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2F.-A1, No. 106, Sec. 5,
Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist.,
Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

2F.-A1, No. 106, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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The solutions and services provided by Edenred have connected 50 million users, 850,000 corporate clients, and 2 million partners in 46 countries worldwide. Edenred lives by our pioneering Entrepreneurial Spirit and our Imagination has driven our long history of innovative service and propelled us into the future. Living in this rapidly changing IT world, our thinking of customized service enables Edenred to continuously provide the next generation of secured transactions and innovations, further bringing Simplicity experience and efficiency.

Today, Edenred has 10,000 employees, and their Passion for Customers perfectly represents the Edenred spirit. We build the bridge to connect networks and deliver valuable solutions with courage, determination, and a Respect mindset.

Together, We Make the Dream Team.

The well-being of employees is the foundation of Edenred Taiwan. We value employees as they are essential in fostering innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction. Moreover, we strive to build a dream team. Hence, we set forward our HR strategies based on three major aspects: care, motivate, and develop.

Edenred believes that if the company takes care of the employees, they will take care of our customers. Edenred Taiwan prioritizes our employees' and families' health and safety and adopts agile management during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that the company policies would impact employees' working conditions and family carings during such timing. Edenred Taiwan promptly responded and launched the remote working plan to minimize the infection risk. Also, we added new measures such as paid family care and vaccine leaves, and provided Edenred E-vouchers for online purchases to support the lockdown/WFH period. Our goal is to lead employees through difficult times.

Employee welfare and compensation is another important aspect to our HR Strategy. Edenred Taiwan has a well-designed performance appraisal system to ensure employees are motivated and well compensated for their contributions. Successful career development is also at the heart of every employee - we run annual talent reviews and provide mentoring/coaching systems to guide our people towards their aspired career destination. Edenred is not only about the high-quality work and professional development, but creating a meaningful work accompanied by abundance of fun is of equal importance - our colleague enjoys various innovative and vigorous company events, such as Design thinking- Innovation challenge, teambuilding events, and CSR Sports challenge events.

Edenred Taiwan also strives for a culture of growth and learning. We constantly communicate with our employees to align with a unified vision and common goal. This practice keeps our team motivated and empowered to work toward the same goal. Moreover, we value vertical and horizontal career development and hence highly encourage internal job rotation and annual promotion evaluation. We assure that all Edenred employees have the necessary resources and opportunities if they wish to expand their expertise. For example, we offer our digital learning, speaker events, and training support funds, ensuring employees have the tools to develop themselves.

Healthy company governance and DEI culture are the keys to building a dream team and keeping us competitive in the market.

Enrich Connections for Good
At Edenred, we believe diversity, equity, and inclusion can mean more - it is also the ability to think creatively and differently. We believe that by combining various life experiences, backgrounds, and ideas, we can construct space for creativity in the heart and spirit of Edenred. To achieve this goal, Edenred Taiwan has built a solid HR governance structure to seek out high-caliber candidates who is able to contribute to contribute to business excellence. Moreover, we value employees' voices through regular employee engagement survey – "EdenVoice." Through EdenVoice, employees' ideas become actions, which make Edenred a forever evolving organization.

Our goal does not end here. Edenred's mission is to make the world of work a better world for all. This commitment has enabled the group to identify the core elements of the corporate social responsibility policy:
  • Idealpeople (to improve the lives of individuals)
  • Idealplanet (to preserve the planet)
  • Idealprogress (create value responsibly)
These core elements guide us to perform business ethically, treat our employees with respect, and value their development. These core elements help us to be better citizens of the world and try to lower carbon emissions through business processes and our daily lives. These core elements lead us to strengthen internal governance and ensure that all our customer's information is handled with standardized safety measures.

At Edenred, our organization and business can only flourish when our works add values to our employees, our customers, our society and our environment. It is with this mindset that we set forward our business and talent strategies to make the world of work a better world for all.

2022 is the 10th anniversary of Edenred Taiwan. Over the years, we have achieved amazing business success, and this Best Companies to Work For in Asia is truly a great recognition and remarkable milestone for the incredible dream team that we have forged together. I am very grateful to everyone of Edenred Taiwan who has joined with me for this great journey. Thank you for your commitments, passions, and dedications. This honor belongs to all of you!

