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02 Tan Vien, Ward 2,
Tan Binh District, HCMC

02 Tan Vien, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, HCMC


Information Technology -
Software Development &
Consulting Services

Information Technology - Software Development & Consulting Services


Be a visionary global technology
group with a portfolio of innovative
service and product businesses

Be a visionary global technology group with a portfolio of innovative service and product businesses

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Established in 2009, KMS Technology started as a U.S.-based engineering and software services company with development centers in Vietnam. Over 12 years of operation, the company has been trusted by international clients for the superior quality of Vietnamese engineers' products and expertise. In 2021, KMS Technology expands its business direction to focus on providing software services in the Healthcare industry, growing its operations in the Asia Pacific by providing digitalization solutions starting from Australia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Besides providing services, KMS builds and successfully launches its own software companies through its internal startup incubator, KMS Labs. The most notable companies with millions of users worldwide include QASymphony, Kobiton, Katalon, and Grove. Under the brand KMS Solutions, the company serves the Asia Pacific region, offering technology solution consulting and bringing the most advanced and latest technologies to the Asian market.


The KMS's culture at the high level is to do the right thing for the employees, clients, and communities. One notable aspect of our distinct culture is a respectful and supportive environment so that we can all work together toward ultimate shared success.

We have a set of core values: Integrity, Value Creation, Excellence, Inclusivity, and Joy; which are believed and seriously implemented by the top leaders. We select to bring in other believers and that’s how it cascades and becomes a culture that KMS is well-known and proud of.


KMS recognizes and rewards our employees for their efforts and contributions. We empower our employees to bring out their best, grow to their full potential, and achieve great career success. We believe a well-designed benefits package will give KMSers great support to achieve a secured, healthy, and enjoyable life.

In terms of physical health, we invested in our premium health checkup and insurance, opportunities to join sports communities and get inspired and guided by skillful sports athletics, many seminars to talk to professionals, and company activities for the employees to be physically healthy and active people.

In terms of mental health, we have built and maintained a respectful, flexible, and supportive work environment so that our people can achieve great success and have room to enjoy their life journey with their families at the same time, such as a handful of days off throughout the year and our flexible Hybrid Working policy.

In terms of life support in general, we have internet subsidies, fresh fruits and snacks in the office for vitamins and energy recharging, and a cozy gym and game corner inside the office for mind refreshing and social connection. And even more, we organize many creative and cheerful company-sized events to keep our people engaged.


KMS is a large corporation with an agile environment and a friendly setup. We have built a professional workspace and processes to make things work smoothly for you. When there's an opportunity to make it even better, we enable people to walk out of the way to do their best rather than stick with a corporate process.


We provide guidance and support to our staff to help them define and reach their potential.

“People development" is at the heart of our focus, with many resources invested in developing our people to meet the challenges of the future and business’ needs. Some specific highlights:
  • NEXT program: A strategic program to recruit, train and develop Freshers with diversified learning activities and real working experience through many global projects.
  • Leadership development program: Managers, First-level leaders are provided with Business management knowledge and skills, with curriculum periodically updated to keep the program most suitable for our leader’s needs.
  • Technical development programs: Many high-end programs are developed to strengthen the technical expertise of our workforce e.g: Software Engineering Fundamental program, Software/ Test Architect Development Program,...
  • KMS has been fostering a learning and coaching culture that helps our people work and learn together through various learning activities: technical sharing, conferences, and workshops (Techcon, Techshow, Hackathon, Meet-ups…).