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No. 3, LiHsin 1st Rd.,
Hsinchu Science Park,
Hsinchu 300 Taiwan R.O.C.

No. 3, LiHsin 1st Rd., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu 300 Taiwan R.O.C.




We are proud of the brands and
the enjoyment they give. We are
passionate about the role alcohol
plays in bringing people together,
to celebrate life every day, everywhere.

We are proud of the brands and the enjoyment they give. We are passionate about the
role alcohol plays in bringing people together, to celebrate life every day, everywhere.

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E Ink is the leading global development and supplier of ePaper technology. The technology has been extensively applied for decades in everyday applications such as eReaders, eNotebooks, electronic shelf labels (ESL), dual-screen smartphones or back covers, wearable devices, logistics tags, smart cards, and digital signage. It has even been used to create dynamic art installations, building designs, as well as surfaces and environments that people have never even dreamed of before. We hope that energy-saving ePaper with a paper-like texture can be used to realize all the creativity in every field and industry. These will then lead to more innovative applications that make ePaper the media that connects us with everyday objects.

CH1《共創Co-Create》Innovative Workplace & Smart Office

  • Encourage Innovation
    "Encourage when you succeed, and do not punish when you fail." In order to let E Ink's cultural DNA “Innovation” penetrate into the hearts of every employee, in our annual performance appraisal, in addition to writing successful cases, we also write about failures to evaluate how far the employee can cross the safety field. Let employees realize that he has the flexibility to innovate, and will not be punished even if he fails. Hoping everyone has a “ Dare to Try ” attitude.
  • Online Annual Party
    In the beginning of this year, epidemic situation is severe. When most other companies canceled the annual party, we still insist on holding the online party under the prevention measures just for sharing the harvest year with our colleagues in the cloud.
    30th anniversary video: review the history of E Ink and each milestones created by each colleague in the past 30 years.
    Employee Seniority Award: Thanks to the senior employees for leading the newcomers to participate in the company's thriving process.
    Internal host audition: This year, a special innovation was held for the selection of internal hosts, allowing our own colleagues to stand on the stage.

  • Optimizing system processes to improve office efficiency
    Continuously optimize and develop systems to improve the efficiency and accuracy of colleagues' work processes, reduce heavy work, or time-consuming and laborious manual operations, mostly to let employees spend more time on meaningful things . For example, the system integration of multiple cost accounting terminals has been developed, so that the preparation and sharing of monthly financial statements of cost units can be automated and systematic, reducing labor costs and human errors as well.
  • Employee satisfaction survey
    2021 E Ink initiated a comprehensive employee satisfaction survey in the very first time. It conducted an online questionnaire survey on six aspects: work content and environment, team operation, leadership management, development and promotion, welfare programs, and organizational identity.
    The overall average score was 3.69/5.
    The “ welfare program ” has the highest score of 3.99/5.

CH2《共好Co-Benefit》Welfare Bonus

  • Covid-19 Vaccine Paid Leave
    In order to encourage employees to get vaccinated to improve their protection, each dose of vaccine is given 2 days of vaccine paid leave , which can be used within 180 days from the date of vaccination. Before returning to the company from WFH, we also provided rapid testing, with strict epidemic prevention measures ensure that employees can work in a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Online club activities non-stop
    Even in WFH, club activities still not stop learning. We had launched a series of online club courses on Line@, including home exercise, handcraft teaching, reading list sharing, parenting lectures, etc., to encourage employees to maintain healthy living habits at home.
  • Welfare package project
    E Ink provided welfare packages for employees to freely choose a good helper for epidemic prevention during WFH, including masks necessities, streaming video platform services, cooking ingredients, and travel meal coupons.
  • Chinese New Year Gift basket
    In order to thank all employees for their hard work and family support this year, we especially prepared fresh ingredients as Chinese New Year gift basket for employees and their families by home delivery, so that they don’t need to go out to do the New Year shopping at the most tense moment of the epidemic.

