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6F., No.310, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd.,
Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10694, Taiwan

6F., No.310, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10694, Taiwan






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Founded in 2002 and listed in 2017 (stock code 6574), MIKOBEAUTÉ International Co., Ltd. operation is centered around its culture of “Creation of Beauty, Science, and Value Mindset.” We provide the best products and services while developing skincare systems dedicated to women in the regions of Taiwan and Asia. Our vision is to become the “Top-Notch Asian Beauty and Skincare Enterprise”, taking care of every woman’s health and beauty regime.

Our brands include envie de neuf (EDN), NU+ derma, and L′HERBOFLORE, which are seen in department stores across Taiwan and at independent shops, where award-winning skincare options are on offer. MIKOBEAUTÉ is seen at NYFW, and is the winner of the Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “ARCHIMEDES.” Our brand also makes an appearance at the UK Pure Beauty Global Awards, the Beauty Bible Awards, the Beauty Shortlist Awards, and Belgium’s Monde Selection. Furthermore, we have launched a beauty clinic, “To Be Better One,” in 2022, which is an all-encompassing beauty business.

Vision and Mission

With operations covering products, sales, premium skincare, and services, we strive to satisfy our customers' beauty needs. During the past few years of the development of this grand health-business group, we have been aiming to produce a complete selection of products and services, including those which “Nurture, Maintain Health, Empower” customers and give them a glow of health and beauty, from the inside out.

Creating a Nurturing Environment for Every Talent

MIKOBEAUTÉ regards talent as the most important part of the company. Based on the core concept of the enterprise, " Creation of Beauty, Science, and Value Mindset", we plan our talent cultivation and development plans, enabling our employees to operate at their full potential, utilize their abilities in the most suitable positions. Trust and empowerment are key features of our corporate culture.We hold standards of fairness in a discrimination-free environment, adopting an ideal of equal employment opportunities, well-structured salaries, welfare packages, and workplace safety, and offer customized career development.

We are also committed to the development of employees’welfare. We care for each employee and support their work-life balance. We dedicate to create a friendly and healthy workplace, high-quality working conditions, and good internal communication. We encourage mentoring and job shadowing, increase employee happiness and improve team cohesion, to build a happy, friendly, fair and harmonious enterprise in every aspect.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusiveness

Diversity and inclusiveness form the most pivotal part of our corporate culture. We believe that to ensure prosperity, we must first ensure the diversity of manpower and fairness of its composition. Gender, race, religion, age, and disabilities are not the standards we use to measure and determine talent. Rather, it is the recruitment of the employee who best suits the job description.

Diversity and inclusiveness are the foundation of our employment strategy, to help everyone (regardless of their backgrounds), to reach their full potential, to attract diverse high-calibers and retain talents, foster an inclusive company culture, and create an environment where employees can voice their concerns freely and can develop their potentials. We believe that this will inspire our employees’creativity and productivity and make more contributions to our customers and society.

Holistic Training System

This is a beauty business in which we maintain a close relationship with customers. Every employee is the best practicer and sharer of the corporate philosophy, as well as the spokesman of Mikobeaute’s Aesthetics. We value the professionalism each member possesses, and through the division of labor and empowerment, we offer the best performance as a team, allowing us the opportunity to shine and develop. Systemic training and external courses also support employee advancement and professionalism.
  • Verify and determine the professional knowledge, skills, and specialties each department should equip its members with. Organize key training that is in line with the company’s quarterly goals.
  • Plan career development to assist each employee based on their capacity and needs.
  • To enhance workers’ performance and operation efficiency, our proper training and courses are given through a variety of learning methods along with career planning and a performance management system.

Advanced Study and Training

Both our advanced study and training are designed for frontline workers and management personnel as follows:
  • The learning focuses on counter service knowledge. The trainer will help the recruits learn basic product information and manner. After their probation period, counter salespersons will begin taking regular courses and tests for product knowledge, dermatology, and body sculpturing skills, ensuring their qualification as counter beauticians at MIKOBEAUTÉ.
  • The management team is offered a variety of relevant courses and follows Company Guidelines for External Training Programs, which grant seniority-based subsidies for managerial positions’ external learnings, enhancing professional skill sets and cultivating managerial manpower. To further equip our employees, we also engage in internal training with external trainers and senior administrative staff.

