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TNR Tower, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh Str,
Dong Da Ward, Hanoi, Vietnam

TNR Tower, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh Str, Dong Da Ward, Hanoi, Vietnam


Banking and Financial Services


Become a bank everybody wants to
join, and nobody wants to leave.

Become a bank everybody wants to join, and nobody wants to leave.

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About MSB:

MSB is proud of being the first commercial Bank established (in 1991) during Vietnam's economic reform and rapid development. Over 30 years of development, thanks to our founding shareholders' collective strength and pioneering spirit, MSB has constantly set new ground-breaking milestones in the finance and banking sphere. MSB currently reaches top commercial joint-stock banks with the largest network in Vietnam: 274 branches and transaction offices, 300 ATMs with comprehensive coverage in 51/64 provinces. Besides, MSB is proud of being led by a team of professional and experienced senior leaders, including many leading local and regional banking experts; and operated by a group of nearly 7000 dynamic and professional employees. MSB has created competitive advantages with a fair work environment that facilitates creativity and innovation and focuses on talent training and development.

MSB – Bank real on growth!

Human resources are always the most valuable resource of any organization. Therefore, MSB primarily focuses on the talent development program to generate a qualified workforce for the Bank. MSB is developing on 03 main pillars:
  • Key training,
  • Accompanying and committing to being the career development partner of employees
  • Building a corporate culture with MSB's identity
Since then, we believe that when connecting, participating, and committing with MSB, each individual will have unique experiences of a professional, dedicated and happy workplace.

Core Values:

MSBers always put responsibility first; thus, we always strive to do the right things until complete.

MSBers always listen attentively to understand customers, partners, and colleagues deeply.

MSBers treat each other equally, respect others, and work regulations and principles.

MSBers are encouraged to innovate and come up with valuable ideas.

Efficiency is the measurement of every task at MSB

A. Humans are our most valuable resources:

A strong focus on training & talent development
At MSB, not only managers but also any employee is entitled to participate in competency training and equip themselves with the necessary skills to meet the business requirements of the Bank. In parallel, the Bank has also implemented the competency framework and career roadmap as the basis for evaluating staff competency, developing appropriate training programs, and giving development opportunities to all employees.

Talent Pool and Management Trainee are the talent development programs that MSB has implemented for many years to develop a team of successors for the Bank in the future.

As of September 2021, MSB has deployed more than 1000 professional training courses by more than 200 internal lecturers. MSB also cooperates with prestigious local and international training partners to organize many programs, enhancing personnel capacity under international standards, such as Dale Carnegie - the world's leading organization in human resource development.

Diverse Remuneration Package
Employee welfare policies are diverse, including financial benefits (allowance, MSB Care, financial products & services for employees, ESOP...) and non-financial benefits. (vaccine, teambuilding, gifts for staff and family on special occasions...). These policies are considered the foundation for MSB to create a meaningful working environment always to be "healthy," both physically and mentally.

An energetic and flexible working culture
Apart from promoting a flat structure with close communication between leaders and employees, we continually improve our employee experience and encourage sharing knowledge by regularly organizing team meetings. Furthermore, we have a casual dress code and flexible working hours with three different time frames to promote flexibility.

Our employees' safety is our top priority
Given the current COVID-19 situation, we activated "alert status" immediately to ensure safety for our employees. We provide free shoots of COVID -19 Vaccinations to all employees and give employees the option of working from home to minimize their risk through commuting. Meanwhile, we applied all technology advances to support employees working from home and performing E-learning.

Accelerating implementation of nWOW (New ways of working)
nWOW is a new form of working applied at banks and large enterprises internationally to adapt to social distancing during COVID-19. Pioneering in Vietnam for "New Ways of Working," MSB hopes to become the first-choice employer in Vietnam by 2024.

nWOW is considered an important project that impacts the whole organization, focusing mainly on People - Process - Technology. Accordingly, employees are provided with flexible working conditions anywhere, including technical support and professional training... This working approach is considered the foundation for creating a meaningful working environment. Employees are always "healthy," both physically and mentally.

Successful implementation of nWOW will enable MSB to pioneer in a full digitization journey. MSB will completely change the old way of working and dare to break to succeed.

B. We are creating a better workplace

Equal and fair working environmenttext
MSB has created a working environment that meets the international standards for gender equality and a fair working environment with no gender, age, religious or racial discrimination. Everyone is given equal opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities, best drawing on their strengths and develop equitably.

Technology is the "backbone" of MSB
MSB actively builds a "digital workplace" culture, applies maximum technology to management, operations, operations, and online training, and ensures the best working conditions to help maximize the performance of each employee even when working from home.

Since 2021, MSB has implemented two key projects under the high-tech complex, namely the Digital Factory and Core Banking.

With a nearly VND 2,000 billion investment, the Digital Factory is considered the "backbone" of the bank, aiming to transform the internal digital culture and enhance the customer experience journey. Besides, MSB also activated the Core Banking upgrade project with a total investment of up to 500 billion VND. MSB is committed to providing a competitive salary and attractive remuneration package for potential candidates participating in the projects. This commitment is considered an action for the bank to attract "digital talent" by offering a salary that is superior to the current market average and commensurate with the candidate's abilities.


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C. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At MSB, we believe that businesses can only grow strong in a stable and prosperous community. Therefore, in parallel with the business goals, we always uphold social responsibility to create positive impacts on the community.

Supported Vietnam against COVID-19
Accompanying the Government and local authorities in the COVID-19 pandemic towards the social community, MSB already sponsored over 10 billion VND to the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund and Viet Nam Fatherland Front. At the same time, MSB has carried out many other meaningful activities towards the frontline forces against the epidemic and assisting people in localities heavily affected by the epidemic.
Created The Greening Vietnam Journey
The campaign belongs to the Green Happiness program – a long-term project promoting the community to plant trees to increase the connection between people and nature towards a healthy and happy life. With the cooperation of MSB and the Sustainable Living Community Development Support Fund (Life Fund), 15,495 trees have been successfully planted over the past six months, turning 9.29 hectares of primitive shrub land into a forest.