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1F, 53-55 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan St.,
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1F, 53-55 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan St., Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC




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Founded in 2004, the predecessor of Ricons is an investment - real estate company. Since 2008, Ricons has gradually expanded into other fields. Construction is the core business of the corporation, under the Ricons brand. Ricons’ construction projects across the country range from high-rise buildings, hotels, resorts to industrial factories and infrastructure. With many valuable contributions to the community, Ricons is honored to be ranked in the Top 3 most prestigious Contractors in Vietnam.

With the motto of being a responsible, customer-centered corporation, Ricons aims to not only create added value but also contribute to the prosperity of our customers and society through high-quality constructions, products and services. Inheriting 17 years of experience, Ricons is not only established by kindhearted, professional, productive people but also guided by leaders with righteous, responsible and exemplary spirit.

We understand that one of Ricons’ competitive advantages is our elite human resources, full of passion, expertise, courage and willingness to change in order to break ground. The ambition and desire to conquer challenging projects motivates Ricons’ people to nurture our inner strength.

With the "Employee is the number one priority" mindset, Ricons always strives to provide an optimal working environment to employees by offering training programs, extensive welfare regimes, etc. In 2018, Ricons was honored in the Top 100 best companies to work for in Vietnam and ranked 3rd among construction enterprises.

Work Environment

As one of the enterprises with the best work policies and one of the best 100 companies to work for in Vietnam, Ricons constantly strives to build a healthy work environment, ideal for professionalism, harmony and collaboration.

Moreover, knowing that work space plays a crucial role in contributing to work efficiency, Ricons has built a spacious and airy workspace, along with versatile facilities such as office residence and Ri-Coffee cafeteria. The company is also fully furnished with modern equipment, state-of-the-art protective uniforms to provide employees with a safe work environment.

Training Activities

Ricons places a high value on human resources training and development. The investment in our employees lays the foundation for a long-term development. Training activities focus on not only technical knowledge but also performance skills at work, helping employees improve their skills, work efficiency as well as personal development on their desired career path.

On that basis, Ricons - Ri-Academy Training Center was established with the aim of equipping its employees with knowledge and skills for more effective work performance, fulfilling competence needs, endorsing the importance of leadership so as to catch up with the Company’s progress via diverse forms of training courses.


Throughout the journey to success, Ricons not only aims to build a brand reputation as the leading company in the construction field, but also strives to create an attract working and living environment. With the motto "employee is our priority", Ricons has created RICARE – a channel that provides information on health care and spreads love in order to provide Riconsers with all-round care, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Salary & allowance: the most competitive in the market
Living quality of Ricons employees is our major concern. Salary, bonus and allowance policies are always taken into thorough consideration in order to ensure a quality lifestyle for each employee and their family. With that in mind, the Board of Leaders has offered a salary, bonus and allowance policy that is one of the most competitive in the Vietnamese market.

Comprehensive health insurance: Your health is our fortune Every year, Ricons organizes routine medical checkups for its employees in accordance with the state law. This also gives Ricons the opportunity to include more comprehensive health screening tests for employees in the prestigious hospitals and clinics in the country.

In addition to compulsory insurance and annual medical check-ups in compliance with the law, Ricons also offers a comprehensive health insurance to employees and their relatives by trustworthy private insurance companies. This not only ensures the health of employees but also gives them assurance as the health of their loved ones is also protected.
Annual travel trips: we always try to offer you divine moments of relaxation outside of work Annual travel trips are usually highly appreciated by our Ricons people. After days of selfless dedication to their work, our employees deserve to enjoy relax and enjoy well organized trips in and outside the country, so that they are energized and motivated to achieve personal and common goals of the Company.

Spiritual wellbeing care: Ricons takes your wellbeing to heart
Ricons targets employees who not only are highly qualified and physically healthy, but also possess a strong spirit and a positive attitude. That’s why Ricons deeply cares for all aspects of spiritual and emotional life of each employee. In order to achieve that, we would love to accompany you though the ups and downs in life, even on birthdays, in sickness or throughout the pregnancy.

Reward policy
"Endless creativity, continuous improvement, innovation for eternity" is one distinguished cultural aspect of Ricons. In order to encourage and create this culture, Ricons relies on its the reward policy. Ricons regularly presents bonuses and great rewards in order to encourage the creativity of our Ricons people.