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Altira Office Tower 11th floor,
Yos Sudarso Street Kav 85,
RT.9/RW.11, Sunter Agung,
Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta,
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Altira Office Tower 11th floor, Yos Sudarso Street Kav 85, RT.9/RW.11,
Sunter Agung, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia




To Be The Most Trusted &
Innovative Healthcare
Company For A Meaningful Life

To Be The Most Trusted & Innovative Healthcare Company For A Meaningful Life

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Business Background

Kalbe Consumer Health is a pharmaceutical company that has been the trusted choice for families and the community for over 25 years. Kalbe Consumer Health gives the best health products option and offers quality.

Kalbe Consumer Health Division offers over-the-counter drugs with therapeutic benefits. We produce consumer products with health benefits, including supplements and other preventive products. Kalbe Consumer Health's over-the-counter portfolio categories cover more than six therapeutic classes with solid brands, commanding a dominant market share over recent decades.

Innovation is the key to Kalbe Consumer Health, and we adhere to our commitment to nourish the nation, which we always take care of jointly. We always provide health solutions ranging from digestive and skin categories, multivitamins, respiratory care, food supplements, and healthy foods.

We provide Innovative and Trustworthy products and services as a solution for daily health management.

Our Values

We strive to strengthen our Internal Engagement through our value Kalbe Panca Sradha:
  • Trust is the glue of life
  • Mindfulness is the foundation of our action
  • Innovation is the key to our success
  • Strive to be the best
  • Interconnectedness is a universal way of life

CH Stars

CH Stars are great people and people who have worked hard to build the success of Kalbe Consumer Health.

CH Stars always synergize and support Kalbe Consumer Health in innovating to make a healthier and meaningful life for Indonesia and Global. To achieve our mission, CH Stars is supported by the company in a work culture through the Culture Pillars named by ERAT:
  • Etos - Inclusion
    Commit to creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace that allows employees from all backgrounds and walks of life to achieve their fullest potential.
  • Raga - Healthy Lifestyle
    We are placing well-being at the center of every aspect of our daily operations.
  • Asa - Values
    Kalbe Panca Sradha is the set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs of all CH Stars to contribute to society.
  • Tindak - Innovation
    Innovation is the key to achieve our mission.

On behalf of Kalbe Consumer Health, we would like to thank HR Asia for electing us as the Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022. It is an honor and pride for Kalbe Consumer Health to receive this prestigious award.

Also, we would like to appreciate all employees of Kalbe Consumer Health who have worked passionately in realizing the company’s commitment to be the most TRUSTED & INNOVATIVE healthcare for a MEANINGFUL LIFE.

Feni Herawati, President Director


CH Stars are our Assets
We believe our culture is one of our strongest assets and constantly build an inclusive working culture, healthy lifestyle, and are committed to various innovative CH Stars programs.

Employee Engagement
Positive atmosphere can make all the difference to employee wellbeing. Through engagement events & campaigns based on our culture pillars “ERAT”, we are trying to engage all employees to nourish values of KCH "Interconnectedness”.

Team Bonding

For us, team bonding is very important because it can make us easier to achieve the company's vision, make easier on work communication make closer relationship among our employees so our targets can be achieved.

Internal Awarding
To give appreciation for all team and departments, we give them several recognition awards of what has been achieved

Kalbe Consumer Health The Best Strategic Business Unit 2021

Kalbe Consumer Health became The Best Strategic Business Unit 2021 in Kalbe Group, which was organized by the Chief Award Event and participated by all sub-business units in the Kalbe Group.

Risk Management Award 2021

Kalbe Consumer Health received the 'Best Performer in Risk Management Implementation' among all sub-business units in Kalbe Group, Our achievement was obtained from Risk Management Awards and organized by Corporate Audit and Risk Advisory (CARA).

Regulatory and Quality Award 2021

Kalbe Consumer Health was awarded as the 'Best Quality Compliance' which was organized by Regulatory and Quality Award 2021 on 17 December 2021.

Employee Recognitions Program
Saka Star Brand Award

Saka Star Brand Brand Award is a program that aims to give appreciation to the marketing team who have compiled various brand campaign programs for various products at Kalbe Consumer Health. In addition, this activity is also as a media for competition, exchanging ideas, and gaining insight from all marketing teams in each region regarding the campaign program being carried out.

