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281-283 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 6,
District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

281-283 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 6, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




To become a leading company in
nutrition products, sustainably
develop for consumers’ benefit.

To become a leading company in nutrition products, sustainably develop for consumers’ benefit.

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In the 90s, in every 8-10 child patients, there were 2-3 deaths because they did not have enough nutrition to fight diseases. At that time, a doctor used a blender to puree foods and feed them through a nasogastric tube, which saved the lives of thousands of children. That doctor became one of the founders of Nutifood, and the blender is our symbol till now.

Founded on March 29, 2000 by doctors and nutritionists with the initial business philosophy: “Every product is made to meet urgent nutritional needs of the community, to contribute to the overall physical development of Vietnamese", after more than 20 years of development, Nutifood has now become one of the three largest milk producers and dealers in Vietnam.

By understanding the pressing nutritional needs of the community, we has researched and developed the most appropriate and effective products, which has been the motivation for us for nearly 20 years, as a pioneer in successful research of special products for children with anorexia, diabetes, overweight or obese children via esophageal catheter in hospitals and for patients in recovering. Currently, our products are available all over 63 provinces and cities across Vietnam and also many other countries around the world such as: USA, France, Korea, China, Philippines...

Throughout our development, we not only promote the bright heart of the business when setting product quality first, but also demonstrate social responsibility by contributing positively to the community through many activities such as: “Vitamin A programs throughout Ho Chi Minh City”, “The World Milk Day”, "The children day", "The day of nutrition and encouragement to be against diabetes ","The bridge of health ","Diabetic Club", “Supporting communication activities of health for workers at export processing zones”, etc., which create an image of a friendly dietitian in practical community activities.

One of the most important parts helping us reach to the new breakthrough is our human resource. We deeply understand that building and developing a successful team is extremely important for sustainable development in the future as a competitive environment becomes increasingly fierce. That’s why we strongly value human resource in our organization.

At Nutifood, nurturing potential and developing people are always the top values that we pursue. We strive to create the best working environment where every employee has the opportunity to challenge themselves, improve their skills and proudly work every day to create the best health care nutrition products for the community.

Dr. Tran Thi Le, CEO Nutifood

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Combining achievements and rewards
  • Maintaining a multicultural work environment and a balance with quality of life
  • Outstanding remuneration policy in the industry to retain loyalty and attract talents
  • Rewards through many forms with many different categories to make sure Nutifood’s benefits are beyond market’s average

Training and developing from Nutifood
  • Training nutrition knowledge that is useful for for employees, their families and society as well. This is a unique highlight of Nutifood
  • Training programs with hands-on projects
    • Sharing workshops for experience exchange
    • Create a culture of leadership from the experience of direct management
    • Training road map and competency built for each position to evaluate for promotion and looking for potential talents
Transmitting between generations
  • Create a strong leadership force
  • Responsibility leaded directly from the key managers
  • Start with the inspiration and enthusiasm towards the comprehensive goal of NutiFood

Sharing the core values of Nutifood
Assessment of talent from:
  • Nutifood’s attitude to values and culture
  • Potential and strong leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit committed

Long-term investment plan
  • Shaping from expected goals
  • Putting the development of internal resources into perspective
  • Implementing tools associated with individual performance evaluation process
  • Identifying sources of financial investment

Organisational Structure
  • 60% of management level developed from internal sources