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9F-1, No.2, Sec.3, MinSheng E. Road,
ZhongShan Dist., Taipei 104

9F-1, No.2, Sec.3, MinSheng E. Road, ZhongShan Dist., Taipei 104




At Edwards Lifesciences, we are
dedicated to providing innovative
solutions for people fighting
cardiovascular disease. Help
patients is our life’s work, and
life is now!


At Edwards Lifesciences, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for people
fighting cardiovascular disease. Help patients is our life’s work, and life is now!


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Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease, as well as critical care and surgical monitoring. Driven by a passion to help patients, the company collaborates with the world’s leading clinicians and researchers to address unmet healthcare needs, working to improve patient outcomes and enhance lives.

When Edwards was established in 2000, we formed the company around a Credo and Aspirations to define our culture and guide our actions. We defined who we are, what we do and how we serve others: patients, employees, customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders.

We have always operated in a multi-stakeholder model because it is fundamental to our ability to grow the value of Edwards over the long term. Sustaining the long-term growth and value creation of our company requires us to integrate sustainability practices into every corner of Edwards. We are not singular in emphasis, for example, solely thinking about the environment, particular social issues or governance; rather, we align our global company with our strategy and processes to pursue this vision.

Edwards Lifesciences' expertise in cardiovascular technology is focus on under-served patients. The company focuses on treating critical conditions and diseases such as aortic stenosis, an unrecognized and undertreated, yet deadly, noncom­municable disease. In Asia, as few as around 2-3% of patients receive lasting treatment in the form of a heart valve replacement. Around 50% of patients who are diagnosed with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis will pass away within two years if they don't receive treatment. That's why we put our effort into this narrow space and hire really bright engineers and clinically minded professionals to work with doctors and medical staff.

At Edwards, we look forwarding to hire people who identify with the mission of the company and want to make a change, and they are excited about helping patients beyond just getting a paycheck. We don't only talk about patients - we also ensure that our employees, regardless of their position, get the chance to meet patients and hear their stories. We've found that many people here identify with our patient-first culture, and some of them are taking on regional roles in the APAC region.

Winning this award reinforces our belief that our Taiwan employees identify with our mission to serve patients. But we cannot stop here. Edwards Lifesciences is growing and evolving quickly. Our future will focus on maintaining a workplace that leverages a diverse and talented workforce. We know diverse teams come to better solutions. But as leaders how are we creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing their ideas? It is our job to set the tone at the top.

Erik Ramp, General Manager

贏得這個獎項強化了我們的信念,代表我們的台灣員工認同我們為患者服務的使命,但我們也不會止步於此。 台灣愛德華生命科學正在迅速地發展和茁壯,我們將持續專注於打造一個能夠利用多元化和才華洋溢的員工隊伍的工作環境,因為我們知道團隊的多元性能使我們找到更好的解決方案。 但作為領導者,我們如何創造一個讓每個人都樂於貢獻自己想法的環境?以身作則是我們的共識。

Edwards Lifesciences’ diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives uplift our employees and customers, while supporting our aspiration of fostering an inclusive culture where all employees grow and thrive.

We implemented various programs to support employees’ needs including Network of Women, Working Parents, Employee Assistant Program, Total Well-being, Preventing Unconscious Bias, etc. In addition, our commitment to employees a fair and equitable pay through career framework is integral to achieving our goal of being a preferred employer.

自愛德華2000 年進入臺灣市场時起,我們就秉持着企業信條和願景成立了愛德華臺灣公司,以定義我們的企業文化並指導我們的行動。 我們定義了我們是誰、我們做什麼以及我們如何為他人服務:患者、員工、客戶、供應商、社區和股東。

我們一直秉持面向患者、員工、客戶、供應商、社區和股東等各方利益相關者的經營模式,因為這是我們長期提升愛德華價值能力的基礎。 維持愛德華臺灣公司的長期增長和價值創造需要我們將可持續發展實踐融入到企業的方方面面。 我們強調的不是單一的,例如,只考慮環境、特定的社會問題或治理; 相反,我們與愛德華總部與我們的戰略和流程保持一致,以實現這一願景。

在心血管醫療科技領域,愛德華生命科學(Edwards Lifesciences)公司秉持專業,關注幫助病患。我們專精於治療重症及主動脈瓣膜狹窄(因不易察覺而有效治療不足、可能致命的非傳染性疾病)等病症。在亞洲,僅2%至3%的病人會接受心臟瓣膜置換手術,獲得長期療效。嚴重主動脈瓣膜狹窄的病患,若不治療,約有50%會在兩年內過世,這是為何我們義無反顧投入這個專門領域,聘僱優異的工程師、熟悉臨床的專才,與醫師、醫療團隊密切合作。


Edwards Lifesciences 的多元化、包容性和歸屬感舉措提升了我們的員工和客戶,同時支持我們培養包容性文化的願望,讓所有員工都能成長和茁壯成長。

我們實施了各種計劃來支持員工的需求,包括女性網絡、在職父母、員工協助計劃、全方位健康意識、防止無意識偏見等。 此外,我們通過職業框架向員工承諾公平公正的薪酬,這對於實現我們成為最佳雇主的目標是不可或缺的。