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689 Bhiraj Tower, 39th – 40th Floor.,
Sukhumvit Road, Klongton Nua,
Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

689 Bhiraj Tower, 39th – 40th Floor., Sukhumvit Road,
Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110





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At Philip Morris Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd., we are working together to #MakeHistory . To facilitate employees’ growth alongside that of the company, we have strongly embedded culture of Inclusion, in everything we do to respect and inspire every individual regardless of gender, generation, culture, and experience. We have been building a workplace where our people can contribute their best, support each other and fulfill their work-life happiness. They take pride in working with us as the Top Employers in Thailand since 2019 – certified by Top Employers Institute.

The core principle of management is to keep people safe and happy . In the current challenging situation, agility and efficiency matter most. The focus is on performance and not physical presence. Especially when we encounter uncontrolled situations such as a pandemic, a natural disaster, or political violence, our priority is on protecting the health and safety of our colleagues and their families, followed by business continuity. We have been implementing stringent policies and measures to minimize risks whether employees want to continue to work in our facilities and offices or from home. We are enhancing communications to ensure people receive the right guidance and support needed.

We have a holistic approach to the FLEXability program, all packaged in one that has taken care of the needs of our Diverse workforce, promoting Inclusion, and having engaged employees.

Smart Work is Our Way of Working

We believe that the performance matters and not physical presence at the office. To address work-life integration, we offer the Smart Work way of working that enables our people to define more effective and efficient ways to achieve the objectives through greater flexibility in how we work. Thus, facilitating increased productivity, enjoyment, and ultimately, balance in our everyday lives.

Smart Work allows our people to manage their time to fit their work and lifestyle whilst respecting others’ time. We have recommendations and guidelines,share tips of working smart, to ensure productivity, flexibility, and engagement level.

Flexible Working Environment that Boosts Engagement

We provide a conducive working environment to support the efficiency and comfort of our people. The employees choose to work between the office, and at home, we ensure they experience an environment is an efficient combination of open, private, and collaborative workspaces at the office. Working tools and additional infrastructure are added to support smooth connectivity. Tips and tricks are shared regularly with non-work-related to ease the stress both mentally and physically. This also helps in keeping networking with the team and colleagues. Along with Health and wellness programs, family day, year-end party that fuel employee engagement to another level.

Flexible Benefits

We believe that “One Size Does Not Fit All” so we have extended a buffet of benefit options to choose from. The employees can opt for the benefits based on their lifestyle and stage of life. The choices offered are education for their kids, support for their parental care, dental or optical benefits, travel options, and even office equipment benefits, to contribute to a conducive working environment at home.

Being people centric, we take immense pride to relentlessly invest in employee listening, inclusion, and well-being to ensure a safe and engaging environment for our employees to develop and grow. As we transition to a conducive hybrid work environment, maintaining a world class employee experience is paramount at PMTT.

In any work setting, we will continue building our teams’ capabilities to ensure our talents receive development and accelerated growth opportunities aligned with their aspirations.

We are very proud of this recognition as awards like these affirm, we are doing the right things and things the right way.

Gerald Margolis, Managing Director

People Development

The opportunities for learning are all-pervasive and inclusive as people' learning preferences vary. Self-learning is encouraged through e-learning via mobile, polishing language skills, a library of books to borrow from, online digital platform to exchange knowledge. Besides these, there’s also a learning benefit for each employee to pick a course of their choice.

There is learning through interactive events over lunch by internal or external experts and opportunities to contribute to cross-functional projects. We have the Mentoring and Job Shadow programs where our senior management offers customized coaching and constructive feedback.

Besides working in a culture with employees from various nationalities, we invest in our talents through Short term or Long Term assignments in other affiliates abroad to broaden their perspective by gaining through international experience. Moreover, there is also educational support provided to those who want to pursue further studies.

Equal opportunities

PMI is the first company to receive global equal salary certification (ESC). This is remarkable considering the scope goes beyond salary, measuring inclusion and access to equal opportunities. Harnessing the power of our differences and advocating gender equality helps us to create long-term value - for individuals, businesses, and society.

Transforming our way of working

As we embark on this journey to revolutionize the industry, we need new skills. Our change management programs help build capabilities for the future that focus on these new work-related skills like storytelling, agile scrum, Design Thinking, digital skills, etc. We are transforming our culture to be more customer-centric, encouraging innovation, simplification, and rapid learning through experimentation. This also pushes us to celebrate our failures and learn from them.

Diversity and inclusion engender greater collaboration, benefit our employer brand, and enable us to cast a wider net to source and retain the best talent.

These elements drive our people to succeed in their work-life happiness and deliver our vision forward. Because of them, we can MakeHistory.