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MB Ageas Life 5-year happiness building journey

MB Ageas Life was established in 2016, on the basis of a joint venture between three partners: MB Bank of Vietnam, Ageas Group from Belgium and Muang Thai life insurance company from Thailand.

With the mission of "Accompanying You to Build Happiness", MB Ageas Life aims to become the most trusted life insurance company, bringing to Vietnam's life insurance market a new approach to financial products in general and insurance products in particular.

In 2021, marking the 5-year journey of MB Ageas Life accompanying customers to build happiness, MB Ageas Life has been honored to receive the Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Finance, recognizing many achievements and contributions in building and developing Vietnam's insurance market in the period of 2016-2021.

Recently, the ranking of Vietnam Report – a prestigious and independent rating unit has honored MB Ageas Life for the second consecutive time in the ranking of Top 10 prestigious life insurance companies.

MB Ageas Life currently protects nearly 2 million customers nationwide. By the end of 2020, MB Ageas Life has paid benefits to more than 10,000 customers, with insurance amounting to more than VND92 billion. In particular, there are many new customers who pay the first-year premium but have received payment benefits from MB Ageas Life.

The major awards titles in the country have once again defined strong financial potential, sustainable business growth, a positive brand image building strategy that has improved the level of trust of customers and people for MB Ageas Life. In addition to specialized training programs international and national standards, MBAL also focuses on training employees in job skills in order to continuously enhance themselves. This is also an environment where young people look forward to learning and working directly with leading Ageas experts in the insurance field. MBAL focuses on the career development of each employee by supporting and investing in professional development while always searching, discovering and fostering young talents according to training programs. HIPOs – will be the potential source of MBAL in the future. Professional, dynamic, innovative MB Ageas Life has a young, dynamic working environment, opportunities for each employee to learn and improve their qualifications. Every employee is encouraged to contribute, innovate, make decisions and experiment. Group activities The company regularly has engagement activities with many great group activities every year, clearly showing a friendly and united working environment such as: teambuilding, family day, year-end party, gift on holidays: Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, International Women's Day. Opportunity to participate in activities for the community Each employee also has the opportunity to participate in MBAL's volunteer program, diverse community activities, and major media events over the country.

Inpatient and outpatient health care insurance.

As an environment towards building happiness for everyone, MBAL understands and shares concerns and concerns about health, illness and treatment costs with each employee with the "health care" program for employees. pellets. Cost support during outpatient and inpatient treatment at hospitals under Direct Billing system.

Periodic health check-up Annually, periodic health check-ups at international standard hospitals with an in-depth examination list help employees detect individual health problems as well as disease risks for timely treatment. At the same time, periodically organized counseling sessions on health, nutrition and disease prevention to support employees to have a more balanced life.

Employee life insurance This is an excellent benefit program of MBAL to protect employees 24 hours/7 days. With the goal of increasing cohesion and for the benefit of employees, all MBAL's official employees are entitled to participate in Life Insurance according to the company's policy.

Family welfare

Benefits for health care insurance for family members - Inpatient and outpatient benefits.

The company supports employees with the cost of purchasing insurance for 03 family members as well as supports part of the procedure to be able to purchase health insurance and accident insurance for employees' family members, in order to help the family members of each employee enjoy the best health care services in medical facilities, clinics and hospitals have top quality and medical standards.

In particular, if inpatient treatment at hospitals under the Direct Billing System, family members of employees are entitled to Direct billing benefits which are very convenient in cases of emergencies or when the family is unable to prepare the hospital admission fees.