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250 Ratchadaphisek Rd,
Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310

250 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310




To be the customers trusted lifetime
partner through innovative life, health
and investment solutions by putting
customers at the heart of everything we do

To be the customers trusted lifetime partner through innovative life, health
and investment solutions by putting customers at the heart of everything we do

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Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited (MTL) has a long-standing history of 71 years in the life insurance business in Thailand. This Thailand’s born-and-bred insurer has been committed to providing a safe and comfortable workplace for our workforce because we are fully aware that to operate and excel in an everchanging environment, MTL workforce is the core enabler of such greatness.

In MTL, employees can rest assured that we will bring joy to them through our policies, welfare and benefits in coupling with the company’s motto, Happiness Means Everything.


As the COVID-19 pandemic surged in 2020, MTL quickly planned remote work, and eventually successfully adopted ‘Work from Anywhere’ model, while nurturing flexibility without forgoing productivity. During the COVID-19 situation, more than 70% of employees are required to work from anywhere in order to protect themselves and their family. Around 25% of total employees applied hot-desking concept and not only we can free up 930 sq.m. spaces, but it has also well supported a lot of corporate projects. To allow for greater flexibility, the new WFA policy has been recently announced. Employees can choose to work in the office 2 days a week or 8 days a month, and of course, with a full support of IT devices.

In responding to one of our core values, 'Commitment to Success', we focus rather on outcome than start and finish work time. Here in MTL, we have 8 different working periods. The earliest start time is at 8.00 am and the latest start time is 11.30 am. Employees can select the best working hours to match their personal and professional needs, and alter them every quarter by planning it with their supervisor 15 days in advance.

The Company has the policy to provide appropriate and fair compensation to employees at all levels based on job value and personal value, ensuring that compensation is in line with the Company’s annual performance and, also, that it is comparable to other businesses in the same industry. On top of that, we have provided the employees with the personalized benefit program where they can adjust their benefits according to their lifestyle. Employees can adjust their group insurance scheme and trade their annual leave day for other benefits of their choices e.g. fitness center, airline ticket, and hotel booking.


In response to the ESG concept, MTL has a strong focus on fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where our employees feel comfortable, safe, respected and fully supported.

Under the rapidly changing environment, being a diverse company comes with greater readiness, better innovations and higher revenue growth. Although life insurance may be generally perceived as a conservative industry, MTL, believing in the power of young and diverse workforce, has been placing an emphasis on catching up with new trends, for example, recruiting and retaining young and talented employees for more agility and sustainability in a business world that is undergoing constant changes.

MTL strongly promotes diversity in the workplace. Around 74% of our employees are Generation Y, followed by Generation X at 25% while Gen Z is also increasing. We have developed various programs to attract and recruit younger generations for business sustainability such as MTL Management Associate (MTMA) to build both internal and external young talents with different backgrounds and experiences to become our new leaders and enhance our competitive advantage.

Different corporate policies have put in place to support diverse and inclusive worlplace e.g. fair treatment, gender equality, and non-discrimination. Although gender equality seems to be a controversial issue in many organizations, MTL is committed to ensuring that gender inequality will not be our unseen barrier. As of June 2022, 56% of our executives are female. Plus, in 2022, we are pleased to announce the first transgender ambassador in MTL, a true symbol of gender diversity in the organization.

As an employer, wellbeing of the employees is important. All MTL employees must be well taken care of, and should have equal access to the employee benefits. In MTL, we have both normal leave (personal leave, annual leave, and sick leave) and special leave such as birthday leave, marriage leave, maternity and paternity leaves, and bereavement leave. We want to be part of every journey of our employees’ lives.

When it comes to our employees’ happiness, we are glad to celebrate the moment. We celebrate a birthday in the form of birthday leave which can be taken on any day within an employee's birth month. We also celebrate the love of our staff through marriage leave. All employees, regardless of gender, are entitled to 5-day marriage leave which can be taken before or after the wedding day. Recently, we have just celebrated a wonderful LGBTQ couple’s marriage on our LinkedIn page. Besides, we offer both maternity and paternity leaves because we fully understand both dads and moms need time to stay with their newborns, and they are entitled to such leave from the first day of employment. As the gift for a mother, the benefits we pay for moms on maternity leave are way higher than the minimum legal requirement.

In terms of our employees’ health, we truly realize that everyone is burdened with the diseases, especially the COVID-19 pandemic. We provide the employees with both 14-day quarantine leave and 2-day COVID-19 vaccination leave per year so that they can get vaccinated without worries of falling sick after the vaccination. Plus, MTL is determined to give security, and alleviate concerns of the employees by providing COVID-19 vaccines free of charge. Everyone including full-time employees, contract employees, sales support staff and agents is entitled to the vaccines. Moreover, we do care for our employees’ families; we also provide free COVID-19 vaccines to their family members because well-being of our stakeholders is our priority.

As the life insurance company, we strongly promote life and financial protection for the peace of mind of our people. Therefore, we provide group insurance benefits for all and allow LGBTQ+ spouse as a beneficiary.



To be able to compete in the fast changing business environment, MTL has continuously improved our organizational structure not only to maintain our competitive advantage but also to build the foundation for the future growth. We set up the Data Center of Excellence (COE) and Digital Technology Division to support the transformation and become the ‘Digitalized and Data-Driven Organization’. The Data COE aims to build the end-to-end data analytics capability for MTL, from the data architecture, data engineering and data modeling, under the proper data governance model. Besides, the team is also assigned to build the data-driven culture by having data analytics expertise both within the Data COE Division and related units to maximize the use of data and create value to MTL along the entire insurance value chain. On the other hand, the Digital Technology Division is set up separately from the current IT unit in order to focus mainly on the development of the new customer-facing applications. This creates a two-speed IT architecture model so we can quickly launch new products and services alongside the continuous improvement of the legacy system.

As part of the operation transformation initiative, MTL also set ups the Business Process Management Division. Its goal is to build intelligent automation from front-end sales activities to back-end operations. With the adoption of AI and RPA, MTL will be able to respond to customer more quickly while also increasing the operation efficiency and supporting business volume growth.

The insurance industry is known to be highly regulated, and there are so many key regulations being updated or implemented in the past few years and also the upcoming years. To cope with these changes, MTL therefore has set up dedicated teams to be carefully responsible for each regulation e.g. the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), IFRS 17, and other teams. These teams do not only ensure that the Company complies with new rules but also educate the entire organization on the impact of the new rules and encourage the proper action from related functions. This will ultimately create good governance in balance with protecting the benefits of all key stakeholders.

In addition to enhancing the current business, MTL has also prepared for the future growth by setting up new teams with promising talents. The Company sets up Fuchsia Innovation Center with the goal to build the relevant innovations and also encourage the org-wide staff to think ‘out of the box’. The innovation team also looks for partnership with both tech and non-tech partners to deeply understand the customers and develop the new products and services best matching each individual. The transformation team is later set up to focus on the execution of the strategic initiatives which would require longer time to complete and realize the benefits in the medium term to long term. The FORE Team is also set up to focus on the business beyond the traditional insurance.

To ensure successful implementation, we then introduce the concept of the ‘virtual horizontal team’ that goes beyond the setting of traditional organization structure and own job description. Based on the assigned tasks, each team gathers the members horizontally from related functions with the focus to deliver the product or service the customers need which is impactful to the Company. The teams will dedicate themselves, collaborate, and have more agility. In order to support this new working model, we also introduce the new working space called “The Garage” with the co-working space and comfortable work environment. This can encourage collaborations, inspirations, and creativity to drive all transformation journeys successful.


Improving employee experience is a key to retaining talent. MTL focuses on developing the workforce of the future, that means preparing our employees' readiness capabilities for rapid changes in the business era. Besides a compulsory training roadmap that ensures every training session resonates with the learner and certain that it assists their vertical future career growth on their own jobs, MTL conducts an internal rotation program which allows the employee to explore and apply on their interested internal job opportunities. It paves the way for employees to have a horizontal future career growth and building up new skills and capabilities by performing and experiencing in new job roles.

In addition, we initiated the MTL Management Associates Program (MTMA) which aims at developing both internal and external talents to become our future leaders. We focus on equipping our people with necessary future skills including data-driven, digital capabilities, and agile way of work by working with core business units and our affiliated companies i.e. AIGEN, gettgo, and Fuchsia. The program helps accelerate the future-ready capabilities that support MTL’s business strategies. All these skills and capabilities lead MTL to have sustainable business growth. From this program, we have established a short-term goal to have 15 future leaders in a period of 2 years, and the number of future leaders will grow by 1-2 times in a 5-year period. In addition, the fact that MTL has more talent pools helps us attract external talents and enhance the capabilities of our internal employees.