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6 F., No. 18, Jihu Rd., Neihu Dist.,
Taipei City 11492, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

6 F., No. 18, Jihu Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11492, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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Our Performance Ambition is
to be one of the best performing,
most trusted and respected
consumer products companies
in the world.

Our Performance Ambition is to be one of the best performing, most trusted
and respected consumer products companies in the world.

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Diageo is one of the best places to work for in Taiwan

Diageo is the world's leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands, including Johnnie Walker, Singleton, Baileys, and Guinness etc. Trading in approximately 180 countries, we employ over 28,000 talented people around the world. Diageo Taiwan has branch offices in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, aiming to serve our valuable clients and customers around the countrywide.

Since 2003, “THE KEEP WALKING FUND” program implemented by Diageo Taiwan annually has been encouraging the people of Taiwan to actively pursue and fulfill their dreams. Positive influences of the program are now widely recognized in Taiwan, and the insight of Keep Walking has become a part of spirit in Taiwan, prompting many people here to create their visions and persistently move towards their visions.

Excellent Health and Wellbeing

We are committed to creating an organizational culture that is diverse, inclusive, and respectful, and helps employees realize their potential in talent development and create personal value. At the same time, we also attach great importance to the well-being and physical and mental health of our colleagues and provide employees with the best well-being in all aspects. 1. Physical well-being:
  • 26 weeks full-paid parental leave for both men and women.
  • 30 outpatient insurance claims a year and insurance for hospitalization
  • Weekly massage services
  • Free annual health checks
  • Celebrating Life Wellbeing Fund support teeth care, eyes care and health-related sessions and exercise courses
  • On-site nurse service
  • Online H2U health app, which can provide employees with health check reports or reserve health consultations at any time.
2. Mental well-being:
  • More than 10 thousand NTD. for “Celebrating Life Wellbeing Fund” a year, which can support cosmetic surgery, and psychological counseling to take care of employees' physical and mental health to enhance the sense of happiness.
  • When employees encounter personal and work-life problems, "Tlk2 Employee Assistance Program" provides free and confidential consultation and advice 24/7.
3. Social well-being:
  • The "Diageo Bar Academy" taught by the brand ambassador allows employees to better understand alcohol-related knowledge and the company's products.
  • Well-known bartenders were invited to "Let's Drink!" physical and online events to demonstrate how to make cocktails at home and drink together.
  • The online "Take Home Bartender” event is an innovative reality show that bartender will go to colleagues’ home to teach home-made cocktail.
4. Financial well-being:
  • Employees themselves, their spouses and children can have 100% company-paid group insurance.
  • Full payment of out-of-pocket expenses for vaccine injections
  • Full-paid vaccination leave and quarantine leave
  • Work from home office equipment subsidies
  • Financial management lectures and forum
  • Annual leave system that is better than the Labor Standards Act and additional floating holidays
  • Retirement Fund allocation and severance pay system
  • Incentive System
  • Employee preferential alcohol purchase and commodity exchange allowance
  • Three national holidays bonus, birthday gift, travel allowance and other benefits.

It’s our great honor to receive this award for two consecutive year! As a global leader in AlcoBev industry and as part of our 10 years ESG program, ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’. Our commitment is to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world. Our strategic priorities are to promote positive drinking, champion inclusion and diversity and pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability. We firmly believe that it can make for a better business and even a much better world!

Atul Chhaparwal- General Manager

連續第二年獲得「HR Asia亞洲最佳企業雇主獎」的殊榮我們深感榮幸!作為全球知名酒精性飲料領導廠商,我們的10年ESG計劃「2030社會願景 (Society 2030)」承諾創造一個更具包容性與永續發展的世界。我們的三大目標包括「理性飲酒」、「社會共融」以及「環境永續」。我們堅信,包容和多元的文化可以創造更好的企業及更美好的世界!

程展鵬- 帝亞吉歐台灣分公司總經理

Sustainable People Development

In addition to providing the most complete training for new recruits, Diageo provides business English courses, leadership training for people managers, product expertise courses and so on. All colleagues can use My Learning Hub online learning platform, anytime, anywhere, through mobile phones and computers.

"APAC Career Fair" helps employees to understand the career development, have more conversations with supervisors, cultivate employee skills and give full play to their personal advantages, strengthen talent development plans, improve work efficiency, broaden the horizons, and provide them with opportunities to grow at Diageo. We also attend the "TALENT, in Taiwan" organized by Common Wealth Learning, Cheers Magazine and Willis Towers Watson. Make a declaration to protect the sustainable development of talents in Taiwan with more than 100 companies.

