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129/11 Moo 17 Soi 5/3,
Bang Sao Thong,
Bang Sao Thong District,
Samut Prakan 10570 Thailand

129/11 Moo 17 Soi 5/3, Bang Sao Thong, Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan 10570 Thailand




We blend care and creativity
to nourish the world

We blend care and creativity to nourish the world

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Griffith as the Best Place to Work in Thailand and Southeast Asia

To be the best place to work for Thailand, Griffith Foods has the purpose and values as a caring family company where everyone has the opportunity to grow, follow their own personal “Purpose” and find fulfillment in their work. We support each other and demonstrate mutual respect and nourish people’s well-being – physical, mental, and financial.

With our purpose that “we blend care and creativity to nourish the world” led by Mr. Brian Griffith, Griffith Foods's Owner and Executive Chairman, Griffith Foods is a global product development partner with 100 years of experience in the food industry founded by Enoch Luther Griffith and Carroll Ladd Griffith, specializing in food ingredients from seasoning and sauces to breadings, coatings, flavors, bakery products, and more. Griffith Foods operates in over 30 countries and 19 plants in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia and employs over 3,200 associates around the world.

For Griffith Foods Southeast Asia based in Thailand, leading with the purpose by Dave Jagdeo, Managing Director, it has 2 manufacturing sites to export to more than 50 countries worldwide. We specialize in building strong partnerships with our customers to create great food consumers love. We cultivate sustainability for people led by Tatchakorn Suwannasopon (Ae), HR Director for SEA, by caring for our employees and communities in which we do the business.

Make the Future Better at Griffith Foods

Griffith Foods believes in leading by example connected by a shared purpose committed to the well-being of every Griffith Foods employees. As a purpose-driven company, we encourage employees to find their own purpose to drive their motivation and decision fulfillment in life and work. A “Virtual Purpose Accelerator” program has been organized to help employees find happiness and successful life working at the company. Griffith Foods also has an “Employee Wellness Month” to protect employees from the COVID-19 pandemic for physical well-being, to share knowledge and opening sessions for mental well-being, and to support free lunch for all employees and snacks before starting overtime and transportation to avoid public transportation for financial well-being. We also have virtual meeting, knowledge sharing and townhall to support for social well-being to ensure social connect and how to live life together. A fitness room is set up for employees to encourage physical health and to enjoy their time at work and engagement with the company. We have “Employee Assistant Program (EAP)” to talk to specialists outside their circle for those who need counseling and consulting for work or personal life, financial consultation, health issues and others with guidance resources to support well-being of employees.

Act Like Family: Employee Engagement

Griffith Foods takes pride in our family-oriented culture and continues Creating Better Together. Griffith foods nourishes culture to treat people with empathy and respect to behave authentically and transparently with no hidden agendas. The company creates a place where people have fun and develops in ways that interest employees. Like a family, we look out for our employees to see each member of our family grow personally and professionally and we offer development opportunities to build their skills and expertise. We highly focus on Talentship Culture for talent development to explore their potential to foster business’ growth. Individual Development Plan (IDP) is used to drive employee’s development goals to improve their individual capability gaps. Griffith Foods also supports training programs for leadership and specific functional skills for their own career and development.

Purpose: Nourishing Fulfillment in their Work

Griffith Foods helps find personal purpose and fulfillment in their work to grow personally and professionally through peer coaching and seek and provide feedback. The company support each other and demonstrate mutual respect by creating constructive conversations to understand minority viewpoints and develop mutually agreeable solutions.

Griffith foods encourages two-way communication by conducting OurVoice survey as the global engagement and fulfillment survey benchmarking the company with other global organizations to enable the most impactful ways to actions.

Griffith Foods nourishes overall people’s well-being by designing the Nutrition for Non-Nutritionist program which is a global training program to be practical and engaging to proactively activate the health nutrition awareness for employees.

On behalf of the entire Griffith Foods Southeast Asia team, we are very happy to receive this award. We have known for a very long time that the Griffith Foods’ work environment across the globe are exciting and fun. This award is another validation. We blend care and creativity to nourish the world. Our employees will continue to care for each other. Congratulations to all our teammates, all our colleagues and thank you to HR Asia for recognizing us.

Work Together Globally

Griffith Foods recognizes diversity as the unique strength to work together globally through our way to collaborate, communicate, share, and learn. The company has policies to enhance gender balance and promote the empowerment of women that able to increase the representation for women in managerial positions to 53% of their total managers and in top management to 30% of the total roles at these levels. The company has organized several events to empower and raise awareness of gender equality for physical, mental, and financial well-beings.

People, Planet, Performance: Commitment on People in the Sustainability Journey

Griffith Foods takes care of employees and the communities we do business. We believe in caring for our employees. Within the Sustainability Platform, People are key to fostering a culture of community, engagement, and excellence. The company with the brand promise of Creating Better Together and the meaningful contributions of employees enable us to deliver the Purpose, fueling the company performance and creating positive change in the world. The family-oriented value we nourish personifies what it means to care for our People for well-being. Griffith Foods provides opportunities for both personal and professional growth. The company continue to push diversity of perspective and experience and seek ways to empower employees to allow us to work together globally. This commitment for our people has led to a pathway to the company success together.