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Having strong history that stretches over 29 years, Sai Gon J.S. Commercial Bank (SCB) is one of the 5 biggest Vietnamese joint stock banks with 670,749 billion VND of total assets, 20,020 billion VND of charter capital as of June 30, 2021. It is available in 239 locations all over 28 most popular business provinces/cities of the country with a workforce of more than 7,000 employees.

Over the past few years, investing in employee development has always been our key strategy with many big projects on improving employees’ competencies were implemented, aiming to professionally and methodically hone the employees’ skills and capabilities.


By adopting a “candidate-first” approach, SCB currently focuses on improving candidate experience through modern software systems as well as lean, transparent, professional screening, interviewing, and hiring process. Such innovative touchpoints are to encourage candidates to connect and learn more about SCB on their career choice journey. Experience the workplace, SCB’s new recruiting program launched in 2021, turned out to be well-received for its modern e-learning technology, letting candidates acquire practical skills to self-assess their suitabilities in the form of interactive video games. Workplace integration programs (Pre-onboard, Onboard) are also one of key focuses of hiring process to enbale new hires to quickly adapt to SCB culture.

These programs are designed to provide positive experiences that motivate and inspire both individuals and business units based on 3 elements of a working environment which are cultural, technological and physical.


Despite the many difficulties encountered during the Covid19 epidemic, SCB has been striving to maintain salary, bonus and welfare policies, bringing a series of measures into play to timely support the employees during the pandemic. Besides HR long-term plans establishment, SCB continuously improves and re-inforces the compensation and benefits policies to aim for a comprehensive total reward model.

Transparency and clarity in salary and bonus policies have been reflected through 3P model (Position- Person - Performance) and effective KPIs management system, which have been well upgraded to digital report on a monthly/quarterly basis, shortening the response time and improving the quality and productivity of employees.

When it comes to welfare policies, SCB has been providing Covid-19 vaccination for employees and their relatives, health insurance, accident insurance and many other side-benefits applied for all employees such as responsibility allowance, gifts or bonuses for special occasions or personal events. Especially, loyalty programs to recognize and reward high seniority employees, additional annual leave entitlement policy, employee stock option program are the highlight.

Moreover, SCB regularly holds reward programs to inspire emulation in business activities. The recently founded Sparta Club and PFS Elite Club have not only provided encouragement to employees but also integrated with financial benefits, competencies improvement, succession planning as well as a place for sharing, creating more values to SCBers as a whole.

Promising outlook of an organization cannot be more truly reflected than by the level of happiness, engagement and passion to build up the organization inside every member. That is what we have been cultivating at SCB.

Mr. Truong Khanh Hoang, Acting Chief Executive Officer


The development roadmap at SCB is built clearly and transparently for greater job promotion in both managerial or professional postions (vertical and horizontal development) Competencies framework and training pyramid are tailored made for single job position that support employees to have their own personal training and development plan which is met organization’s demand.

At the same time, SCB is designing training policies in accordance with the competencies framework and training pyramid model, further enhancing E-Learning activities and on-the-job training , ensuring all employees have easy access to training programs to improve their functional competencies. In 2021, SCB launched "The S-Factor" succession planning program to identify and foster high potential talents - creating available resources for some managerial and professional positions through a series of training classes that improve behaviour and functional competencies.

At every step in the development journey, employees will received strongly support from the HR Management Division, their Leader, and relevant Departments to constantly improve themselves in preparation for career growth. Together in this journey, the Board of Directors can grasp what the employees really want and need, thereby giving timely strategic directions to improve the quality of HR services, ensuring a happy and prosperous working environment.


The solidarity, unanimity and sharing spirit of all employees are the keys for SCB to unabatedly continue the developmental journey. “Playgrounds” for SCBers, where their mental and physical life can be enriched and varied, includes Teambuilding activities, Journey of Glory, Green Lifestyle programs, 5S culture, sporting events, etc. During the Covid-19, SCB initiated the “Be healthy in the epidemic – Be SCBers" activity series. Through internal communication, employees are still fully and timely updated with SCB news and events, strengthening the unity and interaction of all employees, providing meaningful lifestyles such as know-how in Covid prevention and health care, etc.

With the traditional humanistic spirit of SCBers, employees were also quick to donate to the Covid Vaccine Fund, helping those affected by the outbreak nearby SCB’s service locations. The donations were no less than tens of billions of VND. Their restless contributions also continued by donations to the Internal Cooperation Fund, sharing difficulties with affected colleagues, or whose family members are affected and in need of aid, supports to employees temporarily working, eating and sleeping on-site, to name a few.