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C.P. Tower, 313 Silom Road, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500 Thailand

C.P. Tower, 313 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand


Integrated Agro-Industrial and Food Business


To deliver top quality products to
consumers in every corner of the world

To deliver top quality products to consumers in every corner of the world

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> 50000


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  • HR Digitalization
  • Delivering Leadership Development Program
  • Organization Structure and Strategic Workforce Planning
  • People Capability and Career Opportunity
  • Emphasizing Culture & Engagement
  • Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Fairness Treatment

Understanding Our Company

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited and subsidiary operates fully integrated agro-industrial and food businesses, harnessing its investments and partnerships in 17 countries around the world, and beaconed by the vision of being “the Kitchen of the World”. Our businesses include animal feed production, animal breeding, animal farming, primary meat processing, food production and ready-to-eat food as well as meat and food retail outlets, all of which are conducted by placing importance on animal welfare and biosecurity system.

At CPF, “Employees” are a key component that drives the organization to achieve success and sustainable growth. As a result, the Company places importance on investing in our people. Thus, the previous importance mentioned has been filtered out as a High Performance Organization (HPO) strategy to drive and manage our employees in these strength scopes: HR Digitalization, Leadership Development, Organization Structure and Strategic Workforce Planning , People Capability and Career Opportunity , Culture and Engagement. Whilst, HPO strategy has been designed to recognize the significance of every step of human resources management along the employee life cycle as well.

HR Digitalization

First of all, we promote our employees’ well-being and quality of life by facilitating the digitalization of our workforce. The HR digitalization will help the work of employees fits with the current organizational context at all levels. For instance, the “ Work-from-Home ” policy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the policy makes work more at ease for everyone through the development of internal systems/platforms. We have been developing information systems and platforms to support the employee-related working operation i.e. HR-eXp ‒ a suitable internal human resources management system that enables our people to request HR services from anywhere at any time covering many processes such as recruitment & onboarding, compensation, performance tracking etc. Meanwhile, it’s also prioritizing data security as well. The Company also place importance on Digital Transformation , it is also getting its employees prepared and ready for major shifts brought by the digital era where technology has been playing an important role in this ever-changing world of business.

Delivering Leadership Development Program

At CPF, we invest in developing workforce capabilities and supporting career growth. We develop our leaders at every level by implementing the Leadership Development Program . The objective is to develop employees’ leadership skills and get them prepared for the company’s future leaders. Participants are given opportunities to operate the real business and have exposure to senior management. Presently, we have 600 talents, 120 sponsors, and 100 projects along the CPF value chain.

Organization Structure and Strategic Workforce Planning

More importantly, we have adopted Modular Organization Concept and scaled up to the organizational level by developing cross-functional projects that create opportunities for our employees to collaborate with diverse teams and work on challenging projects. In addition, we aim to remove hierarchy and become an agile organization, which attracts people from different functions to work together. At the moment, the Modular Organization Concept has been applied in various Business Units as special projects.

People Capability and Career Opportunity

The Company is committed to focusing on fairness, transparency, and standardization of the process of recruiting and selecting employees. Therefore, it has adopted world-renowned recruiting tools such as competence and personality tests and Assessment Centers to measure applicants' qualifications in all aspects. In terms of developing employees in all aspects, from basic knowledge to essential skills in various fields, we ensure that all employees are ready to perform both current and future operations promptly and with quality. We have provided CPF full scholarships including tuition fees and other educational expenses for employees and their children in master's and bachelor's degrees in both overseas and domestic institutions. We aim to develop our people and prepare their readiness, especially for future skills to ensure that we have talents with skills, knowledge, and capabilities that meet business needs. Otherwise, CPF also promotes and encourages the learning platform which contained over 900 courses about digital skills and future skills. This learning platform is also suitable for all levels of employees and convenient anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, to emphasize and accelerate the mobility of managing change within CPF, the company recognizes the importance of motivating employees about career advancement. Therefore, there is a project that allows current employees to apply for various positions through the " Chance for Change Program ". As the current employees are already familiar with the culture and values, this project granted them an opportunity to learn, develop, enhance skills, grow knowledge, and gain experience in the new area of work. It is an effective employee management mechanism as it creates good working culture, boosting employees’ morale and fostering a sense of belonging to the organization. Further, it is an effective strategy to promote talents within the organization too.

HR Asia Best Companies to work for in Asia 2022 is a prestigious award which vigorously stimulates us ‒ CPF ‒ towards the endless development and advancement of our employees in every aspect. The award not only reflects our determination but also testifies to our devotion to reinforcing the excellence of our organization and people.

This award will inspire our people to deliver our core values to society through “The Three Benefits Principle”, the principle aims to create worldwide prosperity over three levels: Country, Community, and company. We will keep improving to ensues that CPF will not only contribute to the growth from inside of our business but outside to the sustainability of people’s life in every corner of the world.

Emphasizing Culture and Engagement

Else, to attract talents, CPF initiated the “ Friend Referral Program ” for current employees to recommend friends to join the organization. The program is one of the most effective recruiting mechanisms. As a result, new employees recruited through the Friend Referral Program are able to adapt to the corporate culture, resulting in stronger employee engagement and higher satisfaction at work while the turnover rate decreases. It also helps create an organizational culture and encourages cooperation in finding talents who fully meet the needs of the organization.

Besides, the company has conducted a wide variety of employee activities to build employee engagement under the CPF@Heart Program , the series of activities aiming to improve our employee experiences in the workplace, which includes two sub-projects; “ CPF WE CARE ” and “ CPF LOVE&SHARE ”.

CPF WE CARE ” focuses on four main areas: Care for Benefits, Care for Career, Care for Culture, and Care for Well-Being. The Company has organized activities to build employee engagement on various issues, such as debt relief programs, scholarship programs, personal development plans and reward programs. These programs have been designed to reduce obstacles in the workplace and increase the happiness of employees. Moreover, the increase in employees’ engagement and happiness will help them to focus on their own projects and tasks which also increases the firm’s competitiveness as well.

In 2022, we established 17 CPF Clubs for instance CPF Sports clubs, CPF Cooking Club, CPF Music Club and LGBTQ Plus Club etc. The establishment of activity clubs is aiming to help uplift our people’s well-being and experience their journey during working with CPF to build an organization of happiness. We believe that working can go along the way with fun from internal activities and easy-to-access platforms. CPF club is one of our initiatives to increase employee engagement from a leadership perspective as well.

CPF LOVE&SHARE: The objective of this project is to provide privileges or provide a discount on CP’s products and services to employees and their families. We encourage employees to become “ CPF Ambassadors ” who can show their love for and belief in the organization. The Ambassadors are those who are willing to support and protect the corporate branding, put effort into their work, and support the improvement of business efficiency. They also have their responsibility as internal influencers to inform the information about employee benefits to colleagues and their families, especially through social media.

Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Fairness Treatment

CPF recognize diversity and Inclusion as key driver of business performance and building a good working environment for employees. Therefore, it is CPF’s policy to synergize the workforce and bring together a variety of people with different gender, generation, culture, backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and practices and create an environment in which these “ differences are valued and respected ”. CPF management team also appoint committees at the CPF Group level, Country level and Business Unit level for execution to achieve D&I goals.

The Company encourages building a “ fairness for people ” in the working environment and the ability to live together on individual differences with no discrimination and harassment in any form. The company commits to the following practices such as establishing policies and procedures for all affiliated companies. Otherwise, the firm also strictly complies with the Company’s rules and regulations. Lastly, CPF regularly monitors and assesses risks and impacts on the fairness of employees.