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27F, #333, Section 1,
Keelung Road,
Taipei 11012 Taiwan

27F, #333, Section 1, Keelung Road, Taipei 11012 Taiwan


Professional Services - Accounting


To build trust in society and
solve important problems


To build trust in society and solve important problems


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PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan was established in 1970 and is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the four major professional services organizations across the globe. In line with PwC’s purpose of “building trust and solving important problems,” PwC Taiwan delivers by bringing deep expertise across a broad range of capabilities, leveraging global resources, listening to the difficulties and needs of our clients, working closely with the government and industry, and actively responding to the urgent needs for digital transformation and sustainability solutions.

In a world full of challenges and uncertainties, PwC has initiated a new global strategy “The New Equation,” to address the disruptions brought about by technology, climate change, geopolitics, and the COVID-19 pandemic. “Building trust” and “achieving sustainability” are the two strategic priorities, and critical to the businesses of our clients in the coming years.

Our strategy, The New Equation, is about how PwC Taiwan brings together a unique combination of problem solvers, dedicated to building a place where everyone can be noticed, heard, and feel that they belong. We uphold our People Value Proposition by prioritizing the feelings and needs of our people, and adhering to the principles of providing “innovative, purpose-led work,” “valuing and caring for our people,” facilitating “inclusive leadership and teamwork,” supporting “future-focused growth and development,” with an emphasis on “leading-edge flexibility.” We continue to create a meaningful people experience through these five principles to ensure that “trust” is sown into the values and behaviors of every PwCer. You First @ PwC is not just a slogan, it is what we do, and who we are.

資誠聯合會計師事務所 (PwC Taiwan) 創立於 1970 年,係全球四大專業諮詢機構 PwC 在台灣之 聯盟所,本著「營造社會誠信,解決重要問題」的使命,資誠用專業能力、統合全球資源,傾聽客戶面臨的困境與需求,與政府、產業界緊密合作,協助產業常軌運作,並積極回應客戶數位轉型、永續經營之迫切需求。

現今的世界充滿挑戰與不確定性,我們於 2021 年宣布全球全新策略「新方程」(The New Equation),以應對科技帶來的崩解、氣候變遷、地緣政治以及 COVID-19 大流行對全世界的影響 ,「建立信任」及「成就永續」是新方程的兩個策略重點,也是 PwC 客戶在未來幾年的經營關鍵。

在新方程的策略下,資誠由一群多元化的問題解決者組成專業團隊,致力於建置一個讓每個人都 可以被注意和被聆聽的地方,並擁有歸屬感。我們秉持著以人為本的員工價值主張 (People Value Proposition),將同仁的感受及需求放在第一,並以「具有創新與願景的工作」、「重視和關心我們的員工」、「包容性領導與團隊合作」、「聚焦未來的成長與發展」以及「不斷領先,持續進化的彈性進度」五大面向創造有感的員工體驗,讓「信任」融入每一位資誠人的價值觀與專業行為中,真正的落實 You First @ PwC。