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Menara Rajawali Level 7 Unit 1.
Jl. Dr Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung.
Lot #5.1. Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Menara Rajawali Level 7
Unit 1. Jl. Dr Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung. Lot #5.1. Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.


Software Engineering


Catalyzing the growth of people
in the digital ecosystem through our
products and our journey to build them.

Catalyzing the growth of people in the digital ecosystem through our products and our journey to build them.

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396 Employees


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About DKatalis

DKatalis is a technology company aiming to co-create scalable digital solutions with customers and ecosystem partners. Founded in 2019, DKatalis is collaborating from all around the world, with hubs operating in Jakarta, Singapore and India.

It started out as a realization that for every digitized life service, there are always financial aspects involved. As our team grows, so does the breadth of our expertise and technology to tackle new problems. We strive to catalyze growth through our products and our journey to build them.

We have created the Jago App to solve financial literacy, AMAAN App to empower women entrepreneurs, and People Xperience App to provide digital solutions to empower organizations to adapt with rapid changes.

All the solutions we have created are testaments to our purpose: to create exciting technological innovation opportunities and build an ideal work environment that makes us the best at what we do.

Our Values

Our culture is reflected in how we promote innovation, life, and a sense of community. In DKatalis, we believe in these values:

Life Centricity: Improving the lives of many through our solutions and encouraging

Katalis to nurture life outside of work through our culture.

Purposeful Growth: Enhancing growth by passionately building ourselves through self-discovery and self-mastery.

Fearless Creativity: Encouraging Katalis to find creative solutions through a process of trial, error, and experimentation.

Empowered Agility: Implementing a work system that enables Katalis to make decisions fast and adapt to changes quickly.

We are honored to have been named one of Asia’s best place to work. This award helps reassure that we are on the right track to creating a healthy environment for growth and innovation. Our journey is not over yet, we will always continue to improve. Thank you HR Asia and most importantly our Katalis for making this happens.

Vincentius Ivan, President Director

What Makes Someone A Katalis

To be a catalyst is to be the determinant of change. That is the spirit that we apply to our work culture. Each person—every Katalis—has a share in every change they make, be it for the world, or for themselves.

Our team consists of members from all over the world, which has grown into almost 400 members in only two years. We organize people around product areas and customer journeys, incorporate people growth into formal structure through chapters, and empower members to act on their curiosity through communities.

A Humanistic Environment

Creating scalable solutions that integrate with digital ecosystems requires not just cutting-edge technology, but capable teams that work in a humanistic environment.

In fulfilling our purpose, we apply Working From Anywhere along with the WFA Support Fund to help set up a more enjoyable personal working environment. Or, if people come to the office, we provide them with a co-working space-style setup with free lunch and refreshments. DKatalis believe that working is a small part of our life and we want to encourage our Katalis to have a work-life balance. We also provide supporting arrangements such as responsible leave, health insurance, and home and car financing subsidy.

To make our Katalis’s life easier, we provide them with our HR platform, People Xperience, that helps us translate our people practices into interactive features that engage our employees and provide insights for our decision-making.

DKatalis believe in the power of collective knowledge and shared learning. Therefore, we promote the participation of individuals and an open environment for knowledge sharing like sharing sessions (Geeking Hour, Bootcamps & Crash Courses), self-learning (free access to Udemy) and other learning activities.

Beyond that, our Katalis also actively contribute to the external communities through the DKontributor program, which also opens the opportunity for personal branding. The program comprises written article contributions on DKatalis Medium publication or becoming speakers at external events, which we will then reward with free subscriptions to even more learning opportunities for the contributor. The goal is to broaden our Katalis’ insights and establish good relationships within the ecosystem.

In DKatalis, not only do we support our Katalis’ lives with learning opportunities, but we also focus on human interactions outside of work. Therefore, we provide them with various internal activities such as DKaboodle (team huddle program), Continuous Pulse Checks, Employee Assistance Program, Buddy Program, along with Hobby and Interest-based Communities (sport, Korean culture, photography, and many more). After all, more than our roles, we are humans first.