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3F., No.3-1, Park St., Nangang Dist.,
Taipei City 115603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

3F., No.3-1, Park St., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)




Improving the quality of human
life with scientific innovation.

Improving the quality of human life with scientific innovation.

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Established in 1960, TTY Biopharm (4105 TWO) is a leading Taiwanese pharmaceutical company with provide one-stop pharmaceutical services from research, development, manufacturing to sales. TTY specializes in the development of specialty dosage forms and new drugs, especially in liposome and microsphere technology platforms.

Our vision is “improving the quality of human life with scientific innovation.” Key therapeutic areas we focus include oncology, intensive care and health care. We have one of strongest sales and marketing teams in Taiwan and our market presence also including Vietnam Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore

Talent is our greatest asset

Like other world leading organization, TTY strongly believe in “talent” is our most critical. With complete corporation organization structure, strong and visionary leadership team; robust sales and marketing organization; agile and efficient back service, all of which have enabled TTY business to develop steadily. TTY Biopharm aims to provide a friendly work environment, encourage employees to develop their talents and ensure that they continue to feel passionate about their career. We believe that employees are one of our most valuable investments. Their growth over the years has remained the cornerstone for sustainable development at TTY Biopharm.

Fair and Competitive Compensation practice and employee centric Benefit Programs

To attract and retain talent, we offer better fixed pay (fifteen-month basis), performance bonus, sales incentive and profit sharing. Additional, an attractive Employee Stock purchasing plan with 50% discount will be launched soon. With all these different compensation programs to instantly recognize employee with excellent performance.

We have also celebrate senior employee’s anniversary at company –wide yearend party for their long term dedication and contribution.

Salaries are determined on objective factors such as career experience, professional abilities and position. The salary structure also embraces the concept of gender equality. TTY also emphasized on pay-for-performance philosophy which reflect in merit increase and a promotion process. Employees are eligible for generous pay rise and promotion opportunities based on internal performance appraisals.

TTY also offers its employees insurance coverage, including Group Accident Insurance, Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance. Leave such as special leave of absence, maternity leave, parental leave, travel leave and sick leave are also accorded to employees. Other benefits include a year-end bonus, regular health examination, birthday cash gift, wedding cash gift, maternity cash gift, festive (Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-autumn Festival) cash or gift, compassionate cash for hospitalization, funeral allowance, disaster relief funds, education subsidy (tuition subsidy and scholarship for employees' children), and travel subsidy.

During Covid-19 pandemic, TTY provides the masks, sanitizers, rapid antigen tests to employees. We are one of few companies started the work from home (WFH) practice. Our Covid-19 infection rate is significantly lower than the country and regions most of our employee resides In addition, we have offer emergent assistance program to support employee’s family whose household income suffer during the pandemic. We have also provide Covid-19 infection insurance and vaccine insurance to further protect our employees.

To protect employees from the double threats of the seasonal flu and COVID-19, TTY offer free flu vaccine to all employees and their family members for protecting our workforce and their families with a secured social safety net.

TTY’s culture is a patient-centric, strategic partnership with customers to build a shared vision and win-win situation. We develop employees by providing a diverse, and inclusive environment, allowing them to learn, and grow. Congratulations TTY Biopharm!

(Sara Hou, CEO)

台灣東洋的文化是以病患為中心, 並與客戶形成策略夥伴關係,以共創願景及雙贏。我們透過提供多元化和包容性的環境,培育員工促進其學習和成長。恭喜台灣東洋!

侯靜蘭, 總經理


In view of the growing number of people diagnosed with cancer each year, TTY Biopharm continuously invests resources in this area and establishes collaboration with international pharmaceutical companies, imports new drugs so that cancer treatment for the people of Taiwan is on par with global standards, and develops branded generics drugs so that the people of Taiwan can purchase oncology drugs of similar quality at affordable prices. TTY Biopharm, also donates to families with cancer and shares cancer information with the public. In addition, TTY Biopharm also works with relevant organizations to conduct free health education promotion activities to educate young people and kids on the right concept and knowledge of cancer, thus contributing to cancer prevention. The social health promotion program initiated by TTY Biopharm's colleagues is committed to bringing a positive influence on national health issues in Taiwan.

Since 2008, TTY Biopharm has continuously conducted the Summer Internship Program (SIP) where we receive positive feedback from students and biopharmaceutical programs they attend.

Through well-organized programs which consists of comprehensive courses covering full bio pharmaceutical value chain and business related programs have also offered to intern students to enhance their business acumen. We have arrange mentor served by TTY experienced employee for each students. This is another way for TTY to serve our responsibility as a corporate citizen to offer practical industry experience that students from bio pharmaceutical institution cannot be acquired from school.
台灣東洋 (4105 TWO) 成立於 1960 年,是台灣領先的製藥公司,提供從研發、製造到銷售的一站式製藥服務。台灣東洋專注於高進入門檻特殊劑型和新藥的開發,尤其是在微脂體和微球技術平台方面。我們的願景是“以科技技術提升人類生命品質”。 我們主要專注的治療領域包括腫瘤醫學、重症抗感染和醫療保健。 我們是台灣醫藥市場最堅實的銷售和行銷團隊之一,我們跨足的海外市場還包括越南、泰國、菲律賓、韓國、墨西哥、香港、馬來西亞和新加坡


如同其他世界級企業, 我們深信「人才」是最重要的核心資產,台灣東洋有完整的組織架構,堅強且具遠見的經營團隊、堅實的行銷業務團隊; 以及敏捷具效率的後勤支援,這些都提供有心從事藥品研發及醫藥行銷的人才完整的職涯路徑及輪調機會。




對於資深的同仁, 我們除了每年公開表揚久任員工,並頒發禮品感謝員工的付出. 在新人任用方面,依據每位員工過往經歷、具備能力及應徵職位等客觀因素予以核薪,起薪優於同業薪資水準,且從薪資制度上支持兩性平等,不因男女之別而有所差異。除此之外,台灣東洋亦重視年度員工調薪及晉升制度,依據組織內部績效考核,讓員工獲取最優渥之調薪機會及最順暢的升遷管道。

台灣東洋還為員工提供保險,包括團體意外保險、勞工保險和國民健康保險。亦包含特休假、產假、育嬰假、旅遊假和病假等。 其他福利包括年終獎金、身體健康檢查、生日禮金、結婚禮金、生產禮金、端午/中秋節佳節禮物、住院津貼、喪葬津貼、教育補助、交通補助等。