more than 3,000 Doctors and medical consultants, in addition to over 10,000 full-time and part-time employees. We cultivate socio-cultural morals to our employees to cater family-like service for our customers. As well as generating awareness of community development policies, implementation of society and environmental campaigns that initiates the spirit of volunteerism in the role for social development under the operation of (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility.

We endeavor to become a reliable Health care provider, hence focusing on promoting a Healthy Culture in our organization under the Healthy together ecosystem project using “Let's Get Healthy (LGH)” assessment form. Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) has made a memorandum of agreement in collaboration with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), which assesses the physical and mental well-being of our employees. The BDMS Group recognizes the importance of health care, and this evaluation has been researched and accredited internationally. Thus, this assessment form has been used in Thailand. The results of the LGH assessment were analyzed together with the outcomes of the annual health check and then summarized into individual health outcome reports. These reports can aid to formulate treatments and diminish health risks by scrutinizing data in research and getting into precautionary health care treatment. Moreover, in designing health promotion activities (Health Intervention Design) to inspire employees to be physically and mentally grateful.

We have the newest addition to the services that we provide to our customers, and this is the “Telemedicine” platform, a modernized way to meet and consult with doctors virtually. Aside from utilizing it with our customers, we likewise pertain to our employees in disease screening and health counseling. This allows personnel, customers, employees, and doctors to communicate with each other in instantaneous and real-time VDO conference scheme. They can consult and chat with both parties deprived of limitations in terms of time and location. Furthermore, there is home service delivery to transport medicines to the customers’ residence. Laid-back, convenient, safe, and timesaving instead of traveling to see a doctor in the hospital.

Besides consuming innovative technology for advance health care treatments; we are also using it for acquiring more in-depth knowledge and develop vital competencies. Hereafter, to support our employees to sustainably learn by themselves we have work in partnership with the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy of Chulalongkorn University (CBS) to design learning courses for executives and employees to study online through CILA Application, a self-taught learning platform. In this digital era, we have created a knowledge-based scheme that can be utilized within the organization through learning management system software that simultaneously connects online and offline learning. By establishing the Phyathai - Paolo innovation lab to collect ideas and analyze innovation approaches, we also attribute importance to vesting employees in formulating pioneering ideas through the “PPitch Awards from Passion to Innovation Project”. It empowers competent and qualified employees to consolidate an award-winning innovation which will be allocated for further learning and development bounded within the group. Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group gathered and stored physique of knowledge in CILA (Center of Interactive Learning Academy). Additionally, we have G5 Learning Fest activity that motivates employees to learn on their own through modern courses that envisions to enhance employees’ knowledge and abilities and create a culture of incessant learning.

To avert shortage of employees with professional expertise, we then value the importance of creating a project; “Developing right-handed people” (Succession Planning and Talent Grooming Program). These are dedicated and enthusiastic employees with outstanding performance who shall obtain thorough, intensive, and constant improvement. There is a meticulous selection process to evaluate the potential for further development and readiness to attain growth by designing individualized courses and activities. Employees encompassed in this program will showcase their talents and growth lengthways with progression and success.

Thank you HR Asia for the recognition and for the opportunities to reflex on our team value, and beliefs that reflect through the actions we have taken both in a good time and bad.

Our journey into the new normal has been an interesting one. Our culture “We Before Me” was put on the test during the past 3 years. Under the hardship of pandemic, growing competitors, fast changing consumers’ need, and business environment, etc., these challenges have ignited us to quickly respond with positive and creative changes within organization. In these past years, we have successfully created and implemented many new innovative initiatives in the speed that we had never imagined that would be possible. Works had been hard, loaded, demanding, and even sicken (over 3000 of us also got covid) but looking back, it gave us the opportunity to see, to do, and to truly understand that at Phyathai and Paolo hospitals “We” is really stand “Before Me”.

The passion that drives all of us to embrace change is the well-being of our partners, our patients, and what makes that change possible is the caring heart of everyone in the team.

Att Thongtang, CEO
Success wouldn’t be achievable without camaraderie and the cooperation of our employees. Henceforth, we give emphasis to the value of ideas through listening to various point of views and recommendations to progress the organization. This vision is clearly possible because of communication channels between our employees and the organization such as HR (Human Resources) friends via email, direct communication with HR executive and Newcomers Power of Voice project for newly hired employees to keenly listen to the opinions of each respective units by focus group methodology, etc.
For over 52 years and counting we have learned, developed, and established people in coexistence. Up until it becomes a treasured learning experience both for the organization and extending this learning to our customers. To conclude, we are a reputable health care business that is acknowledged and recognized both local and international with various awards such as:
  • Year 2016-2019
    Year 2016-2018 Thailand Best Employers award by Aon Hewitt Thailand-Kincentric in collaboration with the Graduate Institute of Business Administration Sasin of Chulalongkorn University
    Year 2019 Thailand Best Employers by Kinzentric Thailand in collaboration with the Graduate Institute of Business Administration Sasin of Chulalongkorn University
  • Year 2018-2019
    Healthiest Employer Award by Thailand's Healthiest Workplace 2 years in a row
    Healthiest Employee Award by Thailand's Healthiest Workplace 2 years in a row year 2019 ASEAN Business Award
  • Year 2019
    Priority Integration Sectors: Healthcare (Large-Tier Country Winner) from ASEAN Business Advisory Council: ASEAN-BAC Thailand
  • Year 2020 - 2021
    HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2020 -Thailand Edition, by HR Asia Magazine, the only private hospital in Thailand to receive this award.