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888 Sukhumvit 54 RD.,
Phrakhanong Tai,
Phrakhanong, Bangkok 10260

888 Sukhumvit 54 RD., Phrakhanong Tai, Phrakhanong, Bangkok 10260




Passion to be ASIA’s
leading FMCG Company

Passion to be ASIA’s leading FMCG Company

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NEO Corporate was founded in 1989 and we continuously develop and improve all types of personal care and household products to deliver quality and innovative products to end consumers and stakeholders via business expansion under the best governance.

Brining engagement and well-being to life

Individual well-being, employee engagement, and a culture of well-being link to important organizational outcomes - productivity, health, and employee retention – and we are highly conscious of these factors. Our CEO frequently questions how Neo can create organizational engagement and well-being to our employees’ life. To achieve this, we focus on 5 areas of well-being:

Career Well-Being:

Our concept for learning program is simple - what you learn and do should be utilized in both work and personal life. This year we get everyone across functions and levels to attend Design Thinking Program, a set of strategic and practical procedures that teams use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test. A valuable skill with a wide range of applications in work and life.

In addition to developing our team’s career, we engage our people in mindfulness activities such as tea blending, scented candles making, essential oil blending to foster a positive working environment and culture. We aim to help strengthen communication and inclusivity as well as appreciation for diversity.

Financial Well-Being: effectively managing your economic life

Financial well-being is undoubtedly an important part of a fulfilling lifestyle. We want our team to feel secure about paying bills and keep them on a healthy financial track. Therefore, we cooperate with financial institutions to organize the “Employee Debt Relief Program (EDRP)” to provide advice and debt management to our people – to raise their self-awareness and aid them in managing monetary problems.

Physical Well-Being:

We believe that a healthy mind and body makes a happy person. We cultivate healthy mind with our mindfulness programs while we help nurture healthy bodies via various activities. For example, we home grown vegetables and fruits at our workplace that we use to cook healthy meals for our people which we name “Happy meal Happy me.” We also do our own bee keeping and use organic honey for healthy purposes. Moreover, we invite professional physiotherapists to educate people on the correct sitting and standing postures during work to avoid office syndrome.

It is Neo’s honor to be continuously recognized for our teamwork and corporate culture. We want Neo to become a second home where everyone can learn from and gain unique experience – to let Neo become a part of their personal and the society’s growth.

Neo always challenges our team to be open minded about not knowing everything, to search and explore ideas, to learn and adapt because we believe there will always be a room for improvement. It is when we think we have all the answers that we stop growing.

Mr. Suthidej Thakolsri, CEO

Emotional Wellbeing:

Everything starts within your own mind and happy mind leads to happy life and superior performance. Thus, we create many mindfulness activities at Neo. For example:
  • “Friendship Clinic" offer coaching & mentoring tools and psychological consultation for both private or group session.
  • “DNA Decode” utilizes our expertise in fragrance in activities like scented candle, bath bomb, essential oil blending, etc.,
  • “Heart Check-up” to gauge new members temperature during probation period to ensure they are working and living well.
  • “Heartbeat Survey” to measure our people engagement towards Neo.
  • “Friday Movie” for our people to come together to enjoy inspiring movies.
Not only do the activities we mentioned above are bringing our diversified people together, but we also have “Town Hall Meeting” which includes everyone. “One Team – One direction – One Goal” is our Neo’s strength.

Community Well-Being:

Neo always collaborates closely with our community. During severe Covid-19 pandemic last year, we built Community Isolation Center to help people who were infected, and we provided disinfectant spray service to community places e.g., school, temple, inhabitant, etc. Similarly, we also provide hospitals with appropriate medical equipment.

Because we place significant importance on learning, we collaborate with many local universities in term of research development, study credit bank and university partnership programs and many more.

In term of sustainability and environment, we take great care of our community. Our factory has its own water treatment and solar system as well as recycling campaigns. Additionally, we collaborate with organizations to use production waste in upcycling projects which we internally utilize.