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166 Nguyen Thai Hoc,
Quang Trung ward, Vinh City,
Nghe An, Vietnam

166 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Quang Trung ward, Vinh City, Nghe An, Vietnam


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TH Group is a leading fresh dairy and healthy beverage manufacturer in Vietnam. All TH’s products reflect 5 core values which include “For Community Health” and “Completely Natural”.

TH Group has been known as the pioneer enterprise that puts Vietnam on the world map of the dairy industry with the project "TH true MILK high-tech concentrated dairy farming and milk processing". Besides, on the way to accomplishing its mission “For true HAPPINESS”, apart from the fresh milk project, TH Group also runs a number of organic, healthy food and beverage (ranges from Pasteurized fresh milk, UHT milk, HILO fresh milk, fruit milk, yoghurt, ice-cream, butter, cheese, nut milk… to roasted rice drinks, fruit drinks, herbal drinks, pure water), vegetables, natural sugar, forestry projects, as well as a system of TH Schools and TH Medical Complex.

TH true MILK project was certified Asia Record in 2015 and recently just set a World Record, certified by World Kings in 2020, for being the World’s Largest Centralized Dairy Farming and Processing Complex with a total of more than 45,000 dairy cows in Nghe An (Vietnam). More high-tech concentrated dairy farms are being established in Vietnam and internationally. After 10 years of market presence, TH contributes over 40 percent of fresh milk market in Vietnam.

Being highly appreciated by international experts for operating an end to end production chain from farm-factory to distribution with high technology and world leading quality standards, TH has been recognized as having made a revolution in the local dairy industry. By growing field crops and raising cows, TH has provided a large source of fresh milk to process real fresh milk products, thereby created motivation for other businesses to produce fresh milk, providing Vietnamese consumers with the best dairy products.

TH products have reached dynamic markets such as China, ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, and Laos…).

Since 2016, TH Group has implemented a project on high-tech concentrated dairy farming and milk processing in the Russian Federation with a total investment of $2.7 billion. The goal of the project is to produce, process and distribute TH true MILK brand milk in Russia and European countries.


  • Building a HIGH PERFORMING workforce by nurturing a culture of focusing on and excelling at what matters;
  • Building an ENGAGING workplace by creating a positive career experience at TH, focusing on 3Bs: ‘Believing’ – building employees’ trust in the organization; ‘Becoming’ – building the motivation to grow with the organization, maximizing employees’ potentials along with dedicated contribution to fulfil TH’s vision and mission; ‘Belonging’ – building the pride and emotional bond with TH.
  • Developing a SUSTAINABLE human resources management system. All of the necessary systems, technologies, and capabilities must be robust and constantly innovated to ensure strength and agility in what we do and how we grow.


TH is widely recognized as a Group that puts the human factor as its core, that builds a happy, professional, fair and open working environment as well as creates opportunities for employees to speak up and give opinions.

TH defines “Happiness at work” as being dedicated, doing meaningful work, thriving every day, and being healthy both physically and mentally. According to a 2019 report by Hay Group Korn Ferry (a global management consulting firm), 90% of employees expressed the pride in working for TH as an organization that has associated the word “true” in our branding position and always pioneers in our innovation to bring true happiness and sustainable development to the community.

TH’s impressive growth is regarded as a "miracle" over the past decade. Along with the organization, our employees have also been flourishing by being given every opportunity to learn and develop in all dimensions: vertically (promotions), in-depth (professional expertise), and experiential width (career experience and self-development in new projects, job rotations, relocation to new geographies, transfer within the group ...).

During Covid-19 epidemic challenging time, TH Group has always been consistent with the core value of "harmonization of interests" that all TH people respect and are proud of. We make every effort to balance our resources to maintain business growth and continue taking care of our employees, while sharing the responsibility of epidemic prevention with the government and the community. Despite difficulties, TH still carried out the salary reviews, kept the performance bonus programme, made adjustments to give better care to employees whilst ensuring effective budget management. Total rewards at TH cover all aspects including salary, recognition, fixed bonus, performance bonus, long service bonus, core values awards, allowances, insurances, premium health care programs, and various wellness activities. Our remuneration system is well designed, ensuring performance based rewards, talent retention, internal equity and external competitiveness.

TH Group’s ability to succeed as a sustainable business depends greatly on our people. At TH, we promote personal growth, innovation and a positive environment for our people. We have a culture that rewards commitment and hard work. It is our aim to help our people reach their full potential

Mr. Nguyen Duc Nam - CEO TH Food Chain
TH employees are highly inspired by the purpose of our company and meaning of our work. We contribute and thrive with the company, and at the same time, we experience team spirit, a strong sense of belonging through work and various interesting activities together: sports games, team building trips, volunteering activities. Employees sharing the same healthy interests throughout the Group are also connected through clubs such as: tree planting club, runners and bikers club, TH readers, badminton club … Each member company also implements a number of wellbeing activities, including Healthy meals, Monday detox, No-smoking program, green living initiatives...
TH promotes high performing culture and transparency at the workplace by implementing a continuous performance management programme. All employees would regularly have 1:1 conversation with their managers regarding goals achievement and career development. This nurtures an climate of openness, recognition, valuable feedback for learning and growth.

TH has also successfully developed and applied the “Speak Up Process” facilitating two-way communication channels to provide: (1) Opportunities for employees to speak up, provide feedback and recommendations about company policies and practices, and (2) Opportunities for managers to address employee’s concerns and communicate about their actions.

At TH, we all work together to build an engaging workplace so that everyone is excited to go to work every morning. Each member is the creator and nurturer of the organizational culture. Each member is both the owner and the engineer who builds that environment.