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7F., No. 111-32, Sec. 4, Sanhe Rd.,
Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City,

7F., No. 111-32, Sec. 4, Sanhe Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan


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玉山人成為世界一等的公民 玉山成為世界一等的企業公民

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Redefine IT with Cloud

eCloudvalley Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a born-in-the-cloud partner and has grown to 600+ talents with geographic footprints across the APAC region, in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, and the United States.

We started AWS business at the beginning of 2014 and obtained the status of AWS Managed Service Partner in 2016. Moreover, in 2017, eCloudvalley became the very first AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and obtained the status of AWS Authorized Training Partner. Then, we also passed several professional competencies, proving that our cloud solutions are effective and reliable.

eCloudvalley has committed to digitalizing with the cloud since the first day of business. We acquired certifications of ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, providing services that meet customer needs with high-quality operational quality. eCloudvalley evolves our technology skills and keeps providing intelligent, automated managed services for our customers. In 2022, eCloudvalley was selected by the research firm Gartner as an index MSP vendor in the Asia-Pacific region and ranked in the top 20 of the top 250 global public cloud MSPs for three consecutive years (2019-2021) by the well-known technology research firm ChannelE2E.

Talent our Pride

As a company that values diversity, equality, and inclusion, gender has never been a consideration in our selection of talents. eCloudvalley focuses on each person's personality, professional ability, and interaction with the team. This also results in a higher ratio of female talents than in other technology companies. The ratio of male to female talents in eCloudvalley is nearly 1:1, and the ratio of male to female supervisors is 66:34. To continue to create a self-directed learning culture for talents and create a self-directed learning environment, eCloudvalley holds reading and sharing sessions regularly. Our talents study new services of AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP on their own, and take turns giving presentations to share and learn professional information with each other. Senior managers also set an example by sharing industry trends and the latest technological information with talents from time to time. In this self-directed learning environment. as of June 2022, our talents had obtained a total of more than 1000+ certificates. In addition to AWS-related certifications, our talents have passed a wide variety of certifications, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce. Moreover, as the company continues to expand overseas, we provide young people with opportunities for unleashing their potential on the international stage.

Empower talents to self-fulfillment

Talents are the pride of eCloudvalley. In eCloudvalley, we often encourage each other " There are only things that can't be imagined. There is nothing that can't be made." We encourage talents to dream boldly and try hard, and eCloudvalley will provide the stage, resources, and care. We encourage talents to show their talents to the fullest and conduct performance appraisals twice a year. According to the interests and majors of talents, suitable talents are provided with rotation opportunities to explore themselves and realize themselves.

The internal culture of eCloudvalley adheres to the spirit of "Day 1". Innovation and enthusiasm are at our core. Therefore, eCloudvalley has internally launched "Hero Programs", which provides resources and opportunities through a two-stage systematic learning path planning, allowing talents to turn their ideas into commercial products and make an impact on the market.

The "Hero Program" cultivates the cloud technology heroes with two strategies: The first is the internal innovation competition: Multinational and cross-departmental teams are encouraged to work together to solve a pain point in the market. The competition is open to all talents, regardless of technical background or country. Technical and non-technical talents form teams according to their areas of interest, combining technology brains and the market instinct to stimulate creativity. During the competition, monthly meet-ups with internal and external experts give the teams an opportunity to learn from industry gurus.

The second is to speed up the training of cloud KOLs. To cultivate "cloud technology KOLs, eCloudvalley provides all the necessary support and encourages talents to publish technical articles, " in various industries. Also, being a KOL in the cloud industry will be considered in the internal promotion.

Becoming a Talent Magnet is eCloudvalley’s long-standing goal. Thus, being recognized as The Best Company to Work for in Asia is a milestone for us. As the number of talents continues growing, recognition from HR Asia is not only an honor but also the momentum to propel our talent development. In the future, eCloudvalley will keep your promise to provide a fair and diversified environment for our talents. Talents are our pride.

MP Tsai, CEO

吸引人才加入一直是伊雲谷的目標,獲得「亞洲最佳雇主」的殊榮,是伊雲谷投入人才培養的里程碑,隨著伊雲谷的人才數持續增加,HR Asia的認可不僅是榮耀,也是推進我們持續投入人才培育的動力。未來,伊雲谷堅守承諾,提供公平且多元的職場環境守護人才,永遠,人才是我們的驕傲。

蔡佳宏, 執行長, 伊雲谷

We Care our Talents

Talents are the biggest asset of eCloudvalley. We cherish and nurture talents. Talent benefits include professional license counseling, free lunches, free bar coffee, snacks, drinks beer, group travel, dinner parties, labor and health insurance, free group insurance, etc., We also establish a "Talent Welfare Committee", which is responsible for welfare activities, such as club activities, singing competitions, and sports activities. eCloudvalley creates a comfortable office environment for talents. Each person is equipped with a laptop. Bar tables, sofas or mobile office work are all our workplaces. We encourage talents to move around and communicate with colleagues to foster flexible and creative thinking. A variety of leisure activity facilities are also available in the office, such as pool tables, darts, freezers, etc., which are interactive spaces for friendly exchanges between talents.