  • Employee shares incentive plan
    E Ink’s consolidated revenue has hit a nine-year high, operating profit has grown steadily year by year, and operating profit has continued to grow, hitting a new high in the past 10 years. Relatively, the average employee benefit has increased and grown year by year , except for the implementation of employee treasury shares and employee stock option certificates in recent years. In addition to subscription, E Ink is also planning other shares incentive tools to allow employees to become shareholders and grow together with the company.


CH3《共榮Co-Prosperity》Global stage for employee

  • Teamwork Shining Star program
    New created a cross-departmental positive feedback implementation in the performance appraisal in 2021. Each director-level supervisor has 3 stars to reward employees from non-subordinate organizational units for encouraging teamwork culture spirit. So that employees in cross-departmental cooperation have more opportunities to be seen.
    A total of 83 award-winning shining stars were released in the performance results. The chairman specially treated warm afternoon tea, reflecting the company's high praise for teamwork.
  • Internal referral program
    In response to market demand, E Ink has added production lines and expanded manpower needs. In order to encourage employees to recommend outstanding talents, the recommenders can get a referral bonus if they report successfully. Let everyone actively participate in the company's growth to gather centripetal force.
    In 2021, about 1 in 10 new employees who successfully on-board through internal referrals. Through peer support, the stability of personnel has also been improved and a harmonious team atmosphere has been created.
  • Accountability program 當責不讓,誓不掉棒。硬客精神Always-On!
    In order to continuously cultivate outstanding talents who can stand on the global stage and take on leadership roles, we dedicate to establish the spirit of accountability among employees.
    We released the cultural e-newsletter of “One Minute Talking about Accountability” to let everyone learn the meaning of accountability, and hold the "New Poetry of Accountability” essay competition to implement the concept of accountability in work and life in a fun way.

  • Create a global development stage
    As a multinational company, global cross-cultural cooperation skill is important to each Inker. We has launched a series of courses of cross-cultural communication , and conducted annual selection of excellent global teams. In 2021, a total of 24 teams will sign up for the competition, of which more than half are multinational teams.
    Besides, E Ink Global University has launched an essay competition, recommending teams to use GlobeSmart analysis tool and sharing the communication characteristics among team members.
  • Dual Ladder
    E Ink provides a career development plan that allows upward mobility for employees without requiring that they be placed into supervisory or managerial positions. Some employees have no desire or aptitude for management, so the dual career path provides upward alternatives. It is a positive scheme for us to attract, retain and develop these key career ladder employees .
  • Sustainable Development of Talent Pipeline
    A continuously growing company as it is, E Ink seeks ways to ensure sufficient and effective leadership assets. In order to develop future leaders, retain high potential employees, and strength the bench for succession planning , we design and launch Potential Leader Development Program in Taiwan, which will be rolled out to cross sites in near future. Currently over 30 high potential trainees participate in the program.
E Ink元太科技為全球電子紙顯示技術(ePaper)的領導開發商與供應商。數十年來廣泛應用至生活周遭,如電子書閱讀器、手寫電子筆記本、電子貨架標籤、雙螢幕手機或背蓋、穿戴式裝置、物流標籤、智慧卡、電子看板、甚至能打造動態的裝置藝術、建築設計,以及更多人們從未想像過的表面與環境。我們期待將節能、類紙質感的電子紙能具體實現各行業、各領域源源不絕的創意,進而延伸出各種創新應用,讓電子紙成為我們生活中物物相連的媒介。

CH1《共創》創新職場 智慧辦公

  • 勇於創新 不怕失敗
    「成功的時候多鼓勵,可容許的失敗不責罰。」E Ink為了讓勇於創新的文化DNA深入每位員工心中,我們在年度績效評比裡,除了寫成功案例,也要寫失敗經驗,透過失敗過程看員工能夠跨出安全領域多遠。讓員工意識到他有創新的彈性空間,就算失敗也不會遭受懲罰,希望每個人都有Dare to Try的態度。
  • 突破逆境 線上旺年會

