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3F., No.58, Rueihu St.,
Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114067,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

3F., No.58, Rueihu St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114067, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Software Design Services


ONElab is the R&D center in Taiwan
of ONEworks Group, a leading British
online software design group, with
several subsidiaries or R&D centers
in Asia and Europe and thousands of employees.

ONElab is the R&D center in Taiwan of ONEworks Group, a leading British online software design group,
with several subsidiaries or R&D centers in Asia and Europe and thousands of employees.

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About ONElab

ONElab is the R&D center in Taiwan of ONEworks Group, a leading British online software design group. Since its establishment in Taiwan in 2010, we have grown from nothing to nearly 200 partners in a short period of time. Located in Taipei's Neihu Technology Park, we have expanded our footprint to Hsinchu and Taichung in recent years, recruiting R&D talent from all over the world to provide a strong impetus for our future growth.

ONElab provides advanced software development and maintenance capabilities, and with professional customization services, we have successfully promoted our platform to Asia and the world through licensing, and our customers come from heavyweight companies or multinational groups operating online games in Europe, America and Asia.


ONElab believes that employees are not only company assets, but also important partners. We want to get along with each other like family and strive to create a comfortable and barrier-free working environment!

" Be part of the game! " is our strategy and company goal, and we strive to create a sense of belonging in the workplace for our partners!

Our core values are "honesty, openness, creativity, and sharing", and our management goal is to improve the happiness of our partners!

We welcome you to join us and create a better future together!

Growth and Progress

We believe that ONElab's progress is based on the growth of our people, and by offering a variety of training courses, our workers will never be limited!

Through a complete workplace training system, we hope to bring our workers the means for continuous growth, and to provide training on the skills required for the job, so that our partners can learn and grow without obstacles.

Flexibility and Freedom

ONElab's workers have flexible working hours, in line with American and European working environments, so that workers do not have to suffer from traffic jams during peak hours.

Listening and Respect

ONElab regularly tracks and collects ideas from all staff, and has a feedback system within the company so that each partner's opinion is delivered with certainty.。

First of all, I would like to say that it’s an honor to be recognized and be presented the 2022 HR Asia Best Companies Award.

Without the dedication of our team, we would not be able to surpass our past selves and become a better and more outstanding company!

ONElab has been in the industry for more than 10 years and has become a shining star.

In this fast-changing and unpredictable VUCA era, the only way for companies to face external changes is to remain dynamic and responsiveness.

ONElab will continue to work with our 300 partners in Taiwan to create the next milestone and surpass the impossible!

At the same time, we also deeply understand that our employees are the most important and priceless assets of our company, so we continue to focus on strengthening the positive and creat a environment of mindfulness in the workplace, creating a comfortable space and respectfully listening to every partner's voice. Our goal is to make the workplace a place of open, comfortable and communication.

We also insist on "Be part of the game" being our slogan, creating a sense of belonging for our employees, emphasizing "Happy Workplace" as our company goal, improve the physical and mental feelings of our employees, recruit more talented people for our company.

ONElab and its partners will work together to achieve the company's mission, and in the future, we will strive to build a work-life balance and create a more diversified and unlimited future with "Integrity, Openness, Creativity, and Sharing" as our corporate core values!

Wayne, HR director

Stress Reduction and Work

ONElab provides an energetic and relaxing American-style work environment where workers can maintain a balance between work and life and enjoy their work.

ONElab provides beverages, freshly brewed coffee, snacks and fruit,aslo have recreational equipment, and a workplace where people can play pool, billiards, and massage chairs to relax.

Life and Balance

ONElab workers have a leave system that is better than the law, Our people can take plenty of time off, to release stress, and to spend more time with family and friends.

Benefits and Allowances

ONElab provides monthly chiropractic care, massage services, multiple club allowances, regular medical checkups, and various living allowances to meet the basic needs of our worker.

International travel and tourism

We have visited many famous tourist spots abroad, such as Dubai, Australia, France, Holland, Belgium, Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Bali, etc. We continue to travel around the world!

Open and transparent office

Transparent and bright office environment, effectively promote the work efficiency of cross-team collaboration and cross-departmental communication.

Enjoyable working environment

A comfortable and homey workplace to achieve work-life balance.

Flexible working style

Diversified space, diversified discussion area, suitable for different styles of workplaces.

room of mindfulness

We listen to and respect every voice, while creating an open space for communication and interaction and stress reduction.

ONElab provides a room of mindfulness to workers to reduce stress in the workplace through the practice of mindfulness, to make communication more relaxed and comfortable, and to achieve consensus and recognition in the room.