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Workplace policies and practices

At Mega, we care about our people’s wellbeing while increasing productivity. We ensure our staffs have the most comfortable conditions to work by providing flexible working hours, annual leave days and extra paid leaves in some cases, fitness activities like yoga and dance classes after work.

Mega promotes anti-discrimination and equal career opportunity. We believe that “talent has no boundaries” and we are willing to recruit and work with people from all background as we know they can bring diverse experience, perspectives and values to our organization. We have worked with some centers supporting disabled and orphans to provide employment opportunity for them, assist them with job adaptation and development.

Employee growth and development is always at the heart of Mega’s philosophy. We organize several training and education programs for our staffs to enhance their skills and upgrade their knowledge. Employees from all level can access our wide range of training and workshops, from technical to soft skills, and they are motivated to acquire new learnings and perform better.

Employee benefits

The good employee benefits package of Mega has improve our bottom line over the years by attracting and retaining our people. Mega values our people’s dedication and talent by providing reasonable compensation and benefit package, appropriate recognition for employee’s hard work and achievement.

As a pharmaceutical company, our top concern must be everyone’s health and wellbeing. Social insurance, health insurance and annual health checkup followed by doctor’s consultation is guaranteed in our medical care policy. As a part of our healthcare program, we also hold wellness and healthcare programs about promoting a healthier lifestyle and preventing illness.

Mega take care of our employee but still do not leave their family behind. Employees that have worked with us over 5 years are granted health insurance and health checkup for their family members. The word “We Care” in our slogan is expressed through these practical and caring actions.

Employee engagement

The bond of our close and supportive people is built through the employee engagement programs that we have. Parties to celebrate birthday and other special occasions, charity programs, team-building activities and company trip are indispensable for our people to have fun, interact and get to know more of each other.

In some events, we also organize competitions between departments to promote cooperation and teamwork and thus create a positive atmosphere.

In addition, events like sport day and family day where staffs can bring their family is helpful not only in employee engagement but also in building a closer image of Mega to our employee’s family.

Our CSR practices also actively engage employees in working on social issues. There are many programs for our staffs to spend time as a team helping out in the community service. We have run a beach clean up day for our employees and their family to join hands in taking care of the environment and raise environmental awareness. Followed up by this initiative, we also implement some environmentally-friendly measures in the office like reducing using plastic bags, cups, bottles…, applying garbage classification, encouraging saving energy and papers at the workplace. These go-green ideas positively affect how our employees feel about the working space around them and also make our office become more eco-friendly and efficient.

Our company also takes an interest in helping less privileged people. We are in partnership with an orphanage to sponsor tuition fee for the kids and also try to offer them job opportunity later if they are suitable.

Employer branding

Mega knows the importance of identifying and promoting our image in the targeted pool of candidates that we are interesting in hiring. Our employer branding activities start within our organization first. We make sure that our employees understand and reflect the culture of our company through their actions and testimonials. We also try to set up the workplace and office that fit our culture by putting up suitable corners and photos of what we want to showcase. Moreover, many items such as bag, bottle, pen, helmet,… with Mega logo and identity also play an important role in introducing our brand to more people.
Approaching potential candidates in multiple directions is one of our concern. We take part in various career fairs organized at universities and colleges to introduce our company and bring our name closer to the job-seekers. We also build our brand on social media sites by posting our activities and job vacancies on Facebook, LinkedIn and our website. Employee referrals is also another way to recruit more effectively and grow our brand at the same time. We encourage our staff to spread the message about job openings and refer candidates because it helps improve our brand visibility in the market.