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City Tower Building, 07 Floors, No.321,
Mao Tse Tong Blvd, Psa Depo 1 Quarter,
Toul Kok District, Phnom Penh,
Kingdom of Cambodia

City Tower Building, 07 Floors, No.321, Mao Tse Tong Blvd, Psa Depo 1 Quarter,
Toul Kok District, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia


Food and Beverage


To be Southeast Asia’s Customer
Focused, Most Exciting Evolving
Portfolio of F&B Brands

To be Southeast Asia’s Customer Focused, Most Exciting Evolving Portfolio of F&B Brands

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EFG Cambodia is a company in the RMA Group. We are the largest food and beverage business in Cambodia with more than 1500 staff and have been granted exclusive business rights to well-known brands such as: The Pizza Company, The Coffee Club, Swensen’s, Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme, Bar-B-Q Plaza, Boost Juice, Kamu-Kamu as well as having our third-party delivery business HungryApp and our own product kitchen provider called Hungry Kitchen . Our employees are at the heart of the business; we care for everyone and treat them equally and with respect. We value our employees as family members. That is why there are many policies (more than require by standard and compliance of Cambodian Labor Law) we have developed to ensure our promise to the employees. Those extra policies include Incentive schemes, Long Service Awards, Employee Referral, Employee Bereavement Financial Support, Maternity Financial Support, Special Medical Expense for treatment in Thailand and Vietnam, Salary Advancement Policy, Staff Discount up to 20% for all company goods/product, Special Educational Loans, Extra Insurance Coverage for Accident; and there are more policies being considered.

In addition to our policies, EFG management commit ourselves to stay high and strong with some important components: Compensation & Benefit, Work Environment, Culture & Leadership; and Professional Learning & Development, which we believe are the biggest areas for the benefit of our employees.

Compensation and Benefit : We always benchmark our salary and other benefits with the market and make sure that it is up to par as well as trying to find the best way to engage our people with none cash benefit, especially their moral and happiness at work. Aside from salary, our employees will also enjoy a lot of other benefit in cash including benefit comply with labor law and others designed specifically for our employees.

Commitment for fantastic working environment : we believe that a fun and happy working environment will enable our employees to have more engagement and happy feeling with their job. We designed an attractive and open space for our office to build more engagement and enable our employees to have a more interactive workplace. There is also a relaxation area that our employee can have chitchat, relax, party and other team building activities together. We also commit to deploy the digital working platform/tool to support our business and employees.

Commitment for fantastic work culture and leadership : research tells us that most employees leave their job because of their manager. Therefore, our big priority is developing a fantastic work culture and leadership to ensure a higher level of staff satisfaction and engagement. There are many activities designed to ensure our continuous improvement and achieving this purpose including our Dolphin Program (based on the Fish philosophy), Monthly Staff Birthday, Dolphin Club, Break time during working hour, Coaching, Communication, Leadership Development Program, Building trust, Fun/team Building Activities, Regular Business Update, Company Code of Conduct, Approachable Leadership, Sharing session, Annual employee engagement survey, 24/7 employee pulse survey, whistleblowing mechanism, hall of fame award, game during break time or after working hours, group exercise, EFG’s day, EFG family day, chairman award, annual staff party, key talent program, succession planning, staff recreation activities; and varies activities to ensure the experience employees have is in line with our commitment to create a positive and fantastic work culture and leadership. Not only to make sure we have a positive working culture and leadership, but we also share our love and caring to our employees along with our corporate social responsibility through various activities and events as well.

Professional Learning and Development : We care and promote the development of our employees. We ensure learning and development of our employee from the start of their employment by providing great onboarding plan, various training courses and programs available waiting for their participation. From training need analysis to the actual training registration and report, we want to make sure that we are delivering the right training course/program to support their need of development and perform their job very well. Each month there are almost 20 training courses available both internal and external available for the registration. More than these training courses, Individual Career Development Plan has been also designed; and deployed to our employees to make sure that the company is doing the right training and development for everyone. To retain our key talent, we designed the Key Talent Program specifically to make sure that we are taking care of our key and high potential people.

We believe that EFG is the best place to work and always want to be the best company for employees to experience. Fantastic work culture, great working environment, care from the company/leadership/management team, learning and development opportunities, play, care, make everyone’s day, respect/value, best friend at work; and the commitment from our management team for continuous improvement are always at the forefront of our business to improve, satisfy our employees and align with the business objective.