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2098 M Tower Building, 8th Floor,
Sukhumvit Road, Phra Khanong Tai,
Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260 Thailand

2098 M Tower Building, 8th Floor, Sukhumvit Road,
Phra Khanong Tai, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260 Thailand




Evolving Greenovation;
To be the leading Asian
Greenovative group,
founded on good governance,
through inclusiveness and sustainability.

Evolving Greenovation; To be the leading Asian Greenovative group,
founded on good governance, through inclusiveness and sustainability.

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Bangchak Group, was first established as a refinery whose chief mission was to ensure national energy security. Today, it has grown into a transnational corporation recognized recognized as the Leader in Energy Transition, balancing essential energy security and clean energy transition for a sustainable low-carbon society.

Bangchak Group is engaged with the entire energy value chain. Refining and Oil Trading, its core business, refines petroleum, from domestic and international sources, to produce high-standard quality products; its premium-grade gasohol and biodiesel products meet the Euro IV standard. Refined products are distributed through the Marketing Business’ network of over 1,300 service stations across Thailand. Its Green Energy Business include solar, wind, hydropower, transmissions lines, and energy management, while its Bio-Based Business produces biodiesel, bioethanol, and high value bio-based products. The Natural Resources and New Business Group ensures security of supply for the Group’s core businesses, and explores new innovative investment opportunities. Bangchak’s mission is to delight our customers with disruptive and inclusive Greenovation, to be a trusted partner and value creator for all stakeholders, enhance national energy security and foster energy transition into the future, ensuring sustainable and innovative business development in harmony with the environment and society.

The “100XHappiness”
Organizations are alive in that it is greater than the sum of its parts, meaning that beyond creating a corporation that is robust and agile, able to generate returns for its stakeholders, and delivering its corporate goals and missions, it must equally care for the unseen internal mechanisms and building blocks that are integral to a healthy organization; its human capital.

“We are committed as the Leader in Energy Transition towards sustainable clean energy laying the foundations to be a beyond 100-year company through the combined efforts of over 1,100 Heroes, the employees, with whom we must develop and cultivate into talented, and happy individuals according to the 100XHappiness strategies

Bangchak Group believes that an engaged and happy workforce is the foundation upon which an organization thrive and sustainably grow beyond one hundred years, and it is committed to realizing the 100X corporate goal by fostering intimate and genuine employee satisfaction through the four aspects of its “ Happy 4” Employee Engagement Strategy, specifically, “ Happy Stay – Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity”, “ Happy DNA – Learning, Training, Development “, “ Happy Me – Wellness, Balance“, and “ Happy Heart – Recognition“.

Happy Stay – Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity

Bangchak strives to foster an inclusive workplace, incorporating open-space design and environmental footprint, that provides equal opportunities for all, regardless of socio-economic or physical disabilities etc., acknowledging and accommodating challenges and strengths that come with diversity.
  • Open Communication with executives
  • Multidisciplinary career paths (internships, vocational education, disability programs etc.)

Bangchak Group would like to thank HR Asia for this prestigious honor, and that the commitment and dedication our company and the HR team has garnered international recognition, motivating us to continue to pursues employee satisfaction through 100XHappiness, employee engagement strategies, for Bangchak Group to go beyond 100 years as our corporate goal, Bangchak100X.

Happy DNA – Learning, Training, Development

Bangchak realizes the fulfillment and joy that comes from discovering and attaining one’s potential, and realizes that since there is no panacea to this end, career development must centered on the individual.
  • Bespoke career development curriculum
  • Multi-channel and multi-level learning system for requisite skillsets
  • Exposure to critical fields and approaches for long-term growth and development i.e. innovation, design thinking, digital technology, and business acumen

Happy Me – Wellness, Balance

Bangchak is committed to ensuring employees can pursue a well-balanced lifestyle, that priorities not only professional goals, but individual health and wellness. This approach covers two dimensions, one, employees who are the preliminary stakeholders in the company’s operations, and two, employee families, specifically their parents, spouses, and/or children, covering healthcare and education, in the belief that a happy and content individual are the integral building blocks of organizational development.
  • Physical and mental health programs and activities to promote health and well-being, including monthly challenges, health KPIs, employee and family health benefits etc.
  • Over 55 employee benefits exceed legal requirements, such as progressive maternal and paternal leave packages, nursing facilities, tuition subsidies etc.
  • Modern equipment, facilities, and amenities, as well as recreational clubs and activities
  • Prioritizing employee health and safety, as demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing facilities (safe houses) and personal care packages for employees, including procuring 100% vaccinations for Bangchak employees and their families, introducing Work from Home and Hybrid Workplace measures, and screening services etc.

Happy Heart – Recognition

Bangchak recognizes and rewards employees with career growth and development, celebrating personal and professional milestones (birthday, employment, accomplishments etc).


As we believed that every employee is the key to drive the organization to strive forward. With the “one hundred times Happiness” employee engagement strategy along with a corporate goal “one hundred X” Bangchak had achieved

And the Highest employee engagement score in 8 years.

And as a results of Bangchak’s unwavering commitment to human development and dignity, it has garnered numerous awards and awards recognizing it as a role model for other organizations to aspire to.
  • UN WEP’s Award - Bangchak Receives First Runner-Up UN Women 2021 Thailand WEPs Awards The Only Thai Company in the Gender-Inclusive and Workplace Category
  • Top 20 in Thai Employer of Choice Survey – a survey of the most attractive employers by new generation students in Thailand
  • MIKE Thailand Awards – the Most Innovation Knowledge Enterprise Award
  • Thailand HR Innovation Award in year 2019 and 2021
We truly believe in what we are doing for our people and we hope to become one of the role model companies among Asia's top employer.

Happiness at work is the most important key in driving the organization towards success