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444, 14th Floor MBK Tower,
Phayathai Road, Wangmai,
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

444, 14th Floor MBK Tower, Phayathai Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330




A Lifelong Learning EdTech company:
An innovative learning organization
We aim to enhance the capabilities of
people at all stages of life with technology
to create a sustainable and equitable
learning society.

A Lifelong Learning EdTech company: An innovative learning organization
We aim to enhance the capabilities of people at all stages of life with
technology to create a sustainable and equitable learning society.

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Leader in Lifelong Learning EdTech

LEARN Corporation, the leader in EdTech for Lifelong Learning for people of all ages. A next-generation organization intent on bettering Thai society through learning, with the belief that “educational opportunities enable better lives.”

LEARN Corporation was established in 2006 with the vision of reducing inequality in education and increasing access to quality lessons for people throughout the nation. To that end, OnDemand Institute was established. The institute is a leader in the tutoring industry, having the highest number of students enrolled and being the first institution to implement computer-assisted learning in Thailand. In 2017, LEARN Corporation recruited a former data scientist from a world-class technology organization to lead the technology team in developing an education platform that met the needs of all demographics. The result is a Learning Ecosystem that has reached more than 2.5 million people across the country, divided across 4 business categories and 16 sub-businesses in the group, namely:
  • Out-school – Organizations focused on academic learning and development outside the classroom. This group includes OnDemand, Ignite by OnDemand, TCAster, Learn O Life, Money Class, LearnNeo, Premier Prep, EduSmith, Code Genius, APPA, and UpGrade.
  • In-school – An educational development system deployed in schools, including entities such as LEARN Education.
  • Chain-school – School management with curricula and technology from LEARN Corporation, including organizations such as Satit Pattana Secondary School.
  • Professional & Skills – Future Skills development organizations, including Skoodio, Learn Bridge, and Degree Plus.
LEARN Corporation offers innovative EdTech tools to help develop and create true learning opportunities for the future. Assured by national and regional Asia-Pacific awards, LEARN Corporation supports education for those in need by advancing quality EdTech solutions across the country through activities, campaigns, and development initiatives. To name some examples:
  • The LEARN CSR School Program – For every 100 schools, we help 15 schools to access teacher training and capacity-building programs.
  • The Life Changing Program – Providing quality courses for students without access to learning opportunities.
  • Scholarships for Satit Pattana Secondary School.
  • Data Analytics Bootcamp – Developing potential and promoting 21st-century skills for tertiary students.
  • Free online courses that are open to the general public.
These support programs for learning are driven by commendable employees within the organization – passionate youths with the desire to impact society. They eagerly embrace the chance to bring these opportunities to the community with the united goal of raising the quality of Thai society through education.

An EdTech organization for the new generation that wants to create an impact for society

LEARN Corporation supports the potential of and firmly believes in the ideas of the new generation. Led by a management team with experience honed at leading global organizations, 92% of the organization is driven by this new generation. Together, they shape LEARN Corporation as a space for outstanding young talents to contribute their individual skills and ideas and unleash EdTech innovations that impact society.

At LEARN Corporation, the principal criterion for nurturing these young talents is “employee satisfaction.” In addition to fundamental welfare, LEARN Corporation also supports employees and pushes them to develop themselves to their full potential. The company places great emphasis on culture and flexible working arrangements. Employees’ commitment is rewarded with the Recognition Program, and the well-being of employees in their personal and family life is prioritized. As such, an effective and satisfying working environment is created through the following elements:

1. Workplace Policies & Practices

  • LEARN Core Values
    S (Student) – A commitment to helping everyone learn.
    T (Teamwork) – Working together as a team and supporting each other to achieve the best results.
    I (Innovations) – Creating new innovations that are beneficial for all forms of learning.
  • LEARN Culture
    Do the Right Thing – Doing the right thing based on ethics and laws, taking into account the consequences and bearing responsibility for the decisions made.
    Empathy First – Truly understanding the customer and bringing this insight back to develop the organization.
    Feedback and Encouragement – Communicating and passing on encouragement. Constant communication and active deep listening, providing guidance, and creating motivation amongst the employees.
    Growth Mindset Learner – To develop a mindset that is ready to learn and grow. Determined in the belief that anything is possible and constantly open to new knowledge and learning.

LEARN Corporation is greatly honored to receive the award for ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia.’ We would like to thank HR Asia for awarding us. This award is a great source of pride for our organization and for everyone in our team. We regard it as both the starting point of our success and the result of our continuous commitment to nurturing our employees. Without a doubt, we will continue to improve our employee management and development process, adapting to stay ahead of the curve and being receptive to new ideas that will enable us to grow our talents and increase employee satisfaction as we have always intended.

Sathorn Upanwan – Chief Executive Officer

2. Employee Benefits & Activities

  • Fundamental benefits – Employee health insurance and discounts on family health insurance, provident funds, special holidays on birthdays, wedding allowances, allowances for the first child, funeral allowances, etc.
  • Well-being benefits – Free massages by the visually impaired, mental health consultations with licensed psychologists, financial and investment counseling for employees, free enrollment in OnDemand and Ignite courses for employees’ children, workshops to help employees relax, discounts on home and condo purchases from Partnered Companies (Co-Brand), Gender Equality.
  • Work-life balance – Hybrid work and flexible working days.
  • Learning, training & development – Training courses that develop Hard skills and Soft skills, skill development by giving the freedom to shift responsibilities across business groups, meeting challenges through goal-setting and organizational support for career growth.
  • Recognition program – Rewarding commitment and creating pride for employees with various activities, such as Monthly HERO, MVP Award, STI Award.

3. Organizational Structure

4. Career Paths: Current & Future Plans

To promote the development of professional potential and support sustainable career advancement, LEARN Corporation employs a system that challenges employees. Arrangements such as providing individuals with the freedom to change responsibilities or expand work duties under the mentorship of senior management enables employees to familiarize themselves with new roles. This structure allows employees the opportunity to constantly challenge themselves and prove their potential.

Additionally, LEARN Corporation is invested in the Career Paths of employees and assists in planning their professional growth through the 3-2-1 concept by setting 3-year career goals based on current needs and future growth opportunities, and subsequently working backwards to plan their career paths for the second and first years. This methodology enables the company to help the employees to grow together in both the short and the long term. As such, this goal-setting process allows employees to experience success every year and encourages self-development for sustainable career advancement.