Champion Inclusion and Diversity

Diageo leads the company to practice inclusiveness and diversity development and is committed to realizing

Our commitment starts with our people and our aim is to achieve 45% of management positions within the group are different races, ethnicities, and religions by 2030, and at least 50% of management positions are held by women. In Taiwan, the gender ratio of employees has also reached 1:1. At the same time, we also establish the Inclusion and Diversity Committee with cross-functional employees and hold "Inclusion & Diversity Week" with HR, jointly respond to the March 8th International Women's Day. We invite external speakers from different industries to share related themes, especially focus on menopause issues this year, not only assisting employees who are going through menopause and teaching them how to take care of them early, but also enabling men and women to understand related symptoms and providing their immediate supervisors with helpful resources and expect I&D to rooted into our company DNA.



自2003年起,帝亞吉歐持續舉辦「KEEP WALKING夢想資助計劃」,每年以新台幣千萬元、資助一般大眾。主要是透過向一般大眾募集夢想企劃書的方式,以企業公民角度來評估其企業社會責任以及永續經營的概念,藉此評選並說明企業公民可以積極回應社會的方法。除此之外,帝亞吉歐更長期致力推廣「理性飲酒」,2000年成立「社團法人台灣酒與社會責任促進會」,並推出酒後代駕服務,協助台灣民眾落實「酒後不開車」的習慣。


  • 生理福祉:男女皆擁有26週的全薪育嬰假、一年30次的門診保險理賠及住院醫療保險、每週固定的視障按摩服務、免費年度健康檢查、健康生活基金支持運動及醫療保險外的齒科與眼科護理、運動及健康相關系列講座、駐點職護與線上H2U App提供員工即時查閱的健檢報告或預約健康諮詢。
  • 心理福祉:提供員工一年五位數「健康生活基金」,可支持美容手術及心理諮商等項目照顧員工的身心靈;當員工遇到個人、情感和工作生活方面的問題時,「Tlk2員工協助方案」提供全年無休的免費保密諮詢和建議,提升員工的幸福感。
  • 社交福祉:由品牌大使講授的「帝亞吉歐烈酒學院」讓員工更加了解酒類相關知識與公司產品、「Let’s Drink!」活動邀請不同知名酒吧調酒師示範如何製作居家調酒,共同品飲同樂、疫情期間舉辦線上「好酒不見乾一杯」,凝聚員工感情一起舉杯同歡,並以創新的實境秀方式拍攝「型男調酒師到你家」。
  • 財務福祉:員工本人、配偶及子女,享100%公司付費團體保險、疫苗注射自費費用全額負擔、全薪疫苗假、全薪防疫隔離假、居家辦公裝備補助、理財講座、優於勞基法的年休假制度和額外的彈性浮動假期、退休金提撥及離職金制度、績效獎金、員工優惠購酒與商品兌換津貼、三節禮金、生日禮金、旅遊津貼補助等福利。


帝亞吉歐除了給予新入職同仁最完善的基礎培訓外,也提供員工商業英語課程、部門主管領導培訓、產品專業知識課程,所有同仁皆可透過My Learning Hub線上學習平台,隨時隨地透過手機、電腦學習任何有興趣的線上課程。職涯發展方面,帝亞吉歐舉辦「職涯發展週Career Fair」活動,協助員工了解職涯發展、和主管有更多職涯對話機會、培養員工技能並充分發揮個人優勢、加強人才發展規劃、提升素質跟工作效率,進而開拓員工的視野,積極為每位員工加速在帝亞吉歐的成長機會。同時我們更加入由《天下學習》、《Cheers快樂工作人》發起的「台灣人才永續行動聯盟」,與台灣一百家企業共同推動人才的發展與培育。


帝亞吉歐引領企業實踐包容和多元化發展,致力在2030年前實現集團內45%以上的管理職位由不同種族、民族、宗教的員工擔任,至少50%管理職位由女性擔任。而在台灣員工的性別比也已經達到了1:1。同時我們也成立了多元共融委員會,邀請跨部門員工與HR共同響應三八婦女節,連續兩年舉辦充滿豐富活動與講座的「Inclusion & Diversity Week」,敬邀各界外部講者分享多元包容的相關主題,今年也聚焦在更年期議題,此次系列活動我們更聚焦在推廣對更年期的認知,不只協助正在經歷更年期的員工及教導大家如何提早保養,更是讓男性女性都能夠了解相關症狀,提供其直屬主管有幫助的資源,期望I&D成為我們的DNA。