Employee Welfare

We are committed to a worker-friendly environment and a developed welfare system. Through enhanced teamwork and productivity, we help employees strike a balance between work and life in a healthy, sustainably-built workplace, maximizing on common interests of laborers and the employer.
  • Salary framework
    To nurture talents and encourage performance, our salary system is competitive and among the superior in the industry. There is also an annual adjustment for excellent performance throughout the year to keep us well ahead in this regard.
  • Bonus system
    In addition to welfare that is superior when measured against the Labor Standards Act, we have also set up different assessments and means of encouragement to acknowledge good performance.
  • Promotion system
    A well-organized promotion system helps serve as a guide and provides employees with directives to further their careers with prospects at each stage to fulfill such needs.
  • Employee care
    Besides the Labor Standards Act prescription, we have programmed additional benefits and welfare, including health checks, group insurance for employees and their families, employee travel, floor models, discounted products, birthday/marriage/childbirth/holiday bonus, and an employee assistance program, which takes care of an employee’s daily needs.
  • Balance between work and life
    To provide a happy workplace, we aim to assist employees in finding the balance between work and life. Regardless of gender, our employees are entitled to paid leave and assistance for pregnancy, childbirth, and child care.
  • Employee communication
    We conduct seven satisfaction surveys regarding job content, the organizational atmosphere, management and communication, business procedure, workplace, salary and benefits, and employee development, to better understand how we rate as an employer, and to improve our methods as the feedback suggests.

With HR Asia’s recognition and the continuous efforts of MIKOBEAUTÉ’s top teams, the organization never ceases to better its performance. Holding stricter operation standards, MIKOBEAUTÉ’s aims to improve employee living quality in the future, by nurturing talent, and building a friendly, compassionate, fair, harmonious, and happy corporation.

Sam Lu, Chairman

感謝HR Asia的肯定,感謝最出色的霈方團隊,因為有你們一路以來的努力,讓公司能夠持續進步;未來我們將以更嚴格的標準自我審視,努力改善員工生活品質,培育人才,從各方面建立一個愉快友善溫暖、公平和諧的幸福企業。

霈方國際董事長 呂慶盛

Realization of Corporate Social Responsibility

MIKOBEAUTÉ presents and runs a goodwill business, by the continuation of excellent performance, and the realization of corporate social responsibility, contributing to our community through long-time social care, fulfilling corporate citizen responsibility, improving employee and community living quality, nurturing talents, taking initiatives to support public welfare through irregular donations in support of public interest groups, and organizing charity sales and events. In a spirit of loving and sharing, everyone at MIKOBEAUTÉ is devoted to social care, making the spirit of MIKOBEAUTÉ shine.

We will continue to uphold our consistent concept and philosophy, to create a friendly and healthy workplace for our employees, enterprise, and the society. MIKOBEAUTÉ does not only produce products to make people beautiful but a company with truth and goodness and morality in every aspect of the business.

旗下品牌佈局廣泛,envie de neuf (EDN)茵蝶、NU+derma新德曼及L′HERBOFLORE蕾舒翠三大品牌涵蓋全台灣各大百貨通路及街邊門店,產品登上紐約時裝周、榮獲俄羅斯「阿基米德國際發明獎」、英國「純美獎Pure Beauty Global Awards」、英國「Beauty Bible Awards 美妝大賞」、英國「Beauty Shortlist Awards」、比利時「Monde Selection世界品質評鑑大賞」等國際大獎肯定;2022年推出全新醫美品牌「美力時尚診所」,持續布局全方位美力事業。



以人為本 適才適所


同時,我們盡最大努力於員工福利與發展上,友善關懷員工並照顧員工的身心健康,營造優質工作環境,提供優質的勞動條件、溝通管道、員工協助與發展優質企業文化 ,提升員工幸福感,凝聚員工的向心力,從各方面建立一個愉快友善溫暖、公平和諧的幸福企業。





  • 界定各部門人員所需的專業知識、技能及特定專長,每季因應組織目標而產生的重點培訓專案。
  • 針對個別員工的能力狀況及發展需求提供職涯發展協助。
  • 完善的教育訓練課程與多元學習管道、職涯規劃與績效管理制度,提升同仁績效水準與公司營運效能。


  • 著重專櫃人員的專業知識,設有培訓部專業講師,於新進專櫃人員給予基礎產品知識及禮儀相 關課程;通過試用期之專櫃人員,則定期回訓各項產品知識、皮膚學、美體手技等美容課程及測驗美容專業知識,以充份達到公司對於專櫃美容師專業能力之規範。
  • 針對管理人才,提供不同管理課程及設置有外訓管理辦法,針對不同年資的員工給予外訓課程補助,以提供本公司員工專業技能及管理人才培育;此外,定期委託外訓講師及內部資深行政人員對管理人員進行內訓,以達到員工能力的再提升。


  • 薪資制度
  • 獎酬制度
  • 完整升遷制度
  • 員工關懷
  • 工作與生活平衡
  • 員工溝通