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5F., No. 3, YuanCyu St. Taipei 115,
Taiwan, R.O.C.

5F., No. 3, YuanCyu St. Taipei 115, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Electronic Components Distributor


To be the preferred distributor
partner at the center of the world's
technology design and supply chains
by delivering the best experience
for both customers and suppliers
every time.

To be the preferred distributor partner at the center of the world's technology design and
supply chains by delivering the best experience for both customers and suppliers every time.

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A centennial of promise and service

Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, AVNET was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in the United States in 2018. Avnet hires 14,500 employees worldwide, and serves more than two million customers across 140 countries.

Avnet has entrenched a strong presence Asia-Pacific – Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore (Regional Headquarters), South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Avnet collaborates with over 400 suppliers, covering a wide range of industries including automotive, communications, healthcare, industrial, aerospace and defense, security, wearables and more, to meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers.

Avnet is a top 3 global distributor of electronic components and one of Fortune 500 companies. Over the past century, we upheld the values of integrity and reliability, which formed the backbone of our business. Supplier and customers are at the heart of our business and we stay committed to providing them with the best experience. As the preferred global distributor, we offer extensive design, product, marketing and supply chain expertise for customers and suppliers at every stage of the product lifecycle, as well as helping them realize the transformative possibilities of technology.

Because of you, we can reach further. Thank you

As Avnet celebrated its centennial, Avnet Taiwan also marked 25 years’ of presence in the country. We have achieved a record-high business performance last year and we attribute this success to our thousands of employees who demonstrated exemplary teamwork, safeguarded the Avnet brand and forged strong and meaningful relationships with suppliers and customers.

Avnet’s leadership team upholds the spirit of putting “People First”, and makes employees the core of our business. We organized employee-centric celebratory events, such as the release of our centennial-themed hot air balloon and annual teambuilding activities.

Employees are our greatest assets - we value the voice of every employee and set up multiple channels seeking employees’ feedback on a regular basis, such as quarterly townhalls and annual employee engagement surveys. Through these employee engagement mechanisms, we improve company-wide business strategy and enhance employee cohesion.

A workplace of well-being and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

Every employee is an important member of the Avnet family. During the pandemic, we rendered support to employees and their families to help them through challenging times. We monitored the health of all employees and provided medical supplies such as surgical masks, face shields and test kits. Employee-related training courses and community activities were adjusted from physical to online. Specialty food products was delivered to employees to facilitate the smooth transition to conducive work-from-home arrangements.

Safety is Avnet’s number one priority. We review workplace safety and issue personal protective gear on a regular basis such as safety vests and footwear, as well as cut-resistant gloves for all employees in our logistics center, to ensure complete protection for them.

At Avnet, inclusiveness is one of our Core Values. We view it as central to creating a sense of belonging for our employees. We are committed to maintaining gender equality and equal opportunities in the workplace. Females make up 60% of employees in Avnet Taiwan and 46% of them are in the management level. Along with the epidemic and lifestyle changes, we enriched our wellness programs, such as flexible working hours and telecommuting. Besides, we enhanced maternity benefits to do better care for our female employees and also extend the eligibility to their families, e.g., increasing the pregnancy and childcare subsidies. Various employees’ activities are also supported by Avnet Taiwan to create a flexible and fun working environment.

We are honored to be awarded by the prestigious HR Asia’s “Best Companies to Work for” award for the fourth time and “WeCare” award for the second year running. At Avnet Taiwan, we live by our core guiding principle of putting our “People First” in all we do. As we move forward, we continue to strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment, which provides holistic employee care and inspires engagement that are aligned to Avnet’s sustainable business philosophy.

Mike Cheng, Regional President


鄭陸文, 台灣區總裁

Embrace the uniqueness of each employee

Avnet values employees across the X, Y and Z generations. In Taiwan, we recognize and acknowledge the importance of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We invest in a wealth of training resources to hone our employees' leadership and language skills to sharpen up their work. The management team is devoted to cultivating a fun working-cum-learning environment in Avnet. Last year, we held our first English Presentation Contest to encourage employees to strengthen their English presentation skills and confidence.

As Avnet Taiwan progresses, we continue to put our “People First” in all we do. On top of our people, environmental, social and governance (ESG), as well as sustainability remain the driving force in our business. We look forward to joining hands with you and stepping into Avnet’s next glorious centennial.

Last but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our employees – Because of you, we can reach further. Thank you for being with us.




因為有妳 感謝有你;共享榮耀


我們知道員工的珍貴和重要性,所以重視員工們的聲音,建立多樣管道供員工回饋想法或建議,如每季大型會議的Q&A時間、每年定期實施Engagement Survey,藉由這些反饋機制,我們得以制定更好的公司策略,提升員工的向心力和凝聚力。



我們不斷審視工作場域的安全性,為物流中心的第一線人員備齊防光背心、防切割手套和防護鞋,提供完善的安全防護措施。安富利台灣女性員工比例近60%,而女性主管比例達46%,我們致力維護職場的性別平等,也落實工作場所的母性健康保護;安富利持續設計豐富多元的員工福祉計畫,隨著疫情和時代演進,我們推出彈性工時和遠端工作的制度、提高懷孕及育兒補助和擴大補助對象、舉辦多樣化的員工活動供員工依照興趣選擇參加,成功營造Flexible、Care和Have Fun的工作環境。