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20-20Bis-22 Dinh Tien Hoang St,
Dakao Ward, Dist .1, HCMC

20-20Bis-22 Dinh Tien Hoang St, Dakao Ward, Dist .1, HCMC


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To provide the highest quality medical services with compassion at affordable prices to the people of Vietnam.

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Established in 2005, Victoria Healthcare polyclinic system is one of the most prestigious brands in the private sector providing high-quality health care services to customers in HCMC and surrounding areas.

After 15 years of serving their customers, Victoria Healthcare still defines its vision as pioneering in providing high-quality healthcare for Vietnamese. That is why Victoria Healthcare applies a patient care model that meets the standard of Sanford Health (US), which also is its strategic partner.

Victoria Healthcare, which has many branches at convenient locations in the city, is fully specialized for diagnosis and treatment. It is intensively invested with modern equipments and satisfies international standards in comprehensive health care services and outpatient medical examination and treatment. All the clinics are well equipped with modern facilities imported from US, EU, Japan, etc. The physicians here are known for their rich experiences and enthusiasm as well as being trained continuously in the USA, Australia, Japan and committed to evidence-based-medicine practice.

Victoria Healthcare’s Motto is “Patients First”.
From the very beginning, we have been asking the same question: “what do patients need when seeing the doctor?”

With this in mind, the medical care staff of Victoria Healthcare are always learning, listening, and caring for our patients, based on best medical evidence, without overmedication or overuse of unnecessary laboratory tests. We thoroughly explain and respond to patients’ concerns, with empathy.

We call this The Victoria Way. We are committed to pursuing the Victoria Way at each Victoria clinic, with each patient. We put the needs of our patients first and place them at the center of medical care.

Patients First

  • The Victoria Way is providing the highest standard of care and caring. Each of us is committed to pursuing the Victoria Way for our patients.
  • The doctors at Victoria are aiming for a higher goal: they want to help their patient lead better, longer, and happier lives.
  • Caring for people and helping them will always be our constant guiding star.
  • Following and communicating the Patient Bill of Rights becomes a guide.
  • We are a “learning organization”. Always learning is how we build in quality to best serve.

Standard of CARE

Continuous Quality Improvement process Advanced and updated healthcare technologies and knowledge Respectful care: Promote patient – centered, team-based care Efficient treatment through evidence – based medical practice

Patient’s Bill of Rights

(Adapted from American Medical Association) Respect: Each individual will be treated as unique and their human dignity will be respected. Autonomy: The patient shall determine what will be done with his or herself. The patient has a right to confidentiality of their medical treatment and records, and to have all medical personnel safeguard that right. Truthfulness: Physicians will be truthful with patients and their families and should avoid withholding information. This allows the patient to make informed decisions. Beneficence: Medical personnel must follow the ethical principle of always doing or promoting the best care that they can offer. Non-maleficence: The Hippocratic (ancient Greek physician whose ethics are still followed 2300 years later) principle: “DO NO HARM” (Primum non nocere) Justice: Fairness; each patient will be treated equally to all others with all the kindness and respect that are given to all. Fidelity: Medical Personnel must remain faithful to promises made. Right-to-know: Nothing shall be done to a patient without his/her informed consent.

One of the biggest success that help Victoria Healthcare goes on developing and growing-up until today is having a team of like-minded doctors who come together to give the highest priority to world best-practices: “evidence-based medicine”

Dr. Nguyen Vinh Tuong, Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Everyone is A Good Team Player

  • Work with others and build effective relationships to accomplish common team goals and objectives.
  • Share ideas freely and openly in a respective manner. Receive input from others.
  • Willing to compromise while working towards consensus with a focus on outcomes that reflect the collective need.
  • Accept responsibility for your role as an effective participant.


  • In the workplace, gossip is an activity that can drain, distract and downshift employee job satisfaction.
  • We all have participated in this, yet most of us say we don’t like it.
  • In order to create a more professional workplace, we make a commitment to change our atmosphere to be gossip free.