In addition, a rich life after work is highly valued, eCloudvalley provides financial subsidies for club activities and encourages talents to take the initiative to establish clubs. So far, we have yoga clubs, boxing clubs, road running clubs, badminton clubs, billiard clubs, skateboard clubs, and oil painting clubs.

The annual group travel and irregular team building activities have traveled all over Taiwan and overseas countries, such as the Philippines, Japan, etc. Playing together is our secret to deepening mutual knowledge and understanding and creating a powerful team.


伊雲谷創立於 2013 年,以雲端原生起家,致力培養雲端服務領域的專業人才,伊雲谷秉持「誠信、專職、專心、專業」的精神,專注解決客戶上雲評估、搬遷、顧問諮詢、規劃遷移、託管、技術支援、最佳化等基礎建設服務,並針對企業不同應用面與服務,提供包含 ERP 企業核心系統雲端化、CRM 雲端服務系統,AI 人工智慧與資料數據分析等解決方案,以及 OT 營運科技與資安、永續減碳等一站式多元解決方案,奠定營運穩健發展基礎。從台灣出發,伊雲谷至今已擴展至香港、新加坡、菲律賓、馬來西亞、印尼、泰國、越南等地,短短 10 年內,全球人才數已超過 600 人,海外藉由聘任當地人才加上全英語系溝通,建立「最接地氣」的跨國際溝通管道。伊雲谷的專業服務頗受國際肯定,2022 年同時獲得研調機構 Gartner 評選為亞太區指標性 MSP 廠商,以及知名科技調查機構 ChannelE2E 連續三年(2019-2021)全球公有雲 MSP 250強前 20 名。此外,為持續優化服務品質、鞏固雲端技術能量與顧問專業的領導地位。伊雲谷設立雲端教育訓練團隊 eCloudture,專注推廣雲端技術,結合理論與產業經驗提供客製化課程。

Talent our Pride 性別年齡不設限

作為一間重視多元、平等與包容的公司,性別從未是伊雲谷選才的考量。人格特質、專業能力、與團隊的互動表現才是伊雲谷關注的焦點,造就伊雲谷較其他科技公司更高的女性人才比,男女比近 1:1,主管職男女比為 66:34。在伊雲谷,半數人才低於 30 歲,互助的工作氛圍濃厚,伊雲谷為持續塑造自主學習的文化,並打造自主學習的環境,固定舉辦讀書分享會,人才之間可互相分享與學習專業資訊,研究 AWS、Microsoft、Oracle 及 SAP 新服務,輪流進行專題報告。而高階主管們則扮演導師的角色,不時與年輕人才分享市場資訊脈動與產業經驗。在自主學習的氛圍之下,公司人才的專業證照數已累計超過 1000 張,此外,由於公司不斷往海外布局,也提供了年輕人在國際舞台上發光發熱的機會。


人才是伊雲谷的驕傲,在伊雲谷,我們常互相鼓勵「沒有做不到,只有想不到」,我們鼓勵人才大膽做夢,勇於嘗試,而伊雲谷將一直扮演人才的後盾,提供舞台、資源、照顧。伊雲谷鼓勵人才盡情展現自我才能,每年辦理兩次績效考核,依照人才的興趣及專業,適才適所提供輪調機會,鼓勵人才探索自我,自我實現。 伊雲谷內部文化秉持「Day 1」精神心法,鼓勵創新,讓人才在工作中找到發揮潛能的熱情。為此,伊雲谷設計了一套「Hero Program 眾神計畫」,透過兩階段系統化的學習路徑規劃,提供資源和機會,讓人才將想法落地成為商品化產品,發揮市場影響力。

「Hero Program 眾神計畫」以二大攻略培養出雲端科技眾神:

第一為內部創新競賽:內部廣發英雄帖,跨國跨部門組隊,緊抓市場議題,力求技術能力和市場需求結合,技術及非技術人才依興趣組隊,科技腦結合市場腦,激盪創意下讓技術滿足市場需求,發揮最大影響力。而競賽開放海內外人才一同參與,邀請馬來西亞、菲律賓、香港等地的團隊跨海加入,競賽團隊中,達一比一的海內外人才佔比,徹底達到跨文化交流,激發更多想像的可能,而在競賽過程中,每月邀請內部及外部專家 Meet up,讓組員可以站在巨人的肩膀上,看得更遠,想得更廣。

第二為加速闖關培養雲端 KOL,伊雲谷鎖定內部優秀人才,鼓勵人才撰寫技術文章,公開發表產業見解,成為各產業的「雲端技術 KOL」,人才投入的成果,也會納入升遷的加分項,除了提供工作的成就感,實質的薪酬獎賞也不怠慢,感受到公司養才惜才的重視。




而每年辦理的團體旅遊及不定期的 Team Building活動,足跡已踏遍台灣各地及海外各國,如:菲律賓、日本等,透過玩樂共創美好回憶,鼓勵人才認識工作夥伴的不同於辦公的另一面,加深彼此的認識與了解。