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Since launching in 2012, Lazada Vietnam inherits Lazada Group's journey to accelerate progress through commerce and technology, with vision by 2030 to serve millions of customers, create jobs for Vietnamese in the eCommerce ecosystem and power real & profitable local SMEs. In 2016, Lazada Group became the regional flagship of Alibaba Group and hence Lazada Vietnam is also backed by Alibaba's best-in-class infrastructure.

With above vision, we capture the heartbeat of our market by observing how customers behave and interact to our platform. Lazada Vietnam has thrived on our in-app live steaming, gamification and “see now, buy now” feature to offer convenience to our customers and drive sales in return. Especially during Covid-19 pandemic, our shoppers were staying home but still enjoying new distractions - latest content, coolest experience and best gadgets, with us. These also help our Brand partners to keep their products and services at the forefront of the customers’ mind and booming their business from time to time. We continuously introduce leading initiatives in logistics for seamless customer experience. Shoppers now can choose to pick up goods at 300 collection points located at convenience stores or use automated technology with smart locker, which only requires them to scan QR code or input their phone number to receive the parcel.

Lazada Vietnam is setting new standards for eCommerce, and we're doing this by bringing out the best in our people. To strategize the local talents development agenda, we have focused on the following people initiatives:

Empowerment & Value for Innovation

Nowadays, 92% of Lazada Vietnam’s population and 85% of managerial roles are Millennials. Understanding our employees’ needs, we use technology and tools that allow best ideas to be generated from our people. Every single communication and working proposal can be exchanged easily and quickly among Management team and employees through our internal-based app, Dingtalk. In Lazada, we have one core value named “If not now, when? If not me, who?” that encourages each of us to take ownership to go beyond our daily operations and continuously improve our services to customers, sellers, partners and internal stakeholders.

Lazada employees are passionate to raise their voices and matters to strengthened working environment together with Management team. This process is supported timely by our digital eNPS survey (Employees Net Promoter Score), which is ran for every 6 months. As the results, many new initiatives are introduced and business confidence are up after each survey cycle.

At day end, all effort is recognized and we show our care and respect to employees by our traditional initiative so called Annual Big Show, where we conduct impactful performance review, deliver meaningful feedbacks and align development plan properly.

Personal Growth Programs

Our Millennials employees are hungry to learn and we just simply create ready-to-use platforms that they can find their own ways to experiment, to learn and to do better every day.

Internal transfer opportunities, regional short-term assignments and Alibaba rotations... are some of terms that we recently renovate as core principle to provide practical experience for employees’ development. Even for current roles, we inspire our employees with the value “Today’s best performance is tomorrow’s baseline”, to stretch their annual goals and try new things for career advancement.

Adult learning is a choice and Lazada’s employees are empowered to make such decisions. They can either learn through our series of virtual/classroom training with internal and external speakers or eLearning anytime, anywhere with our Udemy partner with a thousand of courses.

In addition, Lazada focuses on building typical eCommerce capabilities with international standard training formats. More than 60% of Lazadians from the eCommerce team has been intensively trained with Dragon Inn Program, an intensive category management program designed and facilitated by Alibaba Group to develop eCommerce competence for local Talents.

Leadership development and culture plays the essential part at Lazada Vietnam as we believe Lazada’s success inspired by visionary leaders whose performance is not only valued but also their people and leadership quality to lead their team to achieve the dream. Leadership Fundamentals Program is well-tailored by Lazada Group to grow middle managers.


Work Happily, Live Seriously

Enjoy work as we enjoy life and treat life as seriously as we do work. At Lazada, we build up an environment and working protocol that allow our employees to be agile: flexible working hours, flat organization for quick execution from ideas and working remotely easily… Workplace is a fun place; therefore, we design a delightful office with entertainment equipment including game station, table tennis, table soccer, well-equipped pantry and a Happiness room where Lazadians could relax and enjoy fun moments together.
Our e-commerce nature usually come with big online shopping campaigns organizing many times throughout the year and in order to engage and uplift the morale for our employees in such pressure time, we make our daily office just like big festivals with impressive decoration, foods supplement from day to night, cute gifts and even entertainment shows.

Our culture, ways of working and values then could grow our Lazadians to be a better version of themselves, they can make their beloved ones proud and we’d love to be a part of this meaningful journey.

With a huge growth potential for eCommerce in Vietnam, Lazada believes that we are able to build not only a sustainable online shopping ecosystem but essentially to develop local Talents who are driving for the dream of Lazada.