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13F, No.36, Songren Road,
Xingyi District, Taipei City 110

13F, No.36, Songren Road, Xingyi District, Taipei City 110


Consumer Staple


Our vision is to build
A Better Tomorrow™ by
reducing the health impact
of our business through
offering a greater choice
of enjoyable products for
our consumers.

Our vision is to build A Better Tomorrow™ by reducing the health impact of our
business through offering a greater choice of enjoyable products for our consumers.

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Founded in 1902, BAT is a leading consumer goods group with operations in more than 200 countries with a leading position in marketing and manufacturing. After acquiring Reynolds American in 2017, BAT becomes the world’s largest listed tobacco company and leading vape enterprise. BAT has a history of 120 years, and the business is both international and localized. We have more than 55,000 employees worldwide and furthermore employees indirectly through supply chain partners. Currently, the business is operated in 3 key regions, Asia Pacific & Middle East (APME), America Sahara, and South Africa (AMSSA), Europe and North Africa (ENA).

As part of APME, BAT Taiwan is headquartered in Taipei with more than 130 employees. We have 3 regional sales offices in Tucheng, Taichung, and Kaohsiung – business covers fully around Taiwan. Our major brands - Dunhill, Kent, and Pall Mall contributed largely to our continuous growth momentum.

Our Leadership Team is whole-heartedly committed to build the offices as an ideal workplace.

Compared with multiple iconic FMCG companies, we provide a competitive compensation and benefits program and keep improving ourselves via internal and external benchmarks. We provide employees with a safe workplace and safeguard their health. Most importantly, we listen to them, and it is fundamental to our organization. In addition, we also believe that immediate and continuous recognition will shape a culture of excellence.

We create a joyful vibe by organizing internal well-being events. We have monthly internal activities, from large-scale New Years reception to a number of small events, such as company-wide beach cleaning, lunch-and-learn health webinar, fruit day, Diversity & Inclusion Week, and festival celebrations.

BAT Taiwan is proud of our employees from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and our business can benefit from the breadth of their thoughts and experiences. We are also proud that more than 50% of management members are females, which is clearly in line with our corporate vision of enhancing equal opportunities for employees at all levels.

The quality of BAT employees always plays a vital role in the journey. We cultivate talents from within BAT, meanwhile, attract talents who can bring diverse knowledge and capabilities. As the group strategy places increasing priority on portfolio & product transformation, we are recruiting the best-fit talents continuously and actively. The diverse employee composition enables us to understand and meet the needs of equally diverse consumers, customers, and stakeholders.

BAT values and invests in employees for their functional and leadership capabilities, providing real international opportunities to help them realize and leverage their full potential. Our 70-20-10 learning approach enables employees to obtain comprehensive learning opportunities through on-the-job training, coaching, tutoring, and an extensive global training program and e-learning modules. Through a solid talent selection process and concrete individual development plan, we provide high-potential talents with fast-track career development opportunities, forging their capability to lead current and future businesses.

At the same time, BAT also recruits and cultivates the future legacy of leaders. Our Global Graduate Program is a fast-growing program and opens for talents with less than two years of job experience, and overseas rotation opportunities are included in the program. It provides a great platform for talents to get involved in large-scale transnational projects and exposed to senior executives, and accelerate to be BAT’s future leaders. We hope to attract bold and unlimited new blood to become all-around talents in the future.

BAT Taiwan is honored and privileged to be recognized by HR Asia Award to be one of the best companies to work for in Asia. In BAT, Talent is one of our core assets, and culture is the central thread of everything we do. We are committed to develop a dynamic, inspiring, and purposeful place to work, and in return, our employees feel the care by being able to grow, to develop, and to be proud of being part of BAT.

This award is for each and every one of us. We are very proud of you.

Jessie Chen, Country Manager
We are also committed to increase the diversity of the senior leadership team, with particular emphasis on gender and nationality, and support the career development of these teams. We have customized the world-leading training courses for the needs of employees around the world. We also provide designated leadership training for female employees, ” Women in Leadership”, is designed to help cultivate female leaders in organizations.

BAT Taiwan is committed to the pursuit of excellence while cultivating the next generation of leaders. We have a culture of mutual support and extension based on individual commitment and responsibility, which also attracts a variety of talents. We respect each and every one of us, are proud of ourselves for our diversity, enjoy working together, and value each individual's uniqueness.


BAT成立於1902年,為一家全球著名的消費性產品集團,於全球200多個國家設有營業據點,在市場行銷及研發製造上具領導地位。 BAT於2017年收購了美國雷諾公司,成為全球最大的上市菸草公司。BAT擁有120年的歷史,業務兼具全球性與在地化。目前全球有超過55,000名員工,並與通路夥伴共同合作,招募更多員工。BAT目前主要營運區域為「亞太和中東地區」(APME)、「美洲和撒哈拉以南非洲地區」(AmSSA)以及「歐洲和北非地區」(ENA)。

BAT台灣為亞太中東地區(APME)的一部分,總部位於台北市,目前員工人數超過130人,並在土城、台中和高雄設有三個區域業務辦公室,經銷範圍遍及全台各地。主要品牌Dunhill、Kent和Pall Mall,奠定BAT台灣在市場的豐厚基礎。



我們提供具有競爭力的薪酬和福利計劃,每年與多個台灣的指標性快速消費品公司進行比較,並不斷根據內部和外部數據進行改進。我們為員工提供一個安全的工作場所 - 保護員工的健康和傾聽他們的意見是我們組織實踐的基礎。 此外,我們也相信即時、持續地針對員工的表現給予實質肯定,有助於塑造優質文化。






BAT同時孕育未來的儲備經理人,我們舉辦儲備幹部計畫(Global Graduate Program),是提供給兩年以下工作經驗的求職者與新鮮人快速成長的計畫,當中包含海外輪調機會,能夠與高階主管一同參與跨國大型專案並驅動重要決策,並在任務與挑戰中高速成長,我們希望吸引大膽且不設限的新血成為BAT未來的全方位管理人才。


我們致力於追求卓越表現,同時培養下一代領導者。我們擁有彼此支持,並以個人承諾和責任為基礎而延伸的文化,這也吸引了多元化的人才。 我們相互尊重並以兼具多樣性為榮,樂於共同合作,重視每個人的獨特性。