  • 優化系統流程 提升辦公效率
  • 員工滿意度調查 精進辦公環境
    去年E Ink首創進行全面性的員工滿意度調查,針對工作內容與環境、團隊運作、領導管理、發展升遷、福利項目、組織認同六大構面進行線上問卷調查,總平均評分為3.69/5,其中「福利項目」分數最高3.99/5;另外我們也精進需改善處,例如改善產線直接人員休息室環境、照顧自行準備餐點的同仁增設微波爐數量、體貼機車族增設雨衣雨傘架區。

CH2《共好》防疫關懷 福利多多

  • 疫苗接種假 關注同仁健康保護力
  • 防疫包專案
  • 年菜禮盒專案

  • 活力社團停課不停學
  • 員工股票激勵計畫
    E Ink去年合併營收創下九年來新高,營運獲利逐年穩健發展,營業利益持續成長,創下近10年新高點,平均員工福利費用相對逐年增加及成長。除了近來已實施員工庫藏股與員工認股權憑證認購外,將陸續規劃其它股票激勵工具,讓同仁成為股東、與公司共同成長。


  • 績效評比閃耀之星制度
    E Ink去年在績效評比專案中新增跨部門間的正向回饋機制,每位處級主管擁有3顆星星可以嘉獎非下轄組織單位的一般同仁,鼓勵團隊合作文化精神One team, One E Ink,讓跨部門合作的同仁有更多「被看見」的機會。績效結果出爐一共有83位獲獎的閃耀之星,董事長特別自掏腰包請溫馨下午茶,體現公司對團隊合作的高度讚許。
  • 內部推薦獎金制度
    E Ink因應市場需求增設生產線、人力需求擴增,為鼓勵同仁推薦優秀人才,成功推薦人選報到並通過試用考核且仍在職,推薦人即可獲得推薦獎金。讓同仁發揮伯樂的雙眼,積極參與公司成長、凝聚向心力。去年透過內推成功報到的人數,約每10位新進同仁就有1位是透過現有員工推薦進來的,透過同儕相助也提高了人員穩定性、打造和諧的團隊氛圍。內推計劃仍在持續推動中,未來持續將有更多好人才加入E Ink。
  • 當責不讓,誓不掉棒。硬客精神Always-On!
    在E Ink不斷擴大成長的過程中,我們的員工總是能主動積極地突破困境、優化流程,幫助公司面對各項挑戰。為了持續培育能勇於站上舞台肩負任務的優秀人才,E Ink相當重視建立員工的當責精神,去年我們透過發行「一分鐘聊當責」的文化電子報,讓同仁學習了解當責意涵;舉行「當責詩人」徵文比賽,以趣味活潑方式將當責觀念落實在工作及生活中。

  • 打造全球性發展舞台
    公司作為跨國企業,我們相當重視每位Inker都需具備全球性的跨文化合作能力。HR針對跨文化溝通推出系列課程,培養與世界各地同事合作時的溝通軟實力;硬實力則透過年度優良團隊選拔展現,2021年總共有24個隊伍報名參賽,其中超過半數皆為跨國團隊,成員間合作無間;除此之外E Ink全球大學推出徵文比賽,推薦團隊使用GlobeSmart跨文化溝通分析工具,探討團隊成員間溝通狀況的心得分享。
  • 個人職涯發展計畫
  • 永續發展人才庫
    作為一家不斷發展的公司,E Ink總是尋求方法來確保擁有足夠且有效的領導人力資源。為了培養未來的領導者、留住高潛力的員工,並加強接班人計劃的基礎,我們在台灣設計並啟動了潛在領導人才發展計劃,並將在不久的將來推廣至跨國跨廠區。目前有超過30名高潛力學員參與該計劃。