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9F, No.152, Jiankang Road,
Songshan District, 10586,
Taipei, Taiwan

9F, No.152, Jiankang Road, Songshan District, 10586, Taipei, Taiwan




We Protect and Improve the
Health of People Around the World.

We Protect and Improve the Health of People Around the World.

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Established in 1839, in Melsungen, Germany, B. Braun is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products as well as a provider of medical services, with over 66,000 employees in 64 countries.

With the vision “We PROTECT and IMPROVE the HEALTH of people around the world”, incorporated in 1989, B. Braun Taiwan provides high quality products and solution, serving our customers in more than 770 hospitals and clinics across Taiwan.

The spirit of SHARING EXPERTISE drives us not only in serving our customers but also our long-term and sustainable promise in creating good workplace where everyone can be their authentic self at work as well as encouraged to perform to their best.

In B. Braun Taiwan, we create spaces for personal and professional learning . Our employees are supported to learn from experts, share our best practices with colleagues in the APAC region through Sharing Expertise Online program.

As we value diversity , we facilitate cross functional collaboration, empower our colleagues to bring the best value by widening their perspectives from different thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds.

In addition, we focus on flexibility to support our employees’ works and personal lives. Our open office space strengthens the cooperation and enhance communication amongst colleagues. Apart from that, employees are also given the flexibility to pursue personal interest through employee-led social clubs or self-development time.

Giving back to the society is what we in B. Braun Taiwan committed and encourage every employee to be involved in the community we live in. Under B. Braun for Children program, we aim to make children’s lives better and offer help where it is needed. Despite the pandemic period over the last two years, we strive to our CSR commitment through a joint-effort virtual charity run event from B. Braun Group in the Asia-Pacific region. Last year, as we collectively reached 301,526 KM over the span of 12 weeks, B. Braun Taiwan donated to the Uncle McDonald's House Charity Foundation, to pool fund for accommodation support and care services for needy families of the sick children.

By striving to integrate sustainability into all we do: in our solutions, internal processes improvement and social commitments, B. Braun Taiwan creates a better future for the people of today and for future generations to come.

B. Braun 於1839年成立於德國的梅爾松根地區,B. Braun是世界領先的醫療技術和醫藥產品製造商以及醫療服務供應商之一, 在全球64個國家擁有超過66,000名員工。

以“我們保護並改善全世界人類的健康”為願景,台灣柏朗於1989年成立,,至今為台灣 770多家醫院和診所提供高品質的產品和解決方案的服務。

我們堅持分享專業知識的精神, 不僅專注於客戶提供服務,更創造良好的工作環境和氛圍是我們的長期永續的承諾,讓每位員工都可以在工作中做真實的自己,發揮更大的可能性。



此外, 我們重視員工工作與個人生活的彈性。我們開放式的辦公室加強員工之間的合作和溝通。 除此之外,員工也藉由參加員工主導的社團活動或自我發展時間靈活地培養個人的興趣。

回饋社會是台灣柏朗的承諾,並鼓勵每位員工通過志願活動積極回饋社會。在B. Braun for Children計劃下,我們致力於改善兒童的生活,並在需要的地方提供幫助。儘管過去兩年疫情嚴峻,我們透過亞太區柏朗子公司合作舉辦的虛擬慈善路跑活動,努力履行我們對企業社會責任的承諾。 去年,我們成功在12 週的時間,共同達標累積301,526公里。台灣柏朗捐款至麥當勞叔叔之家慈善基金會,其經費為有需要的病童家庭提供住宿和關懷服務。