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7F., No.399, Ruiguang Rd.,
Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

7F., No.399, Ruiguang Rd.,Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)




Air Liquide’s ambition is to lead its industry, deliver long-term performance and contribute to sustainability.


Air Liquide’s ambition is to lead its industry, deliver long-term
performance and contribute to sustainability.


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Founded in 1987, Air Liquide Far Eastern (ALFE) is a joint-venture between worldwide gas leader Air Liquide Group and Far Eastern New Century Group. ALFE has been the number 1 French industrial investor in Taiwan with 10+ billion NTD capital invested over the last decade.

Leveraging on the advanced technology developed by Air Liquide, ALFE and its 700+ employees supply high quality gases and total solutions for the needs of electronics & other industries markets, and healthcare patients.

ADVANCE - Linking Growth and Sustainable Future Inseparably

“ADVANCE” is Air Liquide’s strategic plan for 2025 which places sustainable development at the heart and firmly sets it on course for combining financial and extra-financial performance.

Building the future with ADVANCE means delivering strong financial performance which prepares the future, acting as a leader in industry decarbonization, promoting progress through technological innovation and acting for all. With ADVANCE, ALFE aims to make a real difference while pursuing growth.

Training and Rotation Programs to Pave Career Path

Air Liquide’s stated objective is to become a “learning organization” in which employees' development is its top priority. Also, through different professional fields and diverse domestic and international rotation programs, ALFE assists each employee to create an individual career path. In 2021, ALFE achieved 91% of training coverage & 38.2 training hours; both significantly exceeded the Group’s average.

Listen to the Voices of Employees

Since 2019, ALFE has been listening to the Voice of Employees through MyVoice employee satisfaction survey and roadshows. In 2022, 94% of all employees participated in the survey, and 876 insightful comments were received. Based on those comments, ALFE has carried out close-the-loop workshops with concrete actions to further strengthen its efforts in Employee eXperience.

Safeguard Employees' Physical & Mental Health

ALFE cares for its employees. ALFE launched the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in 2020 to provide employees and their family members a professional and confidential counseling service. Up to April of 2022, 200+ times of EAP services were applied. In addition, biweekly face-to-face consultancy Nursing Service at sites is available to look after employees’ occupational safety & health. During the severe COVID alert in 2021, ALFE offered additional 7 days full-paid leave for those who have family needs and unlimited work-from-home policy for supporting function employees.

Walk into a Healthy Lifestyle

In the context of COVID-19, physical activities are limited. In order to encourage employees to exercise more, Sports Month, a one-month online walking campaign, was organized in 2020 and 2021. A total of 144 million steps were collected from 600+ participants which are equivalent to more than 60 laps of walking distance around the island.

Sustainability Efforts for a Better Planet

ALFE has been organizing its annual “Sustainability Month” since 2020. Four week-long activities are held covering various topics about sustainability to advance the employees’ knowledge, propose solutions and take effective action for the planet. Also, nearly 6 tons of garbage were collected during ALFE’s annual beach-cleaning activities since 2017. In 2022, ALFE further adopted a beach in New Taipei City to extend its efforts and impacts in environment protection.

Through the above actions, ALFE not only focuses on developing local employees, enhances Employee eXperience, but also protects the environment, and gives back to society.

亞東工業氣體(簡稱:亞東)係由全球領導的工業氣體公司,營運超過百年的法國液空集團(Air Liquide)與遠東新世紀集團(Far Eastern)於1987年合資設立於台灣。在過去十年中投資超過新台幣100億,是法商在台投資規模最大的製造商。








2019年起,亞東透過大規模的「MyVoice員工滿意度調查」與實體「巡演」傾聽員工心聲,並進行雙向溝通。2022年持續有94%的員工參與調查,提供高達876則寶貴意見。亞東根據員工回饋舉辦工作坊,產出實質行動方案並執行落實,進而強化員工體驗(Employee eXperience)。


亞東在2020年啟動員工協助方案(EAP),提供同仁及家人專業且保密的諮商/諮詢服務;截至2022年4月,亞東員工共使用超過200次的諮詢服務。此外,亞東也推出廠護服務(Nursing Service),由具專業證照的醫護人員,兩週一次為同仁提供職業安全和健康上的把關與建議。在2021新冠三級警戒期間,亞東更提供7天全薪的家庭照顧假,以及無上限的彈性工作政策,供有需要的同仁申請。