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65 Ramkhamhaeng Road,
Saphan Sung, Saphan Sung,
Bangkok 10240

65 Ramkhamhaeng Road, Saphan Sung, Saphan Sung, Bangkok 10240


Fast-moving consumer goods


Innovate Passionately for
the future of better living

Innovate Passionately for the future of better living

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Innovate Passionately For The Future of Better Living

I.P. One Company Limited, founded in 1972, is Thailand’s leading manufacturer and distributor of quality brands such as Hygiene, Vixol, Whiz, Dance, Focus, and Ivy.

We believe that every human life matters. By improving their quality of life, we can make the world a better place. This passion is the driving force for our excellence. It’s what steers powerful insights and innovations enabling us to create groundbreaking products in the Thai market these past 50 years.

Our success is evident in many categories. 'Hygiene' has been awarded the Most Chosen Brand in the Home Care category for 4 consecutive years. 'Vixol' and 'Whiz' claim 2 of the top 3 spots when it comes to bathroom cleaning brands in the market. 'Ivy' surged to become one of the top 3 brands in the beverage market within the first year of the brand relaunch.

Beyond the success in the local market, we have also cemented our footprint in regional markets. Through collaboration with trusted partners and our strong efforts to earn consumers’ trust, our company has found success in the CLMV markets and also in other countries.

Moving into our 51st year, we are still very committed to developing products and services that touch the hearts and give the best experiences to our consumers while still prioritizing resource efficiency and minimizing impacts on the environment.

6I’s Core Values

Our unique culture, which is an integral part of our success, stems from our 50-year old legacy. I.P. culture is conveyed through core values that we call “6I’s core value”. From our passionate employees that are honest, responsible, and accountable, to our never-give-up spirit, we are able to push forward with our innovative research & development and product design. In addition, our insights into consumers and stakeholders have also contributed to innovations in our products and services. We build and inspire our team towards a common goal and walk forward firmly together into a sustainable and successful future.

In summary, our 6I’s core values consist of
  • Integrity - The determination to produce the highest quality products and services with honesty and sincerity
  • In Love - Demonstrating love, passion, and devotion in everything we do while at the same time, always adopting a ‘never give up’ mindset
  • Insightful - Never stop learning while also understanding both internal and external stakeholders
  • Innovation - Thinking outside the box to constantly create new things
  • In-sync - Building a strong team that works toward the same goal to support the growing needs of the organization
  • Into The Future - Be visionary. Strategize the future

Thank you HR Asia for this prestigious award. At I.P. One, we believe that the success we have during the past 50 years is the result of the dedication and passion of our employees.

With our 6I’s core values at heart of everything we do, we bring out the best of people and enable them to deliver the utmost quality of products and services.

Moving forward into the future, we believe there’s always room for further excellence. Our goal is to challenge ourselves more and achieve greater results.

Ms. Sirinart Thanesvorakul, Chief Operating Officer – Corporate Services

People & Corporate Citizenship

“People” is the key factor propelling I.P. One into a modern organization that is full of enthusiasm, passion, and motivation to always dare to think and try new things. Therefore, we prioritize People Development and are committed to fostering an inspiring work environment that drives our employees towards innovation and creativity to “Innovate Passionately for The Future of Better Living”. Our approach focuses on 3 areas.

I. Great Leader :
I.P. One aims to develop Great Leaders equipped with excellent leadership skills and visionary traits. Our hallmarks of a great leader are those that inspire, support, and never cease to learn. We place high importance on People Development and Talent & Succession Management.

At present, our learning and development framework consists of programs for everyone. There are “Mandatory programs” which focus on the basic skills that everyone in the company must know. “Functional programs” meanwhile are specifically designed based on different competency requirement for each business unit and employee level. We also have “Supervisory programs” to prepare supervisors for their promotion and most importantly, “Leadership programs” which focus on churning out future leaders. We apply the 70:20:10 approach in our development programs. Potential leaders will spend 70% of their training working on challenging project assignments, 20% learning from internal senior executive coaches as well as external experts, and another 10% of their time will be spent on coursework both on demand online learning and other classroom courses.

Apart from development programs, we also have Talent and Succession Management where we identify talent, build their IDPs to fill in gaps, and strengthen their skills. We try to bring employees’ own aspiration into consideration as well.

We utilize these talents through “Strategic Initiatives projects”, which are part of our company’s growth engine. Those in the talent pool could ultimately emerge as successors in strategic positions and help to maintain our business sustainability.

II. Great Company :
At I.P. One, we want every employee to take pride in the company’s good corporate governance and strong corporate culture. Ours is an organization that does not solely focus on financial growth but rather on sustainability, growing alongside society, the environment, and the world. We're forming our culture based on the “6I’s Core Values”.

We drive this initiative by weaving our Core Values into organizing activities such as “Innovation Day” or the “Proud to be I.P. One people” program, where employees’ ideas on topics like solutions for cost reduction and higher efficiency are heard.

We hope that such efforts have allowed our company to build a strong foundation, one that will help us attract, develop, and retain quality staff. With the right tools, we can help them grow happily within the company.

As a model corporate citizen, we have attempted to continuously contribute to society and the world. During the recent pandemic, our company launched the “Hope to Home” project, donating our quality products to consumers and government agencies in need in an effort to fight covid.

To fulfill our responsibility to the environment and world, sustainability is a key priority. 90% of our packaging is biodegradable. We installed solar panels on the roofs of our factories and head office to reduce carbon emission. We also launched the first “Hygiene Refill Station” in Thailand with the objective of encouraging consumers to reuse packaging for refill and thus reducing single use plastic.

Also launched was the “I.P. Life Lab” platform under the theme “Waste to Wonderful” to convert waste into useful and stylish items such as upcycle bag made from Hygiene packaging and plant pots made from ivy drink cartons. We also partnered with an organization to tackle inefficient use of resources. Adopting a circular economy approach, the innovative project applied technology turning plastic waste from production processes into biofuel. This does not only reduce waste but also paves way for fuel production for industry reuse.

In the end, we try our best to demonstrate to our employees how meaningful and impactful their work can be to society and the world through not just our initiatives but also everyday work.
III. Great Well-being :
I.P. One understands the importance of taking care of our employees. Our welfare and benefits programs as well as reward and compensation systems have been designed to be extremely fair and competitive. For the latter, every employee has access to both in normal circumstances and in crises. Also in place are recognition programs to acknowledge the jobs well done and provide opportunities for employees to be proud of their achievements and successes.

When it comes to promotions, we look internally. Our “People and Organization Committee”, which comprises of representatives from all business units, work together to design a skill and competency development approach and to define career paths for different roles which are cross-functional, giving our employees more opportunities to choose and grow within the company.

From time to time, we also organize recognition events for those with outstanding achievements such as Sales of the year and long service award.

Our social events are equally important for maintaining work-life balance for employees, adding a bit of fun to their day. For instance, staff enjoyed themselves at our 50th anniversary events, as well as at the Songkran festival, I.P. Market Place, and Family Day. We also hold town hall sessions where management could share their vision, provide an update on the current situation, and invite employees to ask questions and share ideas in a casual environment.

As we journey towards our goals, I.P. One will continue to challenge ourselves and achieve greater results for not just the benefit of the company but also for our people.