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Together We Create Groundbreaking Experiences

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Established in 1995, Sparx* is Vietnam’s premier Game and Animation studio based in Ho Chi Minh City. The studio became part of Virtuos in 2011 and is currently home to over 500 talent, providing end-to-end solutions in animation, cinematics, and game development. For over two decades, Sparx* has contributed to some of the biggest AAA video games, highest-grossing Hollywood blockbuster movies, and award-winning TV series worldwide.

Talent Development at the Core of the Business

At Sparx* and Virtuos studios globally, we continuously seek to provide sustained learning and development initiatives, comprehensive career progression, and competitive welfare benefits. In particular, we establish an inclusive and fun workplace where everyone keeps learning and growing through our benefits mantra of: PLAY, GROW, and WIN.

PLAY – Where the Studio Is a Playground

For us, it is important that every member of our studio feels welcomed and part of a highly-valued team – comprising other friendly, like-minded team members who are both professionals at work and gamers at heart.

We are in the business of fun, creation, and creativity, and thus have plenty of employee engagement activities organized regularly. Activities range from monthly happy hour parties, to holiday events, weekly treats, and notably, e-sports tournaments open to all compete in and celebrate projects they contributed to. In addition, there are multiple guilds, hobby and sports clubs to further encourage team bonding and well-being.

Sparxers – what we affectionately call our employees – are also provided with flexible working time options. This enables many of our working parents to take better care of their families and personal needs, alongside other paternity and maternity benefits that go beyond state requirements.

GROW – Where Learning Never Stops

We are invested in establishing ourselves as the primary choice for talent in Vietnam’s digital entertainment industry, through a track record of global blockbuster projects. Specifically, we enjoy a long-established reputation as one of the best workplaces in Vietnam in 3D art and animation. To be part of Sparx* is to be part of a world-class team with opportunities to work on the latest international blockbuster content and AAA video games – a dream for talent passionate about art, entertainment, and technology.

We create deep career development programs for Sparxers, which comprise well-defined skill milestones for evert role, and provide open access to resources that enable them to chart their own professional development. Resources can be in the form of cross-department training classes, 6-month job mobility sabbaticals to other Virtuos studios worldwide, as well as opportunities to attend international conferences of choice based on performance. Our studio’s leadership team and senior employees also continuously improve their management skills through customized managerial programs and MBA scholarships.

It is also no secret that offering internal talent training can further improve the skillset and aptitude of employees in an organization. At Sparx*, we have certainly invested and succeeded in this area with more than 60% of employees attending courses led by both our internal and external trainers annually in 2020.

WIN – A Partnership That Rewards Talent

Game and film production studios are well known for their fast-paced environments and continuous demand for improvement in both quality and skillsets. Therefore, it is crucial that employees are recognized and rewarded. At Sparx*, our bonus system is fairly and competitively based on results, collaboration, and innovation. It is complemented with loyalty and profit-sharing bonuses, competitive overtime compensation, zero-interest house purchase loans, as well as share options that enable employees at director levels and above to become business stakeholders.

Furthermore, we ensure that we give back to the local community in the most meaningful ways. Embracing the core values of education, environment, and diversity, the charity initiatives by Sparx* are organized strategically and frequently – including the donation of computers to shelter homes, relief fund raising, and tree planting.

Together We Create Groundbreaking Experiences

We believe in the potential of the local industry and are set on putting Vietnamese digital entertainment on the world map. To do so, we continue providing a welcoming workplace, constant learning opportunities, and fulfilling career development for our studio members – creators of quality games and movies in Vietnam.