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1F., No. 32, Zhongcheng Rd.,
Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City

1F., No. 32, Zhongcheng Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City




Apacer is dedicated to becoming the leading digital storage brand for integrated information services.


Apacer is dedicated to becoming the leading digital
storage brand for integrated information services.


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Apacer has 25 years of experience manufacturing DRAM modules and SSDs, and our product range has grown to cover industrial, professional, consumer and gaming applications. We’ve developed many value-adding technologies, from anti-sulfuration protection to remote device management. We’re focused on constant improvement and are experts in customizing devices to meet the needs of a specific client.

In addition to pursuing corporate goals, Apacer also prioritizes building an friendly and healthy workplace for all employees. With that in mind, the company offers many employee benefits, from free annual health checks to after-hours exercise classes. Apacer also has a long history of arranging fun and relaxing group activities. Although these were curtailed by the worldwide pandemic, they’re slowly being reintroduced, and many employees and their children are looking forward to Family Day, which will be held in September 2022 at a local amusement park.

Apacer’s management have also focused on environmental, social and governance goals. Efforts in this area have led to cleaner production methods as well as improvements in how chemicals used during the production process are safely disposed of afterwards. Apacer’s goal has been to be a leader, not a follower, among Taiwan-based manufacturers, and this policy of self-improvement will be upgraded more in the future.

It’s also important within our organization to ensure that employees alwaysstriving to pursue their own personal career goals. This involves programs that rotate supervisors and managers from the headquarters in Taiwan to the local sales branches based on other continents. Cross-training programs ensure that employees know how to do their neighbor’s jobs as well, so that in the event of a family emergency, all tasks will be covered. And managers also work with their staff to make sure they feel challenged by their taskloads and never get stuck in a rut. Employees are encouraged to take out-of-office supplementary learning programs to grow their knowledge and skills, and the company will reimburse some or all of the costs of these programs according to the rules governing internal training subsidies.

For all these reasons, Apacer remains a fresh and exciting place to work, where employees can feel seen and heard and part of a team.

Apacer 擁有25 年製造DRAM 與SSD的經驗,產品橫跨記憶體模組、工業用SSD、消費性數位儲存產品與物聯網整合應用等解決方案,並持續開發創新多元儲存方案與各種場域的軟硬韌體整合服務,期能成為產業生態系的最佳合作盟友,為所有利害關係人帶來共創服務加值的效益。