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No.117, Sec.3, Minsheng E.Rd.,
Songshan Dist, Taipei City 105-46,

No.117, Sec.3, Minsheng E.Rd., Songshan Dist, Taipei City 105-46, Taiwan




a Benchmark for the Financial
and Service Industry to be an
Excellent Corporate Citizen of
the World to Become a
World-class Outstanding Enterprise

金融業的模範生 服務業的標竿

a Benchmark for the Financial and Service Industry to be an Excellent Corporate
Citizen of the World to Become a World-class Outstanding Enterprise

金融業的模範生 服務業的標竿

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In 1992, named after the highest mountain in Taiwan, E.SUN Bank was established with a commitment to "become the best bank". We navigate with profession to build a bank for banker working on a strong mandate to be Taiwan's best-performing and the most respected bank. E.SUN's international strategy aims to make quick expansion in Asia by striving its home market and reach out for Asian expansion to build a regional banking platform featuring its cross-border solution. E.SUN currently operates 30 sites in 10 countries and regions, including Greater China, ASEAN and other major financial centers in Asia.

a Benchmark for the Financial and Service Industry
To raise standards for the financial and service industries in Taiwan through its professional management, superior service, outstanding quality, prudent corporate governance, excellent risk management, and unceasing dedication to its corporate social responsibilities.

To be a World-Class Corporate Citizen
E.SUN believes that "An act of love can inspire others to love." At E.SUN, we strive to become citizens of the world. We not only focus on business management, but also participate in environmental protection, social welfare, financial innovation, and the promotion of art and culture. We are convinced that only by fulfilling our social responsibilities can we truly be excellent corporate citizens.

To become a World corporate rooted in Taiwan
E.SUN is dedicated to developing its business and creating a comprehensive financial services platform in Taiwan and Asia. E.SUN’s goal is to become a regional bank in Asia that distinguishes itself through excellence.

Talents for the Future
Embracing the trends of FinTech development and industry digital transformation, E.SUN Bank has invariably been committed to FinTech innovation and continues to collaborate with academic institutions in recent years to host competitions, providing learning opportunities, investing resources to foster talented technologists, and increasing real-life experiences of Taiwanese financial specialists in big data, artificial intelligence, and digital banking applications. E.SUN see talent as the most valuable asset so that we offer the complete talent development system. To ensure that the talents we foster meet the requirements of corporate development, the training system comprises three focuses: orientation, finance expertise, and leadership management skills.

Talent is the leading, key indicator of competitiveness at corporate and national levels. Talent Development is the key foundation for business sustainability. E.SUN adopts a complete talent development system that creates diverse range of learning opportunities for E.SUN employees to expand the scope of their career development. With respect to talent development, E.SUN employs a 360 multidimensional assessment framework and suitability assessment to determine gaps in core, managerial, and professional competencies in order to provide and assist with arranging training courses. In addition, E.SUN integrates the 3E development approach with a diversity of online and offline learning resources and helps employees to develop a second expertise through internal recruitments and interdepartmental work shifts.

Diversity and equality policies
E.SUN's talent recruitment policies are based on equal human rights as well as candidates' capabilities and suitability. To promote diversity in employee composition, the Bank does not discriminate potential candidates against gender, race, age, political affiliation, marital status, and familiar conditions. In addition to Taiwan, we employ employees from 10 different countries to work for E.SUN FHC. To extend its global presence, E.SUN actively fosters talents in ASEAN regions. Industry–academia cooperation with ASEAN universities provides top-performing students with early exposure to the financial industry or opportunities to study in Taiwan, as well as financial advice and support. With the help of its overseas branches and subsidiaries, E.SUN Bank entered a cooperative agreement with local colleges and universities to provide internship, scholarship, and student exchange programs and leverage Taiwan's industry–academia resources in Southeast Asia.

Welfare and Employee Care
E.SUN takes care of its employees. With the goal of making E.SUN the second home for employees, we provide complete protection in every stage of their life. We provide a series of safety and health and welfare measures to ensure work–life balance for female employees and fulfill the physical and mental health and various needs of pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding and childrearing women. To encourage employees to cultivate next-generation talents, E.SUN establishes the E.SUN Baby Development Fund, which offers a reward of NT$100,000 for each new born baby of E.SUN employee.

To encourage early retirement planning, E.SUN has established the employee savings association stock trust. Employees who have passed probation are free to join the association and make monthly contributions. The Company contributes incentive bonuses three times each year to help employees to make the perfect retirement plan.

E.SUN communicates business strategies with employees through a company-wide conferences and conduct engagement survey afterward to measure employees' satisfaction, engagement and listen to employees’ voices. By doing this we are able to assess how current benefit policy works and take action plan for improvement accordingly. The latest results showed that the percentage of satisfaction raised with regard to job rotation, career development, performance evaluation, feedback mechanism and work-family balance. It is notable that current cultivation training program and employee assistance plan are rated with the highest score among all. More than 90% of our employees expressed that they feel enthusiastic about their work, willing to work harder and share their growth with their family and friends because they feel accomplished at work that make their family proud. It’s also worth mentioning that E.SUN keeps the highest retention rate among all private banks, indicating that our employees are highly engaged with the company and shows overwhelming recognition and trust with E.SUN.


金融業的模範生 服務業的標竿
專業的經營、優質的服務、傑出的品質、良好的公司治理、先進的風險管理及用心的企業社會責 任,共同提升台灣的金融業與服務業。

玉山人成為世界一等的公民 玉山成為世界一等的企業公民

台灣的玉山 世界的玉山



玉山人才甄選政策以人權平等為基礎,依據候選人之能力及適任性,不因性別、種族、年齡、政治傾向、婚姻與家庭狀況等而有差別待遇,以促進員工組成更多元化。除了台灣本身之外,共計10種國籍同仁在玉山金控服務。 因應海外布局,玉山積極深耕東協地區人才培育,透過與東南亞學校產學合作,讓當地優秀學子提早接觸金融業、或前來台灣學習,並提供金融專業指導及資源贊助,與在地院校簽定合作協議,提供實習、獎助學金及參訪等完整交流計畫,將台灣產學資源槓桿至東南亞。