John Wu, Managing Director

2022年是正好是Edenred Taiwan成立10週年。這些年來,我們的業務成長茁越,因此對於我們共同打造的最佳夢幻團隊來說,榮獲亞洲最佳企業雇主獎確實是一項重要認可與非凡的里程碑,我非常感謝 Edenred Taiwan 的每一位員工,與我一起踏上這段偉大旅程,感謝您的承諾、熱情和奉獻。這個獎項的榮譽是屬於大家的!

吳宗翰, 台灣總經理


Edenred提供多元解決方案與服務,串連全球46個國家、5000萬用戶、850,000家企業與200萬家品牌夥伴。 Edenred以進取的創業精神及想像力趨動創新服務的悠久歷史,並推動我們走向未來。生活在這個瞬息萬變的IT世界中,我們對客製化服務的思維讓Edenred能持續提供新世代安全交易與創新,並進一步帶來純粹簡潔的體驗及效率。



員工的福祉是Edenred Taiwan的根本。我們相信員工在促進創新、增長與客戶滿意度上扮演至關重要的角色。因而,我們極其努力打造出夢幻團隊,同時,我們進一步從關心、激勵和發展三個主要方向規劃出人力資源策略。

Edenred相信,若公司能照顧好員工,員工自然會照顧好客戶。Edenred Taiwan在 COVID-19期間導入敏捷管理,並優先考慮員工與其家庭的健康和安全。我們了解公司政策在此期間會影響員工的工作情況及家庭照護,因此,Edenred Taiwan及時響應,啟動遠程辦公計劃,將染疫風險降至最低。此外,並增加了帶薪家庭照護和疫苗假等新措施,並提供Edenred電子票券以協助封城、WFH期間的線上採購。我們的目標是協助員工度過困難的時期。

員工福利與薪酬是我們人力資源策略中另一個重要面向。Edenred Taiwan擁有妥善設計的績效評估系統,以確保員工能受到激勵並得到貢獻後的報償。成功的職涯發展也是每位員工的核心—我們每年進行人才評估並提供指導及輔導系統,以引導我們的員工往他們渴望的職涯目標邁進。Edenred不僅僅是高品質的工作與專業發展,創造一個有意義的工作並伴隨著豐富的樂趣同樣重要—我們的同事喜愛各式創新與充滿活力的公司活動,如設計思維-創新挑戰、團隊向心力活動、與CSR體能挑戰賽。

Edenred Taiwan也致力於營造成長與學習文化。我們持續與員工溝通,以實現一致的願景和共同目標。這種作法使我們的團隊保持積極並能朝著相同的目標努力。此外,我們重視縱向和橫向的職涯發展,因此非常鼓勵內部工作轉職和年度晉升評估。我們可以向所有Edenred員工確保,當他們期望擴展專業知識,他們將會擁有必要的資源和機會。例如,我們提供數位學習、演講活動和培訓補助,讓員工擁有自我發展的工具。


在 Edenred,我們相信多、公平和包容性可能意味著更多—這同時代表有能力思考得極具創意或與眾不同。我們相信,通過匯集各式不同的生活經歷、背景與想法,在 Edenred 的中心與靈魂建構出獨創空間。為實現這一目標,Edenred Taiwan建立了豐厚的人力資源治理結構,以尋找能夠為卓越業務做出貢獻的高素質人才。此外,我們通過定期的員工敬業度調查—“EdenVoice”重視員工的心聲。藉由EdenVoice,員工的想法將可轉換為行動,趨動Edenred成為一個持續發展的組織。

  • Idealpeople(改善生活質量)
  • Idealplanet(保護環境)
  • Idealprogress(負責任地創造價值)
這些核心要素帶領我們以更合乎道德的方式開展業務、尊重員工並重視他們的發展。 同時幫助我們成為更好的世界公民,並藉由業務流程與日常生活來降低碳排排放。這些核心要素促使我們加強內部治理,並確保我們所有客戶的資訊都能以標準化的安全機制進行處理。