In Saka Star Brand Award 2022, there are two categories up for grabs, there are “Best 2 Infinity & Beyond Campaign” and “Most Memorable Campaign”. As an innovation, the prizes are given differently than usual,that is the winners have the opportunity to experience the Helicopter Experience which will be an unforgettable experience.

Sales Innovation Forum Vol.1

The Sales Innovation Forum is designed for the Sales Team of Kalbe Consumer Health in Indonesia as a forum for developing their creativity and impactful innovation ideas that can be turned into national projects. Through the Sales Innovation Idea platform, they can convey their best ideas, where the collected ideas will be completed every two months and the winner of each series will compete again at the top event of the Sales Innovation Forum.

Internal Activity
We have several internal activities to increase involvement of CH Stars and sharing an ideas to get new insights.

Kalbe Consumer Health Silver Anniversary

In 2022, Kalbe Consumer Health turns into its 25th anniversary. As a silver anniversary celebration, Kalbe Consumer Health held an iftar event at the Cikarang Site and Head Office.

Challenge and Competition

We held a competition for all CH Stars in the context of Kalbe Consumer Health's Silver Anniversary to train their creativity in Saka Stars in the Frame and SAKA'S got talent.

Mobile Legend Competition: The Star of the Dawn

To increase engagement among all sub-business units of Kalbe Group, we are proudly presenting a Mobile Legend E-sport competition to all sub-business units of Kalbe Group with a total 600+ participants.

The First and The Second Time!

We held a gratitude moment to celebrate our first production of Sakatonik at the Cikarang site and two years of operating the Cikarang manufacturing site.

Friday Light: Sharing Session and Bedah Buku: Semester 1

As an application of Kalbe Panca Sradha's "Strive to be the Best" value, Kalbe Consumer Health supports employees to be able to continue to grow by sharing knowledge among CH Stars. Through the Friday Light program: Sharing Session & Book Review, it is hoped that employees can develop a culture of sharing knowledge and gain new insights regarding technical and soft skills competencies.

Coffee Morning Manufacture

To provide opportunities for manufacturing team, we created a Coffee Morning Manufacturing program as a casual discussion between manufacturing team and Ms. Feni Herawati as President Director of Kalbe Consumer Health, and with Deputy Director of Manufacturing,, Human Capital General Manager, to discussed about continuous improvement collaboration at Kalbe Consumer Health Cikarang site.

Internship Program ‘Kampus Merdeka’
We work with the Indonesian government, especially the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia through Program Kampus Merdeka to provide job training for students and prepare the best generation of Indonesia.

Lunch with Ms. President!

All interns from Kampus Merdeka are invited to share their internship experience in Kalbe Consumer Health, through lunch together with Ms. Feni Herawati as President Director of Kalbe Consumer Health. Many things were obtained through this lunch, including trending topics in the world and social media, as well as insights on what was gained and experiences during an internship at Kalbe Consumer Health.


To build a positive atmosphere in the office, Kalbe Consumer Health provides CH Stars with supportive office facilities to work:
  • Open Office Set Up
  • Clinic
  • Canteen Room
  • Sport Facility
  • Fun Room
  • Lactation Room
  • Locker for Employee
  • Office Re-engineering
  • Air Purifier
  • Prayer Room
  • Hand Sanitizer in Every Corner


To support CH Stars, we provide several services and give small gifts as a form of appreciation and support to CH Stars for the hard work that has been given.

Employee Assistance Program

As the best pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, we are very concerned about the emotional well-being of our employees. Thus, we support and facilitate employees who want to consult about their well-being to professionals, such as psychologists and psychiatrists.

Wrap the cake!

Welcoming the new year 2022, we are giving cakes to all CH Stars as a symbol of the start of a blessing year.

Mingle Sweetness with All CH Stars

To celebrate the sweetness of Valentine's Day, we give chocolates to all CH Stars as a symbol of gratitude and hard work.

New Wearpack for CH Stars

We gave a denim jacket to CH Stars as a gift for Kalbe Consumer Health's 25th anniversary.