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The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global economies and businesses, and human resources has been at the heart of it. People at Mazars have thrived through the changes. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, the way of working has been redefined. Mazars in Thailand has adopted multiple policies to cope with the changes while relaunching our unique benefits.

Workplace policies and practices

As we adapted to the new way of working during the pandemic, working remotely became the norm. However, businesses also need people to work in the office. Therefore, Mazars is practicing a hybrid working system which provides the best of both worlds, giving employees the flexibility to perform their work duties and manage their work-life balance. During the pandemic, we invested heavily in the tools needed to ensure smooth communication and efficient work. Thanks to our great teamwork and collaboration, we successfully converted the traditional paper-based work process to a primarily cloud-based and digital process in less than a month, and this has become our new way of working.

International Mobility

Now that most countries have opened their borders and employees are showing an increased interest in working abroad, Mazars has accelerated its International Mobility program across the globe. This program is designed to meet various HR and business needs while playing a key role in attracting, developing, and retaining talents within our company. Having a workforce which can be deployed internationally also helps the business grow by responding to client needs across the globe and fulfilling Mazars’ global strategy.

Mazars in Thailand is honoured to receive HR Asia’s ‘One of the Best Companies to Work for in Thailand’ award for the third time. It is evidence of our focus on people-centric approaches, our culture of care and respect, and our continued support for promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace. We will continue to develop our talented professionals and ensure their well-being, as well as to create an excellent working environment and move forwards together.

Mazars’ School of Excellence

Education is the backbone of our people strategy and the recognized trademark of Mazars. We instil a culture of fun, learning, and feedback throughout the organization. We have focused our efforts on deploying an advanced Learning Management Platform which is not limited to offering online training courses like we already have with LinkedIn Learning, but which also allows us to manage career progression and educational development. The learning process is digitally enabled and covers all aspects of professional and managerial development, truly making Mazars a school of excellence. Mazarians can also enjoy unique opportunities, such as attending international seminars or working on local, on-the-job stretch assignments to build up their competencies through special projects. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Mazars is an unmatched place to start, grow, and learn.

Employer branding

Mazars in Thailand was honoured to be one of the winners of HR Asia’s ‘One of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia’ award in 2019 and 2021. This award validates the way we acquire, develop, and engage with our talented individuals, as well as implement policies to continue making our firm an ideal place to work. We are determined to continue this approach in the future to ensure that our human resources activities support our employees’ needs to the greatest extent possible. In addition, we also launched the “Mazars, the Smart Choice” campaign, which aims to show what life at Mazars has in store for those who seize the opportunity to join our adventure and celebrate the diversity of our people. Through this campaign, Mazarians share the story of their unique career path, how they designed their career, and what they have achieved by reaching their potential. #MazarsLivedExperience has been successful on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and has created more than 17,000 impressions. Furthermore, Mazars has partnered with leading universities to support the Student Brand Ambassador program, in which students are selected to act as representatives of Mazars at their universities.