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999 Samsen Road, Dusit,
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999 Samsen Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Thailand


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Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand’s first brewery, was founded in 1933 by Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi (Boonrawd Sreshthaputra). For almost 90 years, the privately owned company has become a renowned beer and beverage producer, managed by 3rd and 4th generations of the descendants of the founder together with professionals from different fields.

At present, the company is expanding and diversifying its business interests into manufacturing, packaging, real estate, supply chain, food, agriculture, and others which include Corporate Venture Capital Fund, Music Label and Corporate Social Enterprise.

Our Vision & Culture At Boon Rawd, Our vision is Bringing Joy to Life. We believe that joy of life for our stakeholders, from employees to our customers, is extremely important to maintain our sustainable business growth.

“Bringing Joy to Life is our destination, Singha Way is how we get there”

At Boon Rawd, our culture is ‘Singha Way’, which stems from our founder and leaders throughout our history. To achieve our vision, we need a strong culture that drives our company and its people.

Singha Way consist of 4 values: We are family, We act with Courage, We deliver Premium Quality, and We believe in Happiness.

It is our moral compass when making decisions about employee care and business conduct.

To celebrate our culture annually, we organize Singha Way Day for our employees. During the event, we are joined by famous guest speaker and also internal speaker. Our employees can participate in activities such as Got Talent, Esports, and auction for charity. At the end of the night, we entertain our employees with famous bands and musicians from our music label.

Engaging Our Employees

At Boon Rawd, we believe that high levels of engagement promote talent retention, foster customer loyalty, and improve organizational performance and stake holder value.

We conduct employee engagement surveys for Boon Rawd Group every two years and pulse surveys frequently. We design engagement initiatives based on engagement results to increase employee engagement levels and satisfactions.

During the pandemic, we aim to maintain employee bonding and connectivity as much as possible. We connect with staff through our communication channel and we also set up a closed Facebook group in order to share positive news, new products, and entertain people with regular activities. One activity which generated the most excitement was a photo contest where employees shared a moment of joy that they either received from or gave to others.

Health is Wealth

At Boon Rawd, we believe that Health is Wealth. Health is an integral part of our lives and is fundamental to happiness. We provide many wellness programs for our employees, ranging from physical to mental health. We believe great work always comes from a healthy body & mind. We encourage our employees to use our health application “Smart Health”, and we design wellness programs with accordance to their need. For physical wellbeing, we provide online exercise classes and share knowledge about staying healthy, along with maintaining a wellness workplace. We also provide our “Happy Mental Health Program” to improve emotional wellbeing. The unique practice for Boon Rawd is “Smart Farming” where we use treated waste water to produce clean and organic vegetables to provide for our employees.

Adaptive workforce and profession mentality

In terms of Learning and Development, we believe that in order to compete in today’s world, our workforce must be adaptable and have a professional mindset with the right attitude to become great leaders.

We have 5 Pillars of development, Get Together, Business Acumen, Leadership Development, Situation / Trend, and Job & Technical skill. On top of that, we have a leadership competency model in order to shape our employees to become leaders at every level.

Furthermore, we also provide an alternative approach to enhance our people learning experience, We developed a digital learning platform, “SINGHA LEARNING WAY”, to help our people acquire new knowledge and skills from anywhere and at anytime. We also use microlearning, “Singha Connect”, to keep our people excited with their learning through bite-sized courses and gamified contents.

Singha Management Trainee Program at Boon Rawd is a program searching for ambitious individuals. We look for candidates who are ready to apply their skills and become future leaders at Boon Rawd Group. The 18-month programme will challenge and shape our trainees into true professionals that work closely with our management.

Work-Life Integration

At Boon Rawd we believe in work-life integration. We have created a community where everyone can be a part of something within an atmosphere that feels like home. The hybrid-working policy was established to support our people’s work-life integration. We have societies such as yoga, muay Thai, badminton, football, and music for employees to participate in. At our head office, we also have Singha Museum, which is a place where our employees can hang out after work.

We are honoured and proud to have received these two prestigious awards for two consecutive years.

This award is dedicated to all of Boon Rawd’s employees and is a testament to their ability, perseverance and dedication.

Taking the best care of our people remains our priority. We promise to uphold our standard to create a great employee experience holistically, focusing on the employees’ wellbeing which includes physical, mental and financial realms.

We strive to provide the optimal working environment by adapting to change constantly, which in turn helps to fulfill our goal of “Bringing Joy to Life” to all our stakeholders.

Thank you to all of our colleagues for their hard work, without which this recognition would not have been possible.

Sunit Scott, Head of Organization Capability


At Boon Rawd, “We believe in Happiness”, is not just a core values for ourselves, but also for society. Therefore, we have a CSR team called “Singha R-Sa” to help people and communities in need. In accordance with Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi’s purpose - Everyone should take part of helping our society, Singha R-Sa does not only involve Boon Rawd’s employees, but also creates connections the government, universities, and citizens of the world. During the pandemic of Covid-19, Singha R-Sa supported many social activities by providing food, water, and medical equipment, as well as helping to set up field hospitals. We encourage our employees to get involved regularly

Our Commitment

Boon Rawd recognizes that although economic value is important, it is not the priority of the company. Instead, Boon Rawd emphasizes the creation of long-term, sustainable value in all ventures for our people and planet to succeed. Together with our vision “Bringing Joy to Life”, we aim to bring smiles to every person we touch because we believe that your joy